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Best SSD for Mining Cryptocurrency (Ethereum, Chia, DDR4, DDR5)

Are you a miner and want to build your mining rig? Then you should look for the best SSD for crypto mining. Luckily! You reached the right place, here we will discuss some of the best SSD for mining. Stay tuned and learn more about it!

Crypto-currency is a blockchain technology with thousands of people making handsome profits and the most lucrative means is by bitcoin and Ethereum. Mining needs a powerful rig so you have to buy compatible components. There are tons of SSDs available in the tech market which one should choose. It’s very difficult but do not need to worry, we have done the homework for the recommended and compatible SSD for crypto mining so just read this blog post and make your decision. 

The users give preference to the SSDs over hard drives because they do the quieter operations and have fast boot time. Plus,  there are very less chances of crashing SSDs as compared to the hard drive. 

While choosing the best SSD for a mining rig you should choose an internal drive with low power consumption, this will avoid overheating and wastage of power because a mining SSD does not require too much power. 

You can choose the crypto currency compatible SSD that is efficient and not too expensive and consumes less power consumption, this will increase your profit and decrease your cost as well. 

  1. SanDisk Ultra 3D NAND 500GB Internal SSD
  2. Crucial BX500 1TB 3D NAND SATA 2.5-Inch Internal SSD
  3. PNY CS900 1TB 3D SATA III Solid State Drive (SSD)
  4. Samsung SSD 860 EVO 1TB SATA III Internal SSD
  5. Seagate BarraCuda 8TB Internal Hard Drive HDD
  7. Western Digital 1TB WD Internal PC SSD – SATA III

1- SanDisk Ultra 3D NAND 500GB Internal SSD – SATA III 6

SanDisk Ultra 3D NAND 500GB Internal SSD - SATA III 6

Are you looking for a high speed SSD drive for your mining rig? Then you can consider this SanDisk ultra 3D internal storage for your computer system. If we talk about compatibility then you can buy this SSD for servers and arrays but they should accept 2.5″ 7mm SATA drives. 

You can accelerate your computer system for faster boost up so that you can get blazing fast gaming and beautiful graphics. This is an ultra fast hard drive that offers read speed up to 560 MB/s so you can transfer your data easily. Plus its write speed is up to 530 MB/s that allows you to save anything in this drive. 

But the performance is vary and depends upon drive capacity, host device operating system and application. Plus, sanDisk SSD comes with 3D NAND and offers incredible endurance so the lifespan of your drive will increase and also use less power. 

And equipped with NAche 2.0 technology so this SSD drives you blazing fast speed. After use of this storage drive you will know how fast applications will load, and also this ultra 3D SSD files move quicker. With this SSD you will not only get longer battery life but also much cooler and quieter computing as compared to the 7200 RPM SATA 2.5 inches hard drive. 

This is a perfect SSD for business and personal used rigs and the size of the drive is 500 GB which can go up to 4 TB. You can use this 4 TB SSD especially, personal, and business purposes. The dimensions of the drive are ‎0.28 x 3.96 x 2.75 inches and weight is 1.92 ounces SSD for your mining rig and also gives you a faster burst speed. So order today!

2- Crucial BX500 1TB 3D NAND SATA 2.5-Inch Internal SSD

Crucial BX500 1TB 3D NAND SATA 2.5-Inch Internal SSD

Are you looking for an internal SSD that improves the overall responsiveness of your mining rig? then you should look at the crucial BX500 SSD. This will boot up faster so it will load files quickly and also enhance responsiveness of your computer system.

The best part about this internal storage drive is that it makes it better as compared to other SSDs, that is, it is 300 % faster than a typical hard drive. And if not enough then, crucial BX500 45 times more energy efficient as compared to a typical hard. This amazing hard drive improves battery life as it consumes less power.

This is an efficient hard drive even in heavy workload because it is packed with the world’s best memory and storage technology for 40 years, the advanced Micron 3D NAND technology. Plus, it is thoroughly tried, tested, and proven so you do not need to worry about its reliability.

The product dimensions are ‎3.95 x 0.27 x 2.75 inches and item weight is ‎1.94 ounces. Did you ever notice your phone responding faster than your computer? Your phone runs faster because flash memory is used in mobile phones. So if you want to speed up your desktop too then we will suggest you to add flash memory to your gaming laptop or desktop computer. 

So buy this Crucial BX500 SSD and make your phone super fast, this is the easiest and cheapest way to get all the speed like a smartphone it will accelerate everything. You can use this SSD especially for personal, gaming and business purposes. 

This external hard drive is compatible with desktops and laptops that are capable of accepting 2.5″ 7 mm SATA drives because the form factor is 2.5 inches. With the read speed of 540 MB/s you will be able to transfer your data easier. And it offers 500 MB/s writing speed so you capture all your moments.

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3- PNY CS900 1TB 3D SATA III Internal Solid State Drive (SSD)

PNY CS900 1TB 3D SATA III Internal Solid State Drive (SSD)

Do you want to upgrade your SSD to enhance the mining computer speed? We will suggest buying the PNY CS900, because it is such an SSD that improves the speed of your desktop. You will see a clear difference with super-fast OS boot times and application loads as compared to your old storage. 

