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Best SD Card for Nintendo Switch OLED (Switch OLED Compatible MicroSD Memory Cards)

Are you one of those tech enthusiasts who always seek additional room to keep data and games alive? The finest SD cards for Nintendo Switch will give you plenty of storage to play and file with, and they are quite easy to set up on your gaming pc. But how to get started? There’s a lot of variety and different brands to choose from, especially if you look at the major online retailers  

If you are not sure which one to get, do not worry; we have put up a list of Switch’s top micro SD cards to help you decide your purchase. That may appear sufficient at first, but with so many great Nintendo Switch games to choose from, it becomes a hard thing to do   

The Nintendo Switch has been composed to match your living standard, transforming from a home console to a portable device in instants easily. So dock your Nintendo Switch to enjoy HD gameplay on your TV, share the screen, flip the stand, and then play a multiplayer game with your friends.

  1. SanDisk 400GB Ultra microSDXC UHS
  2. Gigastone 256GB Micro SD Card
  3. Silicon Power Micro SD Card
  4. SanDisk 1TB Extreme microSDXC UHS
  6. PNY 128GB Premier-X Class 10 U3 V30

1. SanDisk 400GB Ultra microSDXC UHS

SanDisk ultra 400GB

The SanDisk Ultra microSDXC UHS-I Card allows its users to shoot Full HD video for 24 hours, saving data and sharing it with their loved ones without any delay. rates of up to 120MBs and allowing you to enjoy more extra hours of Full HD video. The card is designed for AndroidTM smartphones and tablets and has an A1 performance rating.this is alos compatible with Extreme SD card for steam deck .

AndroidTM smartphones and tablets operate with SanDisk cards. With storage capacities of up to 1TB1, it’s possible to demand additional room for the videos without counting you have already utilized it in photographs, music, movies, and capturing, saving, and sharing.

The A1-rated SanDisk Ultra® microSDTM card is optimized for applications, providing more agile app startup and high-end performance for a better smartphone experience Use the MobileMate® USB 3.0 microSDTM card reader to move large files, a large number of files quickly or make frequent file transfers even faster. Use the MobileMate® USB 3.0 microSDTM card reader to move large files, a large number of files quickly, or make frequent file transfers even faster. 


2. Gigastone 256GB Micro SD Card

Gigastone 256GB

Gigastone Micro SD Card comes with eyecatching hallmarks as Gaming Plus, 256 internal storage, up to 100 MBs, MicroSDXC Memory Card for Nintendo-Switch, 4K Video, Action, and Security Camer, Wyze, GoPro hero 10, Dash Cam, compatibility storage, Class 10 high-speed data transfer, warmth proof.  With the Gigastone Prime Series micro SD card, you can now seize all of the best moments of your life. 

The high-performance memory card has a data transmission rate of up to 100MBs, allowing buyers to store their priceless memories without limitation. On a worldwide scale, Gigatonne is a prominent and well-known memory-based enterprise.

Due to its sites in multiple countries, Gigastone can contact and assist worldwide customers instantly. In fact, Gigastone offers an infinite number of memory card options in various capacities. To embellish, a memory card is a sequence. 

With the Gigastone Game Pro series micro SD card, you can experience gaming at its best. The high-end performance memory card comprises a fast data transfer speed of up to 100MBs, permitting users to accumulate their precious experiences without restriction. Gigastone is an acclaimed and well-known memory-based organization on a global scale. So allow Gigastone to be your personal and secure memory bank. 

3. Silicon Power Micro SD Card

Silicon Power Micro

Do you want to capture outdoor ventures, weekend tours, or sports events without missing a beat? The Superior Pro microSDXC UHS-I card, with UHS Speed Class 3 (U3) and Video Speed Class 30 (V30), allows you to capture 4K HD videos feasibly. Furthermore, reading and writing speeds of up to 100 and 80 MBs, respectively, assure that you spend less time waiting and more recording. 

The Superior Pro microSDXC UHS-I card has an A1 rating, making it the perfect app for performance. A minimum random read rate of 1,500 IOPS and a minimum random write rate of 500 translates to speedier launches and improved performance. This translates to a better overall user experience on Android-based smartphones, tablets, and other mobile devices that run apps. It also clears up space on your device’s internal area. 

This card has been created to be shockproof, waterproof, temperature-resistant, and X-ray resistant. So you do not have to be concerned about getting out there and capturing those incredible images. This card can withstand anything from blizzards in the Alps to blistering hot deserts and the wettest rainforests.  capture those moments as well  

4. SanDisk 1TB Extreme microSDXC UHS

SanDisk 1TB Extreme microSDXC

Buy SanDisk Extreme 1TB microSD UHS-I Memory Card to get app performance, fantastic speeds for faster transfers, and a 4K UHD video experience. This ultra-performance microSD card is ideal for capturing 4K UHD video, Full HD video, and high-resolution photographs on your Android smartphone, action cameras, or drones like DJI Mini 2 and others. The SanDisk Extreme microSDXC memory card possesses a read speed of 160MBs and a write speed of up to 90MBs. It’s also A2-rated, which means you will receive speedy application performance and a great smartphone experience. 

