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RTX 4090 Release Date, Price, Specs, and Benchmark

As much as AMD is focused on releasing its RDNA3 architecture cards in the market, Nvidia is ready to throw out its mystery of AD102. Nvidia is even spending about $10 Billion up to $ 44 Billion so that its loyal customers do not have to complain about the shortage.

This is now becoming the hottest commodity in the gaming world as well as around tech maniacs. The flagship has brought special focus on the 5 nanometer capacity where TSMC has much to go about.

With all the mystery around, AD102 has been a matter of confusion and surprise whether it is the name for the newest series or a single GPU. This issue was first raised when a twitter user Gremon55 commented about the new hardware releases. He speculated that AD102 is coming to the year of 2022 as the single graphics card. Further it was clarified that it can be more than one graphics card.

It is also rumored that Nvidia is planning to resurrect the Titan RTX for the high end 4090 Ti model. You get to see the cut downs of AD102 inside the RTX 4090 and RTX 4080 Ti. On the other hand, Greymon55 claims that we only get to see RTX 4090 rather than its Ti models if they appear otherwise they will be released in 2023. Some Forums claim that this card will be the first one to be released in 450 watt and 600 watt versions.

So the GPU names are supposed, just to be clear, goes like:

AD102 – RTX 4090

AD103 – RTX 4080

AD104 – RTX 4070 and RTX 4060

AD106 – RTX 4050

RTX 40- Series Release:

So most of the information we gather about AD102 is typically rumor based rather than solid facts. What we can say with evidence is that Nvidia has 47% higher investment than the last year on the release of RTX 40- Series. The mystery and curiosity that has been built around these series have been making it more sensational news. Leaving its predecessor far behind and out of the mud, it definitely asks for its price too!

Users will be getting 4 million of shipping of these discrete GPUs with the RTX 40 series release in the present year of 2022. These factors really raise the bar for the customers and shows Nvidia’s seriousness regarding this big release. Last year’s release has taught us the unprecedented demand of the products and that semiconductor manufacturing is quite limited. This year, Nvidia does not want to take any chances and be fully prepared for what is coming for its customers.

Making these series the next generation of GPU has a lot to do with Ada Lovelace GPU and 5nm nodes. Intel is also on the track to bring this GPU in mobile, laptop and desktop card form plus it is anticipated to bring a shipping of up to 4 million the same year. These Alchemist graphics cards will be arriving in several parts of the year starting from desktop add-ins in the second quarter and laptops variants will be coming in the first quarter.

Everything About RTX 4090:

Considering the rtx 4090 specs, these 5nm processor nodes are an evidence of the next generation lineup. It is also suspected that 4090 can also be released as RTX 5090 since it has such a strong presence. That powerful card is going to shake the gaming PCs being the study contender as it is. You get to be incredibly excited when you get to play steam games on twice the speed with this card as compared to 3000 series.

Anyone who is planning to bring up the next gen GPU in action, they will have to learn about all the features that this card brings to the table. The speculations are running around wild with respect to its pricing, release and other top notch specs. Having all the deets here will help you make an informed decision before buying and thinking about your future with it.

Release Date:

At first rtx 4090 release date was planned to be released in the start of April but when it did not show up, users started to get uneasy. Now the latest information states that there is a delay on the RTX 4000 cards which, if you ask us, is normal when it comes to launching dates of products like these.

Although the company is not saying much about the launch date, users are suspecting something else. There can be a release in mid of July or a delay even further due to the oversupply of RTX 3000 GPUs is the ultimatum about the new release.


So about the price of rtx 4090, there has not been many conflicts and most of the tech geeks land on $1499 USD. The founders edition lovelace is the flagship that will also cost you just as much if you have been thinking about going with the Ampere predecessor.

The users can also expect the price to launch at MSRP because the GPU prices are returning to normal after the crash value in cryptocurrency. However, the other versions by ASUS, Gigabyte, Acer etc will have the difference in price because they upgrade some of the features.

There is also the risk of rising chip prices especially with the more mature nodes like 5nm which is expensive to begin with. This burden is unfortunately passed to the users as compared to 7nm, the former node will have its demand in the market too. It is expected that the investments made will resolve the problem of shortage of chips. Now it will be much easier for the users to find RTX 40 series in stock rather than out of stock.

Clock Speeds:

From 2.8 GHz to 3GHz when overclocked, the clock speeds will have one of the biggest jumps of RTX 4090. Overclocking means that you can have more than the promised speed to push the card to its limits for overall better performance. It supports 2235 MHz as the base speed is boosted up to 2520MHz. That is miles ahead of the older sibling RTX 3090 Ti.

The older version was programmed to serve 1670 MHz as the base speed up to 1860 MHz on the Founders edition. Therefore, in terms of clock speeds, RTX 4090 is 50% faster than 3090 making its place in the top tier. This is a huge jump and a once in a lifetime upgrade that is giving you a clear difference on why you need this in your life.