Comes with digital storage capacity of 1 TB and compatible with mining laptop and desktop. This PNY CS900 is capable of giving you higher performance than the traditional HDDs. And also the rate of power consumption makes it unique , its power consumption is ultra low. 

Plus, the PNY used SATA II 3 GB/sec as connectivity technology in this storage drive. The dimensions are ‎3.94 x 2.75 x 0.28 inches and weight is 1.45 ounces. The form factor of CS900 is SATA 2.5 inches or 7mm  and M.2 2280 so you can add this SSD in such computers that accept this form factor.

Comes with the sequential read speed up to 560 MB/s so data transferring is super fast with this SSD. With up to 540 MB/s sequential write speed you capture anything that you want. 

The PNY CS900 is a perfect choice to upgrade  from a hard disk drive to the mainstream SSD. The builder designed it as an easy and cost-effective HDD replacement for any existing PC system. There are no moving parts and that makes it durable and the chances of failure  are less. 

The plus point of this SSD is it is quick and easy to install the hardware, and windows installed quickly as well. Feeling excited, get this amazing hard drive for your desktop and enjoy these super features.

4- Samsung SSD 860 EVO 1TB SATA III Internal SSD

Samsung SSD 860 EVO 1TB SATA III Internal SSD

Add this world’s best selling SSD in your mining rig and get an incredible usage experience. Samsung made EVO 860 hard drives specifically for personal, gaming and business purposes. Powered by the Samsung V-Nand technology so it can deliver optimised performance for everyday computing also rendering large-sized 4K videos.

And also this SSD is perfect for any type of 3D data of the latest applications. The plus point is that you can protect data  just by using  security options. 

If we talk about its device compatibility then you will be happy after reading this, it is compatible with Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Server 2003 (32 bit and 64 bit), Vista (SP1 and above), XP (SP2 and above), MAC OSX and Linux but yes you have to check size compatibility before buying as its form factor is 2.5 inches. But if you want to choose for ultra-slim computing devices then buy its version of SATA-based M.2 (2280) or the mSATA.

Samsung used 2.5 inches (7 millimetre) SATA 3 (6 GB/S) SSD cable as connectivity technology. Are you doubted about its reliability but do not worry about this its MTBF is 1.5 Million Hours that tells you how reliable it is. 

This SSD does not interact with hard drives, because it doesn’t utilise SD cards. The speed of this hard drive is consistent in normal load or  even under heavy workloads. And a multitasking feature allows you for faster file transfer as it comes with up to 550 MB/s sequential read speeds and Intelligent TurboWrite technology.

The 860 EVO runs at sequential write speeds up to 520 MB/s that enables fast capturing. The storage size is 1TB and TurboWrite buffer size is 78 GB that is upgraded from 12 GB. EVO 860 is such an SSD that you trust blindly so order today!

5- Seagate BarraCuda 8TB Internal Hard Drive HDD

Seagate BarraCuda 8TB Internal Hard Drive HDD

Introducing seagate barraCuda hard drive, with this 8tb SSD you will be able to Store more and compute faster.  And sure you do all this with self belief due to the tested reliability of BarraCuda SSD.

You can construct a powerhouse mining desktop with a variety of features and form factors. This is the solution for every PC application from music to video, photo editing or PC gaming due to the go to SATA hard drive. 

Of course you can confidently rely on this SSD technology because it is backed by 20 years of innovation. This drive is fast, dependable, versatile and cost-effective and enhances data processing and retrieval so it can provide instant access to data.

This is a perfect internal drive for you if you want fast game load, quicker open rates for applications, and speedy file transfers. With Barracuda hard drives you can upgrade your computer performance in a  cost-effective way.

This is superior capacity and able to store it all with its 8 TB space, this is the largest range of storage options available in the market. Comes with multi-tier caching technology so you can take advantage of Self-Encrypting Drive technology and hardware-based Instant Secure Erase.

The form factor is 3.5 and compatible with photo editing laptop and desktop and also specifically for business and personal usage. This hard disk has a rotation speed of only 5400 that is a bit low on the spectrum of hard drive speeds and  data transfer rate is190 MB/sec and  cycle rate of  load/unload is 300,000 that makes it better. If you want a SSD with a large capacity of storage then you can consider it. 

6- ADATA SU800 512GB 3D-NAND

ADATA SU800 512GB 3D-NAND SATA III High Speed Read  Solid State Drive

If you are looking for a storage solution for your mining rig then we are providing you, Adata SU800 is a storage drive that is specifically made for personal, gaming and business use. With 3D NAND Flash this SSD will provide you higher storage density, efficiency, and reliability as compared to the traditional 2D Nand.

And also features intelligent SLC caching and a DRAM cache buffer that enhance its read and write performance. Comes with LDPC ECC and technologies which include high TBW and DEVSLP. The SU800 hard drive can instantly upgrade your laptop or desktops with super stability, durability, and power efficiency. 

