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MSI PRO Z690-A DDR4 ProSeries Motherboard (ATX, 12th Gen Intel Core, LGA 1700 Socket Review

MSI, world leading in motherboards design, is proud to announce the launch of the new PRO series motherboard with DDR4, it is the next generation of MSI Pro Series motherboards. MSI Pro Series motherboards are made with non-stop strength in mind, stopping the problem of replacing damaged or failed components. 

Engineered to be completely stable under even the most demanding conditions, these motherboards are built to stay cool and perform expertly over extended periods. MSI Pro motherboards are arranged for perfection in the activity of the ultimate PC experience.


They use material grade components, feature the best connectivity, and are designed to provide you with best in class power efficiency. MSI proudly announces the release of a new generation of innovative and powerful All in one PC.

The Pro Z series represents a whole new way of thinking about desktop computing, combining an amazing powerful processor with more graphics performance than ever before all within a visible design you can place anywhere for maximum flexibility.

Latest Addition to Pro Series

This motherboard is designed for professional users who want a supple platform that can quickly adapt to many plans and still deliver top performance.

To meet these requirements, the MSI Z690-A Pro features not only all of the usual high quality components such as service class components to ensure unbeatable durability, but also some new and exciting additions like intel’s new Optane technology with support for X.

MSI Pro Series motherboards are designed to provide a stable, high speed platform for gaming and content making with a range of performance features and technologies that gamers want. This motherboard is provided with professional gaming features to make you.

Intel Core 12th Generation

The MSI Pro Z690 is the latest 12th generation Intel Core platform ATX motherboards that pushes performance to the max, with integrated technology. And the MSI Pro Z690-A DDR4 Pro series motherboards ATX 12th Generation Intel Core.


Classify your needs and style your new MSI Pro series motherboard with external RGB and VR Ready LED headers. You can also connect and Support VR and external devices that require a connection on the USB and Thunderbolt 3 header. 

Performance & Style

MSI Pro Z690-A DDR4 Pro series motherboard offers an extreme combination of performance, efficiency, and style. For those who need a powerful PC that can be enjoyed from day to day, This is a perfect solution.

Perfectly styled to the ever changing demands of the PC industry, the Z690 -A is ready to be your daily driver for your next project or journey. With the latest Z690 set of MSI Pro motherboards, gamers who experience smooth, high quality gameplay can now express their full potential.

Best Motherboard For Gamers

If you’re the type of gamer that wants the best gaming and performance that power and speed can provide and has a first and best interest in PC Gaming and first and greater interest in Intel Core, this motherboard is the one you provide. For gamers who want to buy a low still high performance PC, there are controls with the most basic of systems. For example, most gamers are limited to an Intel Core Processor, but more strong Intel processors are expensive.  

Firm PC Gamers might have been waiting for the next big step in technology that would enable an entirely new level of customized performance, but they did not have to wait long. AS rock has introduced one of the first sets of  technologies.

Ever to deliver a gamer an original sense of control and a powerful toolbox on any platform. MSI Z690-A Pro motherboard is designed for professional users who demand high quality, stability, and reliability. 

Outstanding Performance

It offers outstanding performance with powerful layout options for computing, storage, and networking applications. The latest Intel chipset brings out the best new 12th Gen Intel Core processors on MSI motherboards.

Enjoy brilliant gaming on one or multiple displays, delight encoding for faster video and photo editing, support for DDR4 memory technology as well as higher frequencies of existing DDR4.

Future Gaming Motherboard

You can finally throw your large tower at home using the slim, sleek MSI Pro Z690-A DDR4 Pro Series motherboard to cross through the future gaming, security, and overclocking at the same time.  With a brilliant look and a host of features sure to make your fingers dance, it’s time you try MSI again.

Professional Needs

MSI Pro Z690-A wifi DDR4 Pro series motherboards are professional multimedia motherboards, designed for multimedia and professional needs. The DDR4 Pro series motherboard is ready for next generation software and hardware, be it for professional use gaming.

It’s equipped with an upgraded wifi solution, 2.5 LAN, and DDR4 memory. And MSI has released an upgraded motherboard that combines the best of the market, to ensure compatibility with major connections. 

Network Deliver Connection

It has to do with searching for anyone looking for something better. The MSI Pro series Z690-A takes on routers, gateways, and VPNs to deliver the best network connection with an industry leading intel 12th generation and excellent power use all for a great price. With charm wifi for better performance, mobile devices no longer need to act like mobile data. 

Pro series motherboards are perfect for everyone looking to get into PC gaming easily. Built upon the provision of the highest performance AM4 desktop, these motherboards are packed with features to aid in speed, stability, cooling, and power control.

Demanding Games

Take advantage of the latest advancements in the world of PC gaming with this motherboard designed to handle the most demanding computer game setups. This motherboard will be one of the first pieces of a new gaming PC.

And for this motherboard to be an option, MSI has to seriously compete with the likes of intel. So, what does MSI have to offer? Well, they offer 3 covered M.2 Slots with maximum attainable bandwidth.

Increase Performance

MSI Pro Z690-A wifi DDR4 Pro series motherboard will help increase performance based SSDs to maximize their potential. MSI has always been a leading maker of PC components; however, they have also been at the forefront of changes in the industry, which we find highly encouraging.

To see what the company brings to the table, we took a look at the MSI Pro Z690-A’s latest ultra fast processor. With a performance rating of up to 92% faster than the previous generations, this product will be a standout in any workstation or server. 


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