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Best SD Card for DJI Mini 2 (Memory Card for DJI Mini 2)

In case you are seeking out the excellent SD card for your DJI Mini 2, here is the list of endorsed options from our team. We examined those recommended SD cards with a DJI Mini 2.

If you’re questioning where to find the nice compatible memory card for a DJI Mini 2 you’re no longer on my own. In today’s world, novices and professionals alike are jumping on the drone bandwagon to film every location from a new perspective. Asics and other types of drones, drones for kids, drones for aerial photography, prosthetic organs, and drones for spying. 

The SD card is the most important part of your quadcopter, High-speed performance, 4K cinematic videos and 4K 3D aerial photos, recording and graphic editing capabilities, and a high end design that completes the stunning image of the latest DJI mini drone are the newest features that make the SD card a must have accessory for all experts.

Before the release of the DJI Mavic 2 Pro, the DJI Phantom 4 held the title as the best, most popular drone. With the release of the new drone, many drones were struggling, but the Mavic 2 Pro has regained its popularity and reigns supreme.

Part of the fun of owning a drone is experimenting with new ways to best take advantage of its capabilities. The SD card is the most accessible and affordable way to do this. 

Our recommended list of the Best SD Card for DJI Mini 2

  2. SanDisk ‎SDSDQXL2-032G-AA Extreme microSDHC
  3. Lexar LSDMI32GBBNL633A) microSDHC UHS-I Card
  4. Samsung 8541640484 MicroSD
  5. SanDisk ‎SDSQXCG-064G-GN6MA Extreme PRO
  6. Lexar (LSDMI64GBBNL633A) microSDXC
  7. SanDisk SDSQXCZ-256G-GN6MA Microsdxc



Samsung’s EVO Plus is a microSD card with an SD adapter that was built to handle 4K video. It features up to 95MB/s transfer speeds and a U3 rating. The memory card supports the SDSC standard, meaning it can withstand high temperatures and water exposure of up to 1 metre for 30 minutes.

It also comes with an SD card adapter included in the package, allowing you to use it as an SDHC or even on your laptop. This card can offer you the most reliable read and write speeds for high-end 4K video recording, burst mode shooting, and Full HD video recording.

This card also comes with an SD adapter for use in digital cameras, dash cams that require one, so you’ll be ready to go when the card is delivered straight to your door.

SAMSUNG 32GB EVO Plus Micro SDHC is the precise storage solution on your Android telephone Whether you’re looking to expand your phone’s memory or transfer media from one device to another, this microSD card offers fast speeds and reliable performance in a compact design.

The Samsung 32GB EVO Plus Micro SDHC is a UHS-I Class 10 memory card for use in both action cameras as well as smartphones and tablets. It features an ultra-fast write speed of up to 48MB/s, so you can transfer photos and videos from your device straight to the memory card without delay.

2-SanDisk ‎SDSDQXL2-032G-AA Extreme microSDHC

SanDisk ‎SDSDQXL2-032G-AA Extreme microSDHC

It is an ideal solution for smartphones, tablets, and compatible devices. This Ultra microSD card features a Class 10 speed rating as well as Video Speed Class 30 for recording Full HD video. 

SanDisk organisation, a worldwide chief in flash garage solutions, these days announced the launch of its most recent SanDisk extreme microSDHC united states of americaI reminiscence card 32GB. Shipping worldwide from March 2015, the new cards will be available in 8 different capacities ranging from 8GB to 128GB.

SanDisk Extreme microSDHC and microSDXC UHS-I Cards are ideal for recording and watching Full HD video,2 capturing fast action shots,3 and storing thousands of songs.4 And the included SD adapter lets you move files easily between your computer and card.

Looking for a card that might paint with my Canon G5 X digicam, and it does. I have used it in the past in a specific G series digital camera. I like SanDisk playing cards because they are speedy and continually paint well on my cameras.

A clever and fast way to seize, store, and percentage motion pictures! This card from SanDisk offers 32GB of garage potential on your smartphone or tablet. it’s made to help excessive-resolution video recording in addition to complete HD video playback.

Overall, I would recommend this product to anyone looking for a decent amount of storage in a micro SD card.

