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7 Apps Like Dave That Work With Chime

Various apps, such as Chime, have made online banking easier by allowing you to keep track of your cash and other costs in the palm of your hand. Chime is a useful and even beneficial app that can provide you with cutting-edge technology and a high-interest rate, which does not have a physical address because it is not a bank.

Chime is a well-known digital app that is also a financial technology banking. This program allows those unable to open a bank account due to a missed-up check system score to get started virtually. In addition, you can gain a variety of perks, including monitoring unlawful transactions.  

This type of banking is fast, reliable, and modern, and the user can dispute them or keep track of their pending transaction. As a result, shopping, paying bills, and other transactions will be easier. Quickly checking the cash will also help you avoid overdrawing. 

What is a Cash Advance App

If you run out of cash before payday, cash credit apps, also known as cash apps, give short-term loans. If you take a loan, you are immediately rewarded. The program withdraws your paycheck when it is deposited. In most circumstances, there is no interest charged on cash advance applications. Some apps are free, while others require users to provide tips. 


This San-Francisco-based company gives financial services through software and technology. It operates as free online banking without a bank charter; on the other hand, it partners with Banocrop and Stride Bank. Although it made its debut launch on the Dr. Phil television show in 2014, it has raised 2.3 billion dollars. 

As the times are changing and things are going under technology, no one wants to go to a branch and fill out forms individually. When you can sit on your couch and do all these things with a mere finger on your phone through the Chime mobile application. You can pick between 2 types of accounts:

  • Spending
  • saving.

The former is equivalent to a checking account instead of a checkbook, but you will be getting a Visa or debit card. Through the app’s access, you can access mobile banking services. An FDIC-insured deposit account like this one has the free person-to-person free transaction support and is compatible with Apple Pay and Google Pay. Samsung pay. its transactions for a linked bank account, a mobile deposit of a paper check, and cash deposit through third-party services though they are not free. 

 The latter or savings account pays 0.50% on APY as this number gets competitive each time the Feds hike the interest rate. As the banks are increasing their savings account interest rates, there is no predictable order to this action. This type of account encourages automated savings and becomes a true challenger of traditional banks and what they have to offer.


There are various reasons why people selected Chime to benefit themselves and become a part of this online-only group in the first place. Features like: To compensate for what you’re spending and saving, features like:

  1. With a credit-builder account, you may improve your credit score without taking risks.
  2. Around 60,000 ATMs are available for free usage.
  3. Both Google Pay and Apple Pay are accepted.
  4. There is no charge for overdraft protection up to $200.
  5. Automatic receipt allows you to save 0.50 percent APY.
  6. SpotMe will assist you in avoiding the charge of exceeding your credit limit.
  7. Getting up to 48 hours early access to direct deposits through a Spending account
  8. 10% of your earnings are automatically put into your savings account, up to $500.
  9. Your debit card purchases should be rounded up to the nearest dollar.
  10. Debit cards have no liability. Thus cardholders are not held liable for any unlawful charges.


While certain aspects of this application are positive, there are others where it falls short and can be a genuine pain for many users. The following are some of the pointers:

  1. Compared to other better options on the market, the APY is poor.
  2. There are no physical branches.
  3. Customer service is abysmal.
  4. Only if both people have Chime accounts may they use the Pay Friends service.
  5. There isn’t a way to create a joint account with your partner.
  6. Cash deposits at retail outlets can cost up to $4.95 per time.
  7. Because Chime makes money from visa debit card kickbacks, there are no loans, CDs, or money markets.
  8. Every transaction completed through an ATM outside Chime’s free network earns you up to $2.50.

So, what do you do when you must be extremely careful and regularly check out for all of these stumbling blocks to your banking opportunities? First, before diving into anything finance-related, the user must remember that certain criteria should be considered.


Dave is a financial and banking services app for iOS and Android. Customers can avoid bank overdraft costs with the company, which was formed in 2017. But since, the company has teamed with a banking partner to provide a service to over 10 million consumers. 

You can connect your current debit card or create a Dave checking account with its debit card when you sign up for a $1 per month subscription. The Dave app keeps track of your spending and alerts you if you are about to overdraw your account. If something happens, you may be able to secure a cash advance to carry you through until your next salary arrives. 

Although the company accepts tips, there is no interest or fees. You won’t be charged for cash advances if you accept a cash advance once you’ve been a Dave member. You won’t have to pay any interest or fees, but you will have to repay the advance when your next paycheck arrives. 