Having the 4090’s 16384 cuda cores may be lesser than RTX 4090 Ti that sport 18,432 CUDA cores. But these are more than RTX 3090’s 10,496 which becomes another accomplishment acting as the processor cores but much better. Every card has these cores in thousands of numbers to feed all the data and calculations. All the modern Nvidia GPUs have 3 types of cores such as:

  • CUDA
  • Tensor
  • Ray tracing

RTX 4090 consists of 144 Ray tracing cores compared to 82 of 3090 implying that your gaming and other tasks will be a breeze. There is another positive thing about Nvidia cards is that no card from AMD consists of ray tracing cores. They include hard accelerating tracing cores on the ones that are based on RDNA 2 architecture. For 576 Tensor cores for keeping up with multiple tasks at a time which are also greater than 228 of 3090.


AD102-300-A1 translates to RTX 4090 that is based on 24 Gb of memory in GDDR6X memory type. Noticing the GPUs abilities, its benchmark results are taking our expectations while raising the bar. At least double of the performance is on the line if we get to compare it to its older versions. This card justifies the upgrade and new card criteria with the features and price as well.

PCIe Gen 5 Support:

Thanks to the RTX 4090 for providing us with the 12 pin PCIe Gen 5 power connector so that you can get 600W. This much power is delivered to your system within a single cable that is an impressive feature in itself. But it also means that you will have to use an adapter to ensure the compatibility with 6+2 pin PSUs configuration. Besides its PCIe 4.0 x 16 interface, this is the connection given to the rest of the system.

Things To Consider For RTX 4090:

The beefier your card is, the more you have to think about the thermals such as this GPU. it is likely to be huge in size and thus generate a lot of heat so you better be ready to look at some airy larger cases and other considerations for cooling and temperature controls. In addition to this, RTX 4090 is going to be a high end card which might not bring the revenue as expected because, simply said, not everyone can afford it.

If budget is one of your key issues, you better look at RTX 4080 that is surprisingly close to the 4090 version with a fair price cut. This AD102 chip is considered to have 850W of TGP that will force the PC enthusiasts to buy a pricier PSU as well. Delivering up to 160 FPS, this card will be able to feature all 3 of the best resolutions known as:

  • 1920 x 1080p full HD
  • 2560 x 1440p QHD
  • 3840 x 2160p 4K

Besides needing a chonky cooler, the design of AD102 is bulky in design, specifically its cooling parts. Not only is its PCB small, but it can also come in the category of dumbly thicc. So take a look at the dimensions of the card serving 336mm x 140mm x 61mm with a triple slot cooling system. Further, the card itself is also rumored to gather 450 Watt of power and a total power draw of 800W from the board.


Once you are sure which type of resolution you want, the gaming enthusiasts can look up the games that will run with RTX 4090 smoothly. One of the greatest spec sheet addition is the support of certain features like:

  • DirectX 12 Ultimate
  • Variable rate shading
  • Hardware ray tracing

It will now help in increasing the machine learning capabilities and faster than ever gaming support. You also get to see the ports including:

  • 1x HDMI 2.1
  • 3x Display port 1.4a version

Furthermore, the gaming community is eager to know what games will be able to hold up this card’s power. Here is a list of competitive and modern AAA games that you can enjoy or make money out of it in 4k ultra clear resolution:

  1. CyberPunk 2077
  2. Doom Eternal
  3. Assassin’s Creed Valhalla
  4. Shadow of the Tomb Raider
  5. Watch Dogs: Legion
  6. Rainbow Six Siege
  7. Horizon Zero Dawn
  8. Death Stranding
  9. 12 Game average
  10. God of War


So far we have seen many comparisons under rtx 4090 vs rtx 3090. To sum it up in numbers, RTX 4090 is 66% faster than RTX 3090 Ti, 82% faster than RTX 3090 and 52% more cores than RTX 3090 Ti. Even in games and resolution, the former card has twice the speed and smoothness in action than the latter. Users will be happy to know that they can expect 10 to 20% increase in the overall performance and even more so if they play games at medium to high settings.

Should We Wait For The RTX 40 Series?

If you are one of those people who are thinking of building a gaming PC, we suggest you go for it considering the budget if you are loaded! It will be a stupid mistake to wait for something has vague information about its release such as the whole RTX 40 series. Whereas 4090 will meet us this year while the series can take about half the months and come out later in 2023. The details of it are yet to be confirmed so you better take the chances when you have it because it is not like everyday that you get to see such powerful graphics cards after a while.

The Bottom Line:

Hence, it is proved that RTX 4090 is much better than the older card 3090 but it also comes with a price tag. If you are not tight on a budget and cannot wait to try it out, we suggest that you go for it. But budget is another one of the issues while you want to buy a GPU, it is better to wait for its siblings to launch that are much more affordable.

They will also give you the best performance, obviously not as much as the high end type but it will cut your budget for sure. It is quite possible that this card arrives in October by then, we suggest that you save up just enough so that you do not feel left out.


Having questions and queries about the newest card is normal, you are not crazy! We have answers to your quest in this section, do not fret!

How Much is 4090 GPU?

The price of this card goes from 1499 US Dollars to 1999 US Dollars with 24 Gbps, 600W TGP.

How Much VRAM will RTX 4090 have?

Up to 24Gb of VRAM with GDDR6X memory type is expected to be present in the latest RTX 4090.

Is the RTX 4000 Series Coming out?

Nvidia has not officially announced the dates itself but some experts are reporting the series could launch in September or October of 2022.

When Did the RTX 4090 Come out?

Rumors say that this card is going to come out in the 3rd quarter of the year 2022.


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