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How To Find Deleted Friends On Snapchat? (Recover, Unadded, Android, iPhone)

Social media has been trending all over the internet through various platforms that are known to mankind. Snapchat being one of them has its stories trending all over the world back in 2011. It contains various eye-catching filters, chat options, adding and deleting friends with creating memories in amazing snaps.

You can also create streaks which is basically a chain of snaps sent to your friends within 24 hours to stay connected. Meet new friends or stay close to the ones you already have with this application so that you get to keep the circle going. There are features like geo-filter, bitmoji avatar etc to make this app stand out from others.

Besides the AR filters, this is an app that is used worldwide so you may be getting requests from people you do not know through the quick add feature. You can delete the people out from your list by choice if you notice a scam or fraud. In case you removed your best friend or a family member accidentally, there is a way to recover and find that.

How To Find Deleted Friends On Snapchat?

Recover deleted snapchat friends is a hack that will save you from a lot of hassle and headache. As this app can be a little tricky to use for beginners or the users who are not aware of certain features, this guide will help you find all the possible solutions for this query.


Anyone who is not familiar with this application’s chat policy, although it is highly unlikely, that the chat option is diverse in its approach. There are also certain limitations such as conversation deletion after 24 hours or after you view it once. It is up to the user to check this and set up the required limit they want for certain privacy reasons. 


Thanks to the AR filters that make taking selfies too fun and interesting with various designs, faces and now realistic technology making it no different from your original face. Who needs to put makeup or glass skin care routines when you have these awesome filters to play with.

Some critics of technology may find it alarming and leading to catfishing but anything on grounds of safety brings no harm to anyone. This is another way to save your memories and cherish them even after years. Snapchat saves all your snaps in the memories folder and in your phone’s gallery too if you allow that setting.


Like most of the apps these days, snapchat has also the same rule for setting up stories that requires them to vanish after 24 hours. You can live out loud making peers and family updated on your major and minor life events.

Add friends with username:

First you need to have friends added in your friend list where you can see who has your account in theirs. These steps will help you add more people from the list of suggestions and contacts:

  • Open snapchat and put in login details
  • You will see a + button with a person logo on the top right corner. Click on that plus sign.
  • Type in the search bar to look for friends with the username they have provided you.
  • Navigate through the quick add list and add if you recognize anyone.
  • Be careful to put the right initials in the search bar as many people may have the same name with slightly different username.

Check friend list :

When you open snapchat, you get to see a bitmoji or profile so you click on it. Then you will see my friends tab that will show you all your added people in the list. Scroll through the screen with the required name that you are looking for. If it happens to be there, that person is already added to your list. If not then you need to follow other steps that are mentioned further in this article.

Add friends button:

Click on the bitmoji profile on the homepage of snapchat > locate add friends button that is right above my friends button > spot 3 horizontal dots at the top right corner of the screen > A pop up screen will show you 3 options including hidden from quick add, ignored from added me and recently added.

Click on “ignored from added me” where you can see all the people you ignored the requests from and even the ones you deleted accidentally or on purpose. See the contact list in “my friends” and look for the people who follow you. If you have deleted them but they have not unfriended you, you can most likely add them from here.

Using snapcode:

On the add friends button, after you click on it, you get to see a ghost icon on the search bar at the right. It will take you to your gallery where you can select the screenshot you took or picture given to you of the person’s snapcode you want to add. Snapchat will scan that image and later add the person to your list.

How to see everyone who unadded you on snapchat is a puzzle that is not unsolvable or unreachable. Since guides like this one have come to surface, more users are getting aware of the situation and help that they needed before.

Searching contact list After Deleting:

The usual question of how to find deleted friends on snapchat without username will most likely have its answer in your contact list. We often add people whom we know first and have met in most cases if you are not that outgoing person. In case you have that person in your contact list but not in your friends list in snapchat, follow these steps to re-add them.

  • Tap on bitmoji icon from home page of snapchat app
  • Choose add friends button from the menu
  • Click on all contacts written in a rather smaller font just below the ghost icon on the right side of the screen top.
  • You will see a list of people who are added in your list, not added in your list, friends with you, contacts that are on snapchat and even people who have not registered their number on snapchat as well.
  • This way you can re-add or invite people to join you on this application for more fun and games.

If you are confused about why it says accept friend next to someone i deleted on snapchat, it is because of the person being in your contact list. It can be your sim, phone or cloud account logged into your phone that has all your contacts feed. Do not be alarmed by this revelation as you can ignore or block them if it is an unwanted person.

In a nutshell:

After understanding snapchat as an application of today’s era, you have the guide and instructions to add friends, delete or block them and even re-add people that you want to make a permanent part of your life. It is up to the user to keep their privacy on their own terms and bring new or old fellas into their lives.


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