3- Lexar microSDHC UHS-I Card w/ SD Adapter

Lexar LSDMI32GBBNL633A) microSDHC UHS-I Card w SD Adapter

Lexar has been a leading brand of flash memory cards for over two decades. Lexar’s high-performance microSDHC UHS-I Cards are designed to deliver the highest level of performance and reliability in cameras, tablets, smartphones, and more. 

The microSDHC card is small enough to fit in almost any device that accepts SD cards, making it simple to expand your mobile device’s storage capacity or switch devices seamlessly between shooting photos and videos.

If you want to shoot and store high-quality photos and videos with your smartphone, look no further than Lexar Platinum 633x microSDHC/microSDXC UHS-I Cards. That’s fast enough for full HD video recording and capturing fast action shots.

Plus it is Class 10 rating means you can capture full HD video without a hitch whether it’s 1080p or 3D. This Lexar 32GB High-Performance 633x UHS-I memory card features a write speed of up to 45MB/s and read speeds of up to 100MB/s. 

This SDXC card is designed for use with DSLR, mirrorless, and other advanced cameras that support the UHS-I standard. The 3.0 interface allows for fast data transfer rates between your camera and computer as well as quick downloads from your SD card to an external storage device.

4- Samsung 8541640484 MicroSD

Samsung 8541640484 MicroSD

Samsung has introduced the modern day addition to its line of top rate reminiscence playing cards, the EVO Plus. This new line is geared towards mobile users who need a reliable card that can record and store high-quality videos and pictures in a variety of formats.

The Samsung MicroSD EVO Plus Series memory cards are designed for use in high-resolution cameras and camcorders. These UHS-I Class 10 rated cards feature a storage capacity of 64GB1 and transfer speeds up to 100MB/s2, enabling faster file transfer and uninterrupted Full HD video recording.

The cards come with an SD adapter for easy file management and instant playback of high-quality videos on your computer. Samsung’s MicroSD EVO Plus series reminiscence cards boast a read velocity of up to 100MB/s and write speeds of up to 90MB/s.

These cards support the UHS Speed Class 3 (U3) standard, which is capable of taking full advantage of the high-performance, low-power capabilities built into Android smartphones and tablets.

In addition to fast transfer speeds, these cards are eye-catching with their metallic design and come with a convenient SD adapter for use in devices Samsung’s EVO Plus memory cards are ideal for use in any microSD-enabled device. 

This 64GB Class 10 UHS-1 card offers read speeds of up to 100MB/s, so you can transfer your photos and videos from the card to your computer quickly and easily. The card comes with an SD adapter for compatibility with SDHC host devices, making it easy to insert into other compatible cameras, tablets, or computers.this is compatible with SD Card for Dash Cam.

5- SanDisk ‎SDSQXCG-064G-GN6MA Extreme PRO microSDXC

SanDisk ‎SDSQXCG-064G-GN6MA Extreme PRO microSDXC

The SanDisk Extreme PRO microSDXC Memory Card Plus SD Adapter up to 100 MB/s, Class 10, U3, V30, A1 – 64 GB is a state-of-the-art memory card that offers transfer speeds of up to 100 MB/s and is also compatible with SD card slots. 

The card is designed for use with smartphones, tablets, and action cameras. It is rated Class 10 for capturing 1080p Full HD video and Class 10 for capturing 3D video.

It also offers a minimum write speed of 10 MB/s. This memory card is compatible with Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10, Mac OS X v10.5+, and Linux v2.6+.

Capacity: The SanDisk severe seasoned microSDXC reminiscence Card Plus SD Adapter as much as 100 MB/s, magnificence 10, U3, V30, A1 – 64 GB is a top rate card for top rate gadgets. This card has the fastest read and write speeds in the industry and is perfect for capturing and storing high-quality video and photos. 

It is UHS-I (Ultra High Speed) and A1 (App Performance Class 1) enabled for reliable, fast performance with a minimum sustained write speed of 30MB/s. It features a Class 10 and UHS-I speed rating for capturing Full HD and 4K Ultra HD video, as well as read speeds of up to 95MB/s.

