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Phanteks NV7 Review, Specs, Price, Availability

Phanteks has made its name in the tech market with an innovative and technologically advanced lineup of components and accessories. The company’s NV7 Showcase Full-Tower PC Case is no exception, sporting a range of features designed to deliver an exceptional building and gaming experience.

Phanteks NV7 Review


The Phanteks NV7 is a full tower ATX chassis, a category that caters to enthusiasts and professionals in the PC gaming and building world. The NV7 stands out with its support for a range of motherboards: Mini-ITX, Micro-ATX, ATX, and EATX. This compatibility spectrum broadens the builder’s options, permitting a high degree of freedom for those seeking a versatile platform for various build types, be it a compact gaming rig or a powerhouse workstation.

This chassis stands imposing at 20.9 x 10 x 23.1 inches. Its spacious interior allows for easy component installation, with plenty of room for cable management—a critical feature for maintaining a clean and orderly build. This space also accommodates larger components and facilitates air circulation, assisting in the cooling performance of the case.

One of the NV7’s standout features is the Integrated D/A-RGB Lighting system. This is more than a mere aesthetic feature. Besides illuminating your components in a kaleidoscope of vibrant colors, the D/A-RGB lighting offers a visual reference for the system’s interior, helpful during the building process and subsequent upgrades. This is a feature that is quickly gaining popularity, providing customization options to match your setup’s color scheme or simply to add a unique personal touch to your rig.

The NV7’s seamless tempered glass design adds another layer of sophistication to the case. This isn’t merely an aesthetic choice; tempered glass is known for its durability and resilience. It provides a window into your system, showcasing the precision of your build while also serving a protective role. It’s also much more resistant to scratches and smudges compared to traditional acrylic panels, ensuring your case maintains its high-end look for longer.

In comparison, the Corsair Obsidian Series 500D offers similar motherboard compatibility and also sports a tempered glass design. However, it doesn’t come with an integrated D/A-RGB lighting system, which gives the NV7 a significant edge in terms of aesthetic customization.

The Cooler Master MasterCase H500M, while offering similar features including the tempered glass design and integrated RGB lighting, falls short in supporting EATX motherboards. This gives the NV7 an advantage in terms of versatility, particularly for high-end builds requiring the extra space provided by EATX motherboards.

Lastly, the NZXT H710i also offers a tempered glass design and supports a range of motherboards, but it only comes with a smart device V2 for RGB lighting and fan control, not offering a truly integrated D/A-RGB lighting system like the NV7.

The Phanteks NV7, with its combination of a spacious build area, versatility in motherboard support, integrated D/A-RGB lighting, and a resilient tempered glass design, offers a balanced mix of aesthetics and functionality that sets it apart from its competitors.

Internal Layout

Phanteks NV7’s internal layout showcases a thoughtful design aimed at providing flexibility and simplicity during the build process. With an array of internal bays that include 6x 2.5-inch and 1x 3.5-inch slots, along with 2x 2.5-inch and 2x 3.5-inch compartments, NV7 excels in storage flexibility. This configuration allows for a variety of storage options, whether you’re an avid gamer needing a large SSD array for your expansive game library, or a professional video editor requiring multiple hard drives for substantial media files.

Furthermore, the NV7 comes with 8 expansion slots, an essential feature when considering multi-GPU setups or various expansion cards. Supporting a maximum GPU length of 17.7 inches, NV7 can accommodate the largest graphic cards on the market, enabling high-end gaming and graphics-intensive tasks. The case also allows for a CPU cooler height of up to 7.3 inches, enabling the inclusion of powerful cooling solutions, crucial for maintaining optimal CPU temperatures during intensive computational tasks.

An often-underestimated aspect of case design is the front I/O. The NV7 excels in this aspect with 1x USB 3.2 Gen 2 Type-C and 2x USB 3.0 ports. These provide not only fast and efficient data transfer but also the versatility of connection options for various peripherals and devices.

When compared to the Fractal Design Define 7, the NV7’s internal layout seems more generous. The Define 7 offers a similar number of 2.5-inch and 3.5-inch slots, but it lacks in terms of expansion slots, offering only 7 compared to the NV7’s 8.

The Cooler Master MasterCase H500M provides 2x 2.5-inch/3.5-inch combo bays and 6x SSD bays. While it offers similar versatility, it doesn’t quite match the number of separate 2.5-inch and 3.5-inch slots as the NV7, thereby offering slightly less flexibility in terms of storage options.

The Corsair Obsidian Series 500D has a different approach, with 2x 3.5-inch bays and 3x 2.5-inch slots. While its approach prioritizes larger storage drives, the NV7’s larger number of slots still offers greater storage flexibility, especially for those who prefer an SSD-heavy setup.

Ultimately, the Phanteks NV7’s internal layout provides an impressive range of customization options, outshining many competitors with its versatile storage configurations, ample expansion slots, and a front I/O panel that caters to modern connectivity needs. This attention to detail makes it a standout choice for builders seeking flexibility and growth potential in their PC cases.