High-speed transfer, app performance, and 4K UHD videos are achievable with extreme speeds. This powerful-performance microSD card records 4K UHD video, Full HD videos, and high-resolution photos and is perfect for drones on your AndroidTM smartphone action cameras. The SanDisk Extreme® microSDXCTM memory card reads at speeds of up to 160MBs9 and writes at speeds of up to 90MBs. In addition, it’s A2-rated, which means you will receive speedy application performance for a great smartphone experience. 

With read rates up to 160MBs, you can transfer at least one thousand high-resolution images and 30 minutes of 4K video (24GB) in just three minutes.  and faster shoot with the SanDisk Extreme® microSDXCTM UHS-I Card you have never experienced before. 

With transfer speeds of up to 160MBs9, the MobileMate® USB 3.0 microSDTM Card Reader allows you to move large files, a large number of files quickly, or make frequent file transfers go faster.  SanDisk Extreme® microSDHCTM and microSDXCTM UHS-I Cards are shockproof, temperature-proof, waterproof, and X-ray-proof4, allowing you to enjoy your adventures without worrying about memory and card’s durability. 



The Samsung 256GB microSDXC EVO Select memory card gives unbelievable speed and dependability, allotting you to get the greatest out of your devices. Keep your data safe against water, extreme temperatures, and other hard situations with ultra-fast read and write speeds of up to 100MBs and 90MBs, respectively, and 4-proof protection. Feel at ease when capturing, storing, and transferring 4K UHD films, photographs, music, and other huge files. Your experiences and memories are priceless, and they are now incomparable. 

Enjoy more room and a faster pace with the greatest storage and fastest read-write speeds in its class; this device is ideal for 4K UHD video. Support for 14K UHD video on 51GB, 256GB, and 128GB cards. Compatibility with the host device may vary. Without any hiccups, record and play a 4K UHD video    

The 256GB EVO Select owns speedy read and writes speeds of up to 100MBs and 90MBs, respectively, allowing you to transfer a 3GB film to your notebook in just thirty-eight seconds. Shoot immaculate high-resolution photographs and movies, then share them worldwide instantly.

The read and write speeds listed above are based on internal experiments performed under controlled settings. Therefore, actual speeds will vary depending on the capacity of the card.  Four layers of protection shield EVO Select can withstand 72 hours in seawater, intense temperatures, airport X-ray machines, and captivating field’s equivalent to an MRI scanner

6. PNY 128GB Premier-X Class 10 U3 V30

PNY 128GB Premier-X

PNY Premier-X Class 10 U3 V30 microSD Flash Capacity Cards are suitable for expanding onboard capacity on mobile devices such as tablets, smartphones, action cameras, drones, and more, empowering users to use more digital material.

Class 10, U3, V30 microSD Flash Memory Cards are available from Premier-X. They feature read rates of up to 100MBs, enabling buyers to save and transmit material between devices quickly and effortlessly and participate in HD photography and 4K Ultra HD filming due to U3 technology. In addition, the Premier-X microSD Flash Memory Cards also include a V30 Video Speed Class, which is ideal for 4K Ultra HD video with a resolution of 4096×3072 pixels. 

Allowing consumers to take high-quality photos and videos with their mobile devices, The PNY Premier-X is rated A1 for app performance.  Furthermore, it enables users to execute programs straight from the MicroSD card, resulting in speedier app startup and performance. Burst mode performance in class 10, U3, V30 speed class at reading speeds up to 100MBs is quick and flawless.

Apps for 4K Ultra HD filmmaking and HD photography may be launched and performed faster directly from the microSD card. In addition, it allows users to operate apps directly from the MicroSD card for faster app launch and execution.  MBs. 4K Ultra HD videography and HD photography has become a reality to experience. A1 gives 1500 IOPS (Read) and 500 IOPS (Write) at the very least (Write).  

In addition, microSD-enabled host devices including Android smartphones and tablets, action and security cameras, drones, PCs, and more can record and transmit movies, images, music, files, etc. computers, and laptop computers, Magnet Resistant, Shock Resistant, and Tempered Glass.   

As we have discussed above that the Nintendo Switch OLED Model not only has a larger screen than the standard Switch and Switch Lite, but it also has a double internal storage of the previous Switch consoles: 64GB against 32GB, respectively. 

Best SD Card for Nintendo Switch OLED Buying Guide

Brands Reputation 

The manufacturer is the most important factor to consider when buying a microSD card. You can save money by choosing lesser-known brands regarding technology, but you will be sacrificing quality. Precise examining and warranty considerations are needed when using external storage, whether hard drives, flash drives, or SD cards. 

The same rationale exists for microSD cards as you do not want to pick a card to fail on you, especially if it comes with a limited or no guarantee.

Internal Storage Capacity 

Of course, the first rule is to completely go for internal storage that corresponds to your buying patterns. Next, check out the storage requirements of your favorite games to see if that will help or not. Finally, suppose it meets the requirements, then makes it your future pick. 

Speed limit 

Aside from storage, speed is a crucial consideration when selecting a microSD card. A speed class has bestowed a rating of 2, 4, 6, or 10 to show a card’s minimal baseline speed. For example, a 2MBs baseline speed is indicated by a rating of 2, a 4MB/s by a rating of 4, and so on. However, you should only buy cards with a class 10 speed rating for the Switch. This is because a class 10 speed card will almost certainly improve latency and slowdowns. The console will, after all, read the games on the card. 

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