Dave will ask if you’d like to leave a tip, but it’s entirely up to you. It takes one to three days for a cash advance to appear in your account. You can pay a little fee to acquire the money within eight hours if you need it earlier.

Most personal loans require a credit check to be approved, but the Dave app does not conduct a credit check to determine whether you are eligible for a cash advance. With this, Dave, you can get additional app features that help you budget and earn money. 

The app features an automatic budgeting system and a service that connects you to flexible part-time jobs that pay well. In addition, a one-year subscription to LevelCredit, a company that helps you create credit by submitting your rent and utility payments to credit agencies, will be given to some Dave members. Although cash advances are free, Dave’s membership is a monthly fee. The membership fee is low, at only $1 per month, but it is an ongoing expense to consider. And Dava is an instant cash advance app that is helpful if you need cash in an emergency. 

How can you get the Dave app? 

You can create an online account for the Dave app by providing a password, username, and mobile number. To use Dave’s programs, you first must download and install an app to your smartphone from the Ios Google Play store. To be eligible, you must have a bank account that gets a direct deposit regularly, such as a paycheck. 

You’ll need to get at least two direct deposits into your account to qualify for an advance, and your income and spending history determine the amount you’re eligible for its. You’ll also have to show that you’ll be able to repay the loan. There are no credit requirements because Dave does not do a credit check.

How To Choose The Correct Banking app

With digital banks, you have more options for determining the finest online banking solution. When selecting the best banking transactions for your needs, keep the following factors in mind.

  • Exceptional Benefits

Whether you are a spender or a saver, various organizations provide the opportunity of choosing between the highest interest checking accounts. You will have additional options to consider if your account balance is big. Cash back rewards and bank accounts for high-spending individuals are beneficial features that should not be overlooked.

You may be eligible for cash rewards or cash back interest as you utilize their services. It’s all achievable if you want to choose a bank that provides you with these privileges as well as other perks. There’s no denying that most banks make money by providing customer loan deposits, a fractional reserve banking system.

Fees are lower:

The top 10 largest banks in the United States charge a monthly fee of $9.60, implying that the average consumer can spend over $115 per year on luxuries. These maintenance costs should not apply to the bank you choose, as not having a minimum average balance will benefit you in the long run.

ATM Facilities

When you require cash, you shouldn’t have to pay fees every time you use your debit card or ATM. However, you must be aware of the banks that use their ATM network and be able to locate your nearest free ATM using a map function. If you use Chime, for example, you can utilize Varo’s ATM to locate an app that uses the same network.

List of Apps Like Dave that Work with Chime

  1. Cleo
  2. Albert
  3. Empower
  4. Varo
  5. MoneyLion
  6. Branch
  7. Klover

Many consumers prefer to move to an app like Dave that works with Chime since it offers more benefits and lowers the chance of fraud. And these advanced apps no require credits check, So don’t worry; there are plenty of additional solutions available to you to get started right away:


Cleo will put your mind at ease if you’re unsure about these apps or think they’re a pyramid scam. You can obtain up to $70 if you’re a first-time borrower, and if you want an advance, you can choose a premium plan. This plan begins with a monthly payment of $5.99 to cover your advance.

There are no costs, and a credit check is important when using a conversational technique. In addition, beginners will receive feedback on their spending and saving habits and encouragement to save to celebrate their accomplishments.

Cleo is a budgeting and saving program that tracks your expenses and works as a budgeting tool. The program will provide a fee-free cash advance to tide you over until your next payday. Cleo has access to the account, and it will be compensated when you are paid, just like Dave. Simply search for Chime in the app’s top bar to link your Chime account to Cleo. You’ll need to enter your login information.


Albert is also a personal finance app that analyzes your income and consumption habits, suggests savings and budgets, and deposits earnings to a linked digital wallet. Albert is free, but Albert Genius, a $4/month premium subscription, is available. Some of the innovative features include personal finance guidance from live specialists, a 1% savings incentive, and a micro-investment account.

Albert will offer you $100 in advance and take it out of your account on your next payday. The advance is free if you choose standard delivery, which might take up to three days. You’ll pay $3.99 for immediate delivery if you’re a Genius subscriber and $4.99 if you’re not. Albert’s cash advances will be deposited into your Chime account. Tap +, pick Chime, then add your account to the “Budget” tab.