Phanteks NV7 showcases its supremacy with its advanced cooling capabilities. Boasting an impressive 12 fan positions, this case ensures optimum airflow, an essential factor in maintaining component performance and longevity. The fan positions, which include 2x 120mm rear fans, 3x 120mm top fans, 4x 120mm side fans, and 3x 120 or 140mm bottom fans, provide comprehensive airflow coverage throughout the case.

These multiple fan positions allow for better control of the airflow direction, ensuring heat produced by high-performance components is effectively drawn away. This setup substantially decreases thermal throttling. By maintaining components at a lower temperature, their performance remains consistent, and lifespan is increased.

Moreover, the flexibility to use 140mm fans at the bottom fan positions presents an opportunity to increase air volume while reducing noise, as larger fans can move more air at lower speeds than their smaller counterparts.

When we look at the Fractal Design Define 7, it offers a maximum of 9 fan positions, 3 positions fewer than the NV7. While it provides decent airflow, it can’t quite match the NV7’s comprehensive cooling capability.

Comparing with the Cooler Master MasterCase H500M, it supports up to 9 fans, but the NV7 still excels with its 12 fan positions, ensuring superior thermal performance.

The NZXT H710i offers space for up to 7 fans, a reasonable amount but still not comparable to the NV7’s cooling potential. The NV7’s flexibility of accommodating larger 140mm fans at the bottom also gives it an edge in terms of potential airflow and noise control.

The Phanteks NV7 holds a significant advantage in terms of cooling performance. The comprehensive fan setup positions the NV7 as an ideal case for high-performance, thermally demanding builds. Its ability to decrease thermal throttling increases the efficiency and longevity of components, making it an excellent investment for both gaming and workstation users.

Thermal Performance

Phanteks NV7, with its high airflow design, sets the bar high when it comes to thermal performance. This design, coupled with multiple fan positions, ensures efficient heat dissipation, a critical factor for system stability and longevity.

By employing the strategic placement of fans throughout the case, the NV7 achieves effective cooling by distributing cool air to every corner of the case and expelling the warm air produced by the components. This efficient thermal management ensures your system remains cool even during high-load activities like intensive gaming or demanding productivity tasks, minimizing the risk of thermal throttling that can impact system performance.

In comparison, the Fractal Design Define 7 utilizes a more minimalist approach to fan placement. While it does offer reasonable thermal performance for most systems, the NV7’s more extensive fan placement and high airflow design make it better suited for higher-end builds with more significant cooling requirements.

The Cooler Master MasterCase H500M also offers an impressive thermal design with its mesh front panel and multiple fan placements. However, with fewer overall fan positions than the NV7, it doesn’t deliver quite the same breadth of cooling coverage, potentially limiting its performance with extremely high-wattage systems.

The NZXT H710i features a smart device for enhanced fan and RGB lighting control, but again, with fewer fan positions than the NV7, it may not offer the same level of thermal performance for the most demanding builds.

The Phanteks NV7, with its high airflow design and numerous fan placements, stands out in terms of thermal performance. It’s ideally suited for enthusiasts and professionals who need a case that can effectively manage heat generated by high-performance components, ensuring both optimal performance and longevity of their systems.

Value for Money

Weighing in at 37 pounds, the Phanteks NV7 is a heavyweight contender in the world of full-tower cases. This heft is a reflection of the case’s solid build quality and array of premium features. The NV7 doesn’t cut corners on materials or design, which adds value to every pound.

The Phanteks NV7 also comes with an impressive 5-year warranty. This length of warranty coverage is a testament to Phanteks’ confidence in the quality and durability of their product, and it provides buyers with peace of mind knowing they are protected against potential defects or issues for a considerable period.

While the NV7’s price point may be higher than some alternatives on the market, its robust feature set and superior thermal performance make it an excellent value proposition. For enthusiasts and professionals who require a case capable of housing high-performance components while ensuring their optimal operation, the NV7 is a worthy investment.

Comparatively, the Fractal Design Define 7, while cheaper, doesn’t offer the same level of features or thermal performance as the NV7. It has a good build quality and decent features, but its thermal performance and feature set don’t quite match the NV7’s.

The Cooler Master MasterCase H500M offers similar features to the NV7 and comes in at a lower price point. However, its thermal performance and build quality, while commendable, do not surpass the NV7’s.

The NZXT H710i is priced in the same range as the NV7, offering a range of features, including integrated RGB and fan control. Yet, it falls short in terms of thermal performance and doesn’t offer the same level of versatility as the NV7.

The Phanteks NV7’s superior feature set, exceptional thermal performance, and robust build quality make it an excellent value for the money, despite its higher price point. Its 5-year warranty adds further value, making it an attractive investment for anyone seeking a high-quality full-tower case.


When put up against other full-tower cases on the market, the Phanteks NV7 undoubtedly distinguishes itself. Its integrated D/A-RGB lighting system brings an attractive aesthetic touch that is sure to please enthusiasts who value the visual presentation of their build. The high airflow design and impressive 12 fan positions further establish the NV7 as a superior choice for thermal management, especially in high-performance or overclocked systems.

