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Nvidia RTX 4080 Release Date, Specs, Price, and Benchmark


Serious gamers are always ready to explore new graphics cards to unleash their gameplay. For such enthusiasts the good news is there are a lot coming to try out. As AMD is focused on launching its latest architecture which is RDNA3. Nvidia is also spending a huge amount for their customers to provide them something new. 

They are going to release their flagship graphics cards to compete with the AMD new architecture. Mainly their focus is on 5 nanometer capacity where TSMC will have much to go about. With the launch of a few new members in the series of 4000 GPUs. However, still the main priority of Nvidia is their GeForce RTX 3000 series. 

The mystery about their new launches started when the famous Twitter user Greymon55 who is considered as the news leaker. He tweets that Nvidia is going to introduce several flagship graphics cards. That will change your gameplay in a better way and will be 450 and 600 watts variants. But they make each new video card with a different graphics processor. The name of these GPUs most likely:

  • AD102 – RTX 4090
  • AD103 – RTX 4080
  • AD104 – RTX 4070 and RTX 4060
  • AD106 – RTX 4050

Here in this article we will discuss RTX 4080 Release Date, Specs, Price, and Benchmark. Stay tuned, let’s dive into further details!

RTX 40- Series Release

Most of the information we got about this new addition is typically based on rumors because the video card is not released yet. But the thing which we can declare by evidence is that the company invested a higher amount to provide their customers with new GPUs. so they do not face storage, they have spent 47 percent of more investment as compared to the last year. 

The customers will be getting around 4 million of shipping of some discrete graphics cards with the RTX 40 series release. Which is expected at the end of this year or early in 2023. These factors and figures show the company’s seriousness regarding their big release. 

Last year’s release of their semiconductor manufacturing was quite limited. This year, they do not want to take any chances and Nvidia is fully prepared to provide their new release to their loyal customers. This series of new generation GPUs will bring a lot on the table and has to  do with 5 nm nodes and Ada Lovelace graphics card.

Intel is also on track introducing new products and doing well. They are ready to compete with 2 big names AMD and Nvidia. They are shipping 4 million GPUs in the form of desktop GPUs, gaming laptop and mobile phones in the same year. Intel’s Alchemist GPUs will be arriving in several parts of this year. Such as desktop adds-in are coming in the second quarter and laptop variants will be available from first quarter.

All About RTX 4080

Traditionally Nvidia launches their next generation GPUs every 2 years, like they launched the RXT 3000 lineup back in 2020. Users are keen to know if this high end GPU would be proven as a worthy successor of RTX 3080. Let’s see this upcoming video card is the best card that money can buy. Especially when you find the price of RTX 4090 off-putting.

RTX 4080 would deliver enthusiast level performance and will stretch beyond the boundary of other mid tier options for sure. This chip will come with more 71% CUDA cores as compared to the RTX 3000 members. This video card will be based on new  architecture, named “Lovelace” (named after Ada Lovelace) now it’s referred to as Ada.


Nvidia decided to launch their new series of RTX 4000 GPUs in the year of 2022. But later on they changed their plan and release date too. With the growing industry of crypto currency there was an overabundance of shortage of both graphics card and gaming CPUs. That is why Nvidia bought a lot of RTX 3000 lineup graphics cards in the market. As we know that crypto currency is an industry just like a roller coaster.

However, now with the crash of crypto mining the market is flooded with second hand graphics cards. All this is coming to its end then the demand for GPUs will increase for sure. That is why Nvidia just launched their RTX 4090 card in 2022. And plans to release its other siblings in the end of this year or early in the 2023. But the exact dates have yet to be determined yet. Stay connected to know updates!


It seems a bit silly to announce its pricing at this point. As it is not officially released we can only predict about it according to the rumors that are flying. We can predict its price by comparing it with the Nvidia GeForce RTX 3080 and the RTX 2080 Super. But if the price will increase than its other GPUs it would not  be the fault of Nvidia, they are not taking the advantages. 

There is an increase in prices all over the world that is the reason this video card will come with a high price. But how surisling it will be if Nvidia does not raise its prices. According to the rumors the price of RXT 4080 can be from 699 to 1099 dollars. But most probably it would be below 1000 dollars for sure. 