Empower keeps track of your spending, assists with budgeting, and automatically saves for you. You’ll also get the Empower credit, which you can use to earn up to 10% cash back at certain stores. There are no fees for overdrafts, overdrafts, or minimum balances.

Empower is an $8-per-month service that includes a free cash advance of up to $250. To connect Empower to your Chime account, go to the App Store, search for Chime, and then select it and enter your account details.


Varo is a full-featured online banking platform with many of the same features as Chime. In addition, you’ll receive a debit card with access to an ATM network and a selection of additional products, such as high-yield savings accounts with interest rates as high as 3%.

If your account is created at least 30 days old, Varo can give you a cash advance of up to $100. There are no fees for overdrafts, overdrafts, or minimum balances. In addition, you must have received at least $1000 in cash payments in the previous 31 days. You will have between 15 and 30 days to repay the money.

Most Varo cash advance recipients will simply put the monies into their Varo profile and receive them with their Varo debit card. If you want to use Chime, go to the Accounts area of your Varo app, select Link an Account, search for Chime, and log in. There are no fees for overdrafts, overdrafts, or minimum balances.

To connect Empower to your Chime account, go to the App Store, search for Chime, and then select it and enter your account details.

If your account is created at least 30 days old, Varo can give you a cash advance of up to $100.

In addition, you must have received at least $1000 in cash payments in the previous 31 days.

If you want to use Chime, go to the Accounts area of your Varo app, select Link an Account, search for Chime, and log in. You can earn up to $1000 by signing up for other MoneyLion services.


MoneyLion is a Credits card app similar to Varo. Instacash, a cash advance facility, is included in the bundle. The maximum cash advance is $250 and is determined by the quantity of your direct deposit. If you create an account for other MoneyLion products, you can earn up to $1000.

You can earn up to $1000 by signing up for other MoneyLion services. In addition, MoneyLion offers its debit card, which most consumers will utilize to obtain a cash advance. If you use both services and want your MoneyLion advance to be put into your Chime account, go to “Transfers,” click “Add Account,” select Chime, and fill out the form.


The Branch app is another popular app that allows you to get a cash advance on your next salary. The Branch can be useful for Chime users, but there is a catch. According to the Branch Support Page, if users account with Chime, you will be required to place your checking account in your Account Wallet to qualify for an advance.

The amount of money you can borrow on Branch is determined by the number of hours you worked and your salary (normally capped at $500 per pay period). While no interest or fees are associated with this transaction, you can leave a tip. However, there is a $3.99 cost if you wish to access funds immediately.


Another app that works with Chime is Klover, a paycheck advance service. Klover Klover does not charge you interest or fees, and it does not keep track of your credit score. It makes money instead by serving you targeted advertisements based on your selections. The typical Klover advance amount ranges between $100 and $500. You will have at least three direct deposits to be approved for a paycheck advance. If you bank with Chime or Varo, Klover also has a rewards program for advance amount upgrades ($10-$30), with a lower maximum of $20.


There is no harm in using online banking and switching to it permanently as the pace of the world is changing. But to choose Apps Like Dave That work with Chime, the user needs to consider their usage and convenience and the features these apps provide. Some features include holding multiple currencies, exchanging cash, and an easy interface.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Many people become unsure about their query after seeing so many options on the table. Some of the questions frequently asked and their answers are as follows:

Q1. What’s the Difference Between a Payday Loan and a Cash Advance?

The majority of payday loan apps do not charge interest. You may have to pay a monthly membership or a one-time, flat charge to use the app. Payment loans have exorbitant interest rates and are frequently rolled over to the next payday, allowing the interest to compound. Cash advance apps do not roll over; instead, they withdraw money from your account at the beginning of your following pay cycle.

Q2. Who is the competition of Chime?

Chime’s competitors include Starlink Bank, MX, Venmo, and Varo, which are useful if you’re on a limited budget and don’t know how to improve your financial situation.

Q3. What Fees and Costs Do Cash Advance Apps Also include?

Each app comes with fees, and many apps have a monthly cost but no price for cash advances. Others may levy a per-advance fee or an additional fee for “immediate” cash advances. When you make a cash advance, several apps ask for a gratuity.

Q4. Which Card Outperforms Chime?

Bluebird by American Express, which has a $0 monthly charge and a network of over 30,000 ATMs, could be a good replacement for Chime.


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