On the other hand, when we juxtapose the NV7 with more budget-friendly options such as the Corsair 275R or the NZXT H510, it’s evident that the NV7 comes with a higher price tag. The Corsair 275R, while more affordable, lacks the NV7’s high airflow design, RGB lighting, and doesn’t offer as many fan positions. It’s a reliable budget option, but for those who require outstanding thermal performance and enjoy the added flair of integrated lighting, the NV7 clearly surpasses it.

Similarly, the NZXT H510, another popular budget choice, doesn’t match the NV7’s thermal performance or feature set. While it has a sleek minimalist design and is quite affordable, its airflow design and number of fan positions pale compared to the NV7.

While the NV7 might be seen as an investment compared to these more economical options, it delivers in terms of features, aesthetics, and performance, proving that you often get what you pay for. It is a case that was clearly designed with enthusiasts in mind, and its premium price reflects the quality and attention to detail that it offers. The NV7 could very well be the last case you’ll need to buy for a long while, making it a worthwhile investment in the long run.


  • Dimensions: 253 x 532 x 586 mm / 10.0 x 20.9 x 23.1 in (WxDxH)
  • Form Factor: Full Tower
  • Materials: Steel Chassis, Tempered Glass
  • Motherboard support: ATX, micro-ATX, mini-ITX, SSI-CEB, E-ATX (up to 277mm wide with LED Cover)
  • Front I/O: 2x USB 3.0, USB-C Gen2, Microphone/Headphone Combo, Power Button, D-RGB Mode, D-RGB Color, D-RGB Speed, D-RGB Channel
  • Connectors: Power Switch, 2x D-RGB Channel A, 2x D-RGB Channel B, HD-audio, USB 3.0, 2x SATA Power, USB 3.2 GEN 2 Type-E, Power LED
  • Window: Yes, Front and Side Tempered Glass
  • Expansion Slots: 8
  • Vertical GPU Support: Yes, with optional bracket PH-VGPUKT4.0_03 or riser cable
  • Drive Bays: 5″ x 2 / 2.5″ x 6
  • Fans: 4 x 120mm (side), 3 x 120mm (top), 2 x 120mm (rear), 3 x 120mm/140mm (bottom)
  • Radiators: Side up to 360mm, Top up to 360mm, Rear up to 240mm, Bottom up to 360mm/280mm
  • Max Graphics Card Length: 450mm
  • Max CPU Cooler Height: 185mm
  • Max PSU Length: 255mm

Pros and Cons


  • High Airflow Performance.
  • Integrated D/A-RGB Lighting.
  • Seamless Tempered Glass Design.
  • Ample Internal Bays and Expansion Slots.
  • 5-year warranty.


  • Its size and weight could make it challenging to handle.
  • May not be suitable for budget-conscious builders.


In conclusion, the Phanteks NV7 Showcase Full-Tower Chassis is a remarkable product that effortlessly merges aesthetics, functionality, and superior performance. It brings together a wide array of features that make it an excellent choice for both PC enthusiasts and professional users.

The NV7’s robust full-tower design supports a wide range of motherboards, providing ample room for installations and upgrades. Its Integrated D/A-RGB Lighting, coupled with a seamless tempered glass design, provides an aesthetic appeal that amplifies the visual experience of your build.

The case’s internal layout is thoughtfully designed, allowing for an impressive number of storage options and expansion slots, setting it apart from many other options in the market. The front I/O, equipped with a modern set of ports, adds to its overall convenience and functionality.

In terms of performance, the NV7 shines with its exceptional cooling capabilities. With 12 fan positions, it provides an ideal environment for high-performance components, significantly reducing the chances of thermal throttling. The high airflow design ensures efficient heat dissipation, crucial for maintaining system stability during high-load activities.

When considering its value, the NV7 comes off as a premium product, but it justifies its higher price point with a robust feature set and superior thermal performance. Its solid build quality, combined with a reassuring 5-year warranty, demonstrates Phanteks’ confidence in their product, offering great value for money.

Comparing the NV7 with more budget-friendly options such as the Corsair 275R or the NZXT H510, it stands out as an investment that delivers substantially in terms of features, aesthetics, and performance. While these alternatives may appeal to users with budget constraints, the NV7’s extensive features, high thermal efficiency, and the superior build quality places it in a league of its own.

Overall, the Phanteks NV7 is more than just a PC case; it’s a statement of quality and performance. Its impressive feature set, superior cooling capabilities, and striking aesthetics make it an excellent choice for anyone seeking to build a high-performance PC without compromising on style or quality. If you’re looking for a case that combines top-tier performance with great looks, the NV7 should be at the top of your list.

Phanteks NV7 Review

Phanteks has made its name in the tech market with an innovative and technologically advanced lineup of components and accessories. The company’s NV7 Showcase Full-Tower PC Case is no exception, sporting a range of features designed to deliver an exceptional building and gaming experience.

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Phanteks NV7 Review


Overall, the Phanteks NV7 is more than just a PC case; it’s a statement of quality and performance. Its impressive feature set, superior cooling capabilities, and striking aesthetics make it an excellent choice for anyone seeking to build a high-performance PC without compromising on style or quality. If you’re looking for a case that combines top-tier performance with great looks, the NV7 should be at the top of your list.



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