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6- Lexar (LSDMI64GBBNL633A) microSDXC

Lexar (LSDMI64GBBNL633A)microSDXC

Introducing the Lexar excessive-performance 633x 64GB microSDXC united states of americaI Card w/ SD Adapter, as much as 100MB/s read, for Smartphones, capsules, Cameras, and so forth. 

It is able to store huge quantities of records and can deal with high-resolution video and images. This card is perfect for capturing and storing all of your precious memories. This card is compatible with most devices and will not disappoint.

The Lexar is a memory card with a capacity of 64GB. it’s far from a class 10 card with a 100MB/s read pace. It could be used on smartphones, drugs, and different devices. Lexar High-Performance 633x 64GB microSDXC is the best SD card on the market for its price range.

With a storage capacity of 64GB, it can hold over 1,000 hours of HD video, which is the equivalent of five Blu-ray movies. The Lexar High-Performance 633x 64GB microSDXC card is waterproof, temperature-proof, and shockproof. 

Lexar High-Performance 633x 64GB microSDXC is a high-speed memory card that can store up to 633x the amount of data that a standard SD card can. The card is rated at 95MB/s read and 90MB/s write speeds, making it the perfect option for use in smartphones, tablets, action cameras, drones, and more.

This is a high-performance, Lexar microSDXC card with a capacity of 64GB. It is great for use in cameras, drones, or other devices that need a large amount of storage. The card is designed to handle 4K video recording and high-resolution images. It is perfect for professionals who need to shoot high-quality videos or photographers who need to store large amounts of images.

7- SanDisk SDSQXCZ-256G-GN6MA Microsdxc

SanDisk SDSQXCZ-256G-GN6MA Microsdxc

This SanDisk Extreme Pro MicroSDXC UHS-I U3 A2 V30 Memory Card (256GB) is a powerful storage device that provides a way to store, manage, and transfer large amounts of data with speed and performance.

It is a high-speed memory card that can be used with smartphones, cameras, tablets, and other devices. The SanDisk intense seasoned MicroSDXC usaI U3 A2 V30 memory Card (256GB) is like minded with Android and iOS gadgets.

The Extreme Pro MicroSDXC is a perfect card for capturing and storing high-quality video, photo, and audio content. This high-performance card features a storage capacity of 256GB and a write speed of up to 95MB/.

This memory card has a capacity of 256GB, which is enough space to store over 22,000 songs, 125,000 photos, or 16 hours of Full HD video.

It additionally features write speeds of up to 95MB/s and read speeds of as much as 260MB/s. This SanDisk reminiscence card is compatible with Android gadgets, DSLR cameras, and motion cameras.

This Memory Card (256GB) is a fast and reliable memory card that can handle 4K Ultra HD video recording and playback. It also features a water, temperature, and shock-resistant design.

Best SD Card for DJI Mini 2 Buying Guide;

In this article, we can speak about all that relates to SD cards on your DJI Mavic Mini and Mini 2 drones. DJI Mini 2 is the cutting aspect and first promoting mini drone from DJI, on the way to be released in late 2020 and has piqued the hobby of experts everywhere

The DJI Mini 2 is the successor of the DJI Mavic Mini, and it is a beginner-first-rate, powerful drone with surprising performance, stunning image pride, and innovative video features.


This is the most crucial requirement for any SD card. No card will assure you a hundred% reliability due to the reality that all playing cards will let you down in some unspecified time in the future. However, some folks that pick out cards like those we advise later in this newsletter hardly ever go through records loss.


SD playing cards can vary from affordable to expensive, and it will pay to research the pleasant fee that meets your wishes. The 32/64GB cards offer an excellent balance of price vs garage capacity.


As we’ve already cited above, it’s no longer really worth buying an SD card with huge memory for your Mavic Mini. The motive behind this is that the drone doesn’t shoot 4K, and a large SD card will provide you with a list of photos that can be tough to lower again often.

if you don’t add your pictures and something occurs on your drone such that you may not get better at it, you lose masses of statistics. 32GB or 64GB SD playing cards work quality, and a few people commonly prefer a couple of 32GB cards.

 Transfer speeds;

If you’d like to make sure faster examine speeds for extra efficient backup, then you may keep in mind getting quicker cards, but they aren’t that important.

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