The edition of lovelace is the flagship and this card is based on it. Due to this architecture it can be pricey. But there is an advantage that with the crash in crypto currency now prices of computer hardware components are getting normal. However, this price estimate can differentiate the versions of this card by the other brands such as; ASUS, Gigabyte, Acer. because they must launch it with some upgradation of features so their price can be more than Nvidia’s price. 


Gamers are waiting for the RTX 4080 and want to know RTX 4080 specs. On other hand, this graphics card is not in the market so no one can tell its exact specifications. We can tell you about the rumor based specifications. For somehow they will be proven right. Let’s check out its specifications. Keep in mind they can be changed in future when the card will be officially released. 

Clock speed 

Most probably RTX 4080 will deliver a clock speed of 2025 MHz. However, it is overclockable which means you can get even more speed than promised. You can push its speed up to 2375 MHz. So if you boost its performance you can unleash its full potential. 

When we say its clock speed with the comparison of RTX 3090 Ti. Then also it is a clear difference as compared to its sibling. Its predecessor promised to give 1670 MHz to 1860 MHz after overclocking. 


Cores are necessary to perform well in most games. It is predicted that RTX 4080 will come with 10240 cores. That is a bit less than RTX 3090, it is having 10496. Number of cores of every graphics card in thousands. This is necessary so the data and calculations can be processed quickly. Mostly low profile Nvidia graphics cards come with 3 kinds of Cores, which are:

  • CUDA
  • Tensor
  • Ray Tracing 

RTX 4080 will consist of 80 Ray tracing that are also lesser then its sibling 3090. But that video card runs games just like a breeze. So you can expect from RTX 4080 the same gameplay. Also these all types of cores are important because they play a role in multi tasking performance. 


RTX 4080 is based on AD103-300-A1 and the expected memory size is 16 GB. That is the average size of other mid tier graphics cards. Why the bar of expectations of usera high just because of the addition of latest features. One of the most noticeable features is its graphics processor and process size which is 5 nm. 

Contains 16 GB of latest memory types which is GDDR 6X. That also exceeded the benchmark expectations bar. We are hoping that it will perform well in most popular games. The possible memory bus is 256 but the bandwidth is 674.4 GB per second. According to this VRAM specification you can expect better performance as compared to its siblings. Hopefully it will justify upgrading and expectations that you can expect from a new graphics card criteria. 

PCI Express Gen 4 Support 

Your future card RTX 4080 will come with the support of PCIe 4.0 X 16 as the bus interface. We should be thankful to the 16 pin power connector so we get 450 watts power. We consider this an impressive feature because it will deliver power to your computer system within a single cable. However you need to keep in mind which means you need an adapter through which you can ensure its compatibility with your power supply unit configuration. 

Things That You Should Consider For RTX 4080 

As a gamer you must know how important a proper cooling solution is for your computer system especially for your graphics card. So before choosing this video card as your future upgrade. You must think about its thermal solutions. Likely this graphics card will be huge in size and that can be the reason it generates a lot of heat. 

That is why we recommend you must be ready for such a situation. You can buy some enough airy chassis or look for some solution of cooling management or temperature controls. In addition to this another member of the 40 series RTX 4080 which was recently launched and a very very expensive video card. 

That is a kind of graphics card that not everyone can afford. So you can choose RTX 4080 which surprisingly will deliver performance near to RTX 4090 but within a fair price. On other hand we recommend you to go for a compatible thermal solution. 

After waiting for so long and investing for a new graphics card you must want to know what resolutions it will support. It will give you mid to high resolutions which means it will entertain you in every kind of resolution up to 4k.

With this video card you will also be able to deliver 160 FPS in most of the popular games. And for that it has capability to feature all 3 best resolutions which are known as:

  • 1920 x 1080p Full HD
  • 2560 x 1440p QHD
  • 3840 x 2160p 4K

Best of all, more expectedly it will deliver amazing display output at 3 of resolutions equally good. But you have to make sure that you will use this graphics card with a compatible monitor. 

