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Gmail on web: How to Activate Google Workspace Free?

Here is how to activate the Google Workspace interface on Gmail in its web version.

Google Workspace is rolling out for all users , not just businesses. In this regard, the interface of Gmail for the web is entitled to a small overhaul. However, you do not have to passively wait to receive the update, it is up to you to trigger it on your personal account.

Here is a very small tutorial on how to activate the new Gmail interface linked to Google Workspace.

How to activate the new Gmail interface with Google Workspace

This tutorial is very simple, a small handful of steps will suffice to activate the new Gmail interface on your personal account:

  • On your browser, open Gmail
  • Press the star wheel at the top right
  • Click on View all settings
  • Go to the Discussions and video conferences tab
  • In the Chat menu , check the Google Chat option 
  • Validate by clicking on  Save changes
To activate the new Gmail interface, you must activate Google Chat in the settings

You will then see a small window appear in  overlay to present the new features of this Gmail interface in the Workspace style.

Once the explanations are over, you will then benefit from the new Gmail interface with, in the left column, reorganized options.

In addition, be aware that this famous Google Chat function replaces Hangouts on Gmail. In the Discussions and video-conferences tab mentioned above, you can also move the column with these options from left to right or hide the button dedicated to Google Meet .


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