Additionally, the users can download ADATA in-house evolved SSD Toolbox and Migration software without cost and experience easy data management and migration. Comes with a storage space of 512 GB so you will be able to store your data easily. 

The form factor is 2.5 inches so check compatibility before purchase and connectivity technology is 2.5 inches. Comes with a DRAM cache buffer that boosts its read and write speed. With up to 560 MB/s read speed you can transfer your file easily and fastly. You will be able to capture all your beautiful moments with a write speed of 520 MB/s.

You operate it under the temperature 0 Celsius  to 70 Degrees and its storage temperature is -40 Celsius  to 85 Degrees Celsius, it means it is able to be used in any situation of weather. 

Built with the support of RAID Engine and Data Shaping it ensures data integrity extends SSD lifespan so it can deliver better, longer stability. This is the perfect choice for those users who often travel or go on business trips because the SU800 consumes just 8 % of the energy at the same time as in idle mode, and 80 % less power throughout regular operation. 

7-Western Digital 1TB WD Internal PC SSD – SATA III

Western Digital 1TB WD Internal PC SSD - SATA III

Western digital hard drive, an efficient internal drive that can enhance the entire responsiveness of your mining rig. This is an industry leading SSD and 1.75M hours MTTF it is very reliable.

Comes with 1 TB capacity so you have a,ple storage to save anything that you want without worrying about running storage low. This internal drive is WD F.I.T. Lab certified shows its compatibility with an extensive range of computer systems.

Plus with non-paid software you can see the status of your drive, clone a drive, or backup your data. The power draw while its active status is up to 25% lower as compared to the previous generations of WD Blue SSD. 

The dimensions of this product are ‎3.95 x 2.75 x 0.28 inches and weight is ‎1.3 ounces. Compatible with both Mac and PCs and specifically designed for business and personal usage. 

WD blue  supports the latest 3D Nand technology that makes it more efficient. And the form factor is SATA 2.5” or 7 mm and  M.2 2280 and connectivity technology is SATA III 6 Gb/s so check compatibility first. 

You will be able to transfer your data very quickly with the sequential read speed up to 560 MB/s and the sequential write speed is up to 530 MB/s so record anything whatever you want. 

You get the quality and confidence by this Western Digital NVMe SSD. You can work longer before recharging your laptop because it consumes very less power. Order today! And upgrade your PC confidently.

Best SSD for Mining Buying Guide 

Whenever you want to build your computer system it’s so challenging especially when you have to make a mining rig. You have to choose the components very carefully and for that you need to do research, but to save your researching time above we give you some top picks you can buy one of them.

But if you want to buy any other SSD for your mining computer then some features need to be checked, those are below mentioned read and then make your decision. 

Storage Capacity

A good thing about a mining rig is that you do not need a huge capacity of storage. You buy a minimum 80 GB to 120 GB storage for Windows and if you use Linux then you can go for at least 30 GB to 60 GB. But if you want to use your computer system for some other task then we recommend you buy 512 GB. 

Power Consumption 

Another key factor is Best PSU For Mining, as the SSD for a mining rig does not require much power to run properly, and also mostly hard drives consumes low power. So buy an internal drive with low power consumption that will reduce the electricity bill. 


It all depends upon your budget, how much you want to spend on a SSD, the more you spend the more you get, but buy the well balanced combination of cost and features. 


Warranty is very important for any electronics device, SSD is such a component of a computer system that should be durable and has a long lifespan, buy a SSD with at least 3 to 5 years of warranty. 


Which SSD is best for Mining

There is no simple answer to “one best” SSD for mining. The best SSD for mining depends on the specific type of mining you are doing. Some miners prefer fast drives with a lot of storage, while others prefer high-performance drives.

If you are mining Bitcoin or another cryptocurrency, you will want to choose a drive that is optimized for cryptocurrency mining. Some of the best SSDs for cryptocurrency mining include the Samsung 970 PRO, the Intel Optane 900P, and the WD Black SN750.

If you are mining Ethereum or another altcoin, you may want to consider a drive that uses NAND flash memory instead of TLC NAND flash memory. TLC NAND flash memory is less expensive than other types

Does SSD Help in Mining?

It depends on what you are mining. Bitcoin mining requires a lot of computation power, and as a result, it’s best suited for mining on gaming CPUs or graphics processing units (GPUs). However, recent developments in cryptocurrency mining have led to the emergence of new types of miners, such as application-specific integrated circuits (ASICs) and field-programmable gate arrays (FPGAs), that are designed specifically for bitcoin mining.

For other types of cryptocurrencies (such as Ethereum), FPGAs and ASICs are not as effective, so SSDs can be used to great effect. In short, if you’re looking to mine bitcoin, an SSD will be of little use.

Does Mining Hurt SSD?

Mining does not hurt SSDs. Mining cryptocurrency is a process of running complex computations in order to verify and add new blocks of transactions to the blockchain.

These computations require a lot of processing power, which can put strain on hardware. However, mining does not affect the lifespan or performance of SSDs.


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