With all features we consider as important to tell about its dimensions. So expected dimensions of RTX 4080 are 13.2 x 5.5 x 2.4 inches. This is important because you must know whether its dimensions are suitable for your current case or will you need to update that too. The width of the solt is dual slot so that is also a factor that you need to consider. 

The thermal design power of RTX 4080 is 420 watts. However the suggested power supply unit of 800 watts. So if it is compatible with your current 3050 power supply unit that will be good. Otherwise you have to search and buy a compatible PSU as well. 


After you make the decision to go for this graphics card. Also if you are sure about which kind of resolution you want. As a game enthusiast you should check which game it will run smoothly. We suggest you to also check some features too which are:

  • DirectX 12 ultimate 
  • Variable rate shading 
  • Hardware ray tracing 

These features will also help to improve the capabilities of machine learning and ensure faster gameplay that you never see before. Also Nvidia will offer a nice collection of ports for display with this graphics card. You will like them for sure. The expected available output ports are:

  • 1 x HDMI 2.1
  • 3 x DisplayPort 1.4a


Furthermore, the gaming community is interested to know which they will be able to hold up with the power of RTX 4080. Let’s check out the  list of most expected modern AAA and competitive games that you can be enjoy or make money while playing them in 4k ultra clear resolution: 

  • CyberPunk 2077
  • Doom Eternal
  • Shadow of the Tomb Raider
  • Assassin’s Creed Valhalla
  • Rainbow Six Siege
  • Time Spy Extreme
  • Watch Dogs: Legion
  • Death Stranding
  • Horizon Zero Dawn
  • God of War
  • 12 Game average

We are expecting about 30% faster performance of RTX 4080 as compared to the RTX 3090. RTX 4080 earned 15000 points for 3DMark Time Spy Extreme game. As this graphics card is not released yet that is why we can not predict benchmarks for more games. Stay connected with us for more updates!

RTX 4080 Pros and Cons


  • It will be widely available after release
  • Unbeatable performance 
  • Better performance as compared to its previous RTX 3080


  • A high TDP at 420W or more
  • A bit high estimated price 

Where To Buy

If you are thinking of building up your new gaming system and you do not concern yourself with budget. Then we suggest you wait for sometime until Nvidia releases their new lineup of 40 series of graphics processing units. They will cover you for sure no matter what your budget or requirement is. You will get a series of graphics cards with different memory sizes and budget. 

Predict about the specifications of RTX 4080 is something like a stupid mistake. Because the specifications are rumors based nothing is officially confirmed by Nvidia. But something we can say confidently is that Nvidia is bringing something huge.

So now the question is where to buy, currently it is not available at any selling website nor even taking pre orders. Once it will be released officially it will be available at authentic websites for sure. We recommend you to keep updating with:

Amazon US

Amazon UK


So if we compare RTX 4080 with RTX 3080. So under this comparison we saw an improved performance of RTX 4080 than RTX 3080. Specifically, in Time Spy Extreme RTX 4080 will perform  40% to 50% faster than its predecessor. The RTX 3080 contains 10 GB memory size whereas RTX 4080 will be a graphics card of 16 GB. you will see overall 30% better performance which will be a massive generational enhancement.


Hence, the RTX 4080 proved much better as compared to the older 30 series. If you do not want to spend too much but are looking for something huge and new. Then you can wait for the release of RTX 4080, but keep in mind you have to wait for months. However you do not have a tight budget and require a large size of memory. You can buy RTX 4090 which was recently released and a high end graphics card of 24 GB. 

It Performs incredibly and runs modern and AAA games smoothly. But it is higher in price too. So for a tight budget person we recommend to wait for a few months and get RTX 4080. They will like its improved performance and will consider their waiting time worthy.


For more details let’s check out the frequently asked question about RTX 4080.

How Much will the 4080 GPU be?

The price of RTX 4080 expectedly will go from 699 to 1099 dollars.

How Much VRAM will RTX 4000 have?

Expectedly RTX 4080 will consist of up to 16 GB of VRAM size of GDDR6X memory type.

When will RTX 4080 Come out?

According to the rumors this graphics card will come out in the 3rd quarter of 2022 or early in the year 2023.


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