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Best CPU Coolers for AMD Ryzen 3 5300G (AIO, Air, RGB, Gaming)

The best CPU Coolers for Ryzen 3 5300G, is known for its premium feature list. They come equipped with multiple fans and PWM control solutions. Besides that, the sleeved tubing reduces clutter and gives you a neat desk. This category offers liquid and air cooling so that the users have a versatile yet the best choice to choose from.

With 300 to 1700 RPM fan speeds, you are bound to experience a great way of keeping your system cool. There is no noise to be heard bigger than 23dB. This means their operation is silent and improves the overall environment. You also get to see popping colors of RGB that serve you with 12 to 15 addressable light modes.

The RGB can be controlled through the brand’s software support. This way, you get to monitor your cooler’s performance or get to customize them according to your need. The features of best liquid CPU coolers are more advanced than the airflow based cooling systems. This method is effective because it allows for even distribution and being able to produce some form of vacuum.

These coolers provide easier access into tight spaces where airflow tends not to enter well on its own accord. As a result, they are better in overall performance while also requiring little maintenance.

CPU cooling is the future of computer hardware. The low noise level makes this cooler popular among gamers who enjoy watching movies or playing games. These machines are a must for anyone who wants their computer to run optimally.

When your processor gets too hot, it slows down and can even crash at a point. The best way of preventing this from happening is by investing in an effective cooling device. They will ensure steady temps throughout intensive tasks like gaming or video editing apps.

Features include blade design with airflow channels, heat pipes cooled off by two fans which are often LED lit, and continuous air flow. Copper construction heatsinks are used for maximum performance efficiency. Moreover, the socket supports and Ryzen 3 5300G RAM compatibility cannot go unnoticed.

  1. Thermaltake Floe Dual Riing RGB AIO Liquid Cooling System
  2. ARCTIC Liquid Freezer II 120 All-in-One CPU AIO Water Cooler
  3. Corsair Hydro Series H60 120mm AIO Liquid CPU Cooler
  4. EVGA CLC 120mm All-In-One CPU Liquid Cooler
  5. NZXT Kraken M22 120mm AIO RGB CPU Liquid Cooler
  6. Asus ROG RYUJIN 240 RGB AIO Liquid CPU Cooler 240mm Radiator
  7. MSI MPG Series CORE LIQUID K240 240mm CPU Liquid Cooler

1. Thermaltake Floe Dual Riing RGB AIO Liquid Cooling System 

Thermaltake Floe Dual Riing RGB AIO Liquid Cooling System

The Thermaltake Dual Riing RGB has a Premium Edition in the market. It is an advanced CPU cooler with water cooling support and excellent ventilation. This machine features 12 separated, brightness adjustable LEDs that you can control through the patented Ring Plus RGB software.

These separated lights enable you to customize your PC according to your desired lighting mode. There is cyberpunk blue, sci fi green, classic violet, cowboy yellow & more! Furthermore, by giving the product a strong body, it allows for push/pull fan mounting.

While keeping space in between the retention brackets, you got nothing else to worry about.

Thermaltake’s 280 TT Premium Edition will stand out among all these cases. With a precise water block, it doubles to match the LEDs on the fan. This case is truly the next generation. You will be able to order anywhere from brilliant blues to industrial reds with just one click.

Customizable and user-friendly, this 280 TT Premium Edition is a fantastic choice for any personal computer style. Up to date with all modern components, compatibility is never an issue. It allows you to change light mode colors, speeds, brightness, and fan speeds.

Furthermore, this cooler offers AI voice control in iOS and Android devices with a push of a button. Low noise and dust free, Floe offers an LGA 2066/2011 3/2011/1366/1200/1156/1155/1151 support.

This is the newest liquid cooling technology. The only product on the market to combine a 280mm radiator is this beauty. The choice of all your enthusiasts brings tranquility to your mornings.

2. ARCTIC Liquid Freezer II 120 All-in-One CPU AIO Water Cooler

ARCTIC Liquid Freezer II 120 All-in-One CPU AIO Water Cooler

Liquid freezer II is a 120 cm long copper cold plate. The shorter distance decreases the overall coolant temperature. It reaches the processed components quicker than other AIO coolers. This cooler also has an additional 40 mm fan to ensure that there is no bottleneck in terms of cooling the CPU or RAMs when you are overclocking.

If you are looking for rigidity and efficient cooling at minimal noise levels, then take a look at ARCTIC Liquid Freezer II 120! Need a great water cooler? This beast has all of the features you want. With its efficient cooling technology, you will never have to worry about getting overheated again.

A more sturdy cool plate, pump, and radiator are known for their robust performance among other AIO water fan coolers. The additional 40 mm VRM fan next to the pump provides extra cooling for the base and voltage transformer. It is PWM controlled, too, with sleeved tubing providing gorgeous aesthetics.

The long sleeving creates an elegant effect and prevents clogging by cables in your liquid cooling loop. This promotes problem-solving into your system with more time for you to focus on other things. If there is no need for cooling, you can save power consumption while still enjoying less noise with this effective product!

Freezer II 120 is the most efficient AIO water pc fan on the market. The integrated fan cable design eliminates unsightly mess and allows more installation possibilities to suit your computer case needs.

Another great feature of this cooler is the PWM controlled fans. Only a small wire can be seen from the motherboard that reduces the usual cable chaos. Moreover, it still mounts easily onto all current CPU sockets.

3. Corsair Hydro Series H60 120mm AIO Liquid CPU Cooler

Corsair Hydro Series H60 120mm AIO Liquid CPU Cooler

Stay cool under the tough conditions with Corsair’s H60. With a 120mm high density slim radiator, this cooler is designed for efficient cooling. To look awesome in your build, there is a while LED present. You will be able to adjust fan speed between 600 RPM and 1700 RPM in order to minimize noise or maximize airflow.

This machine is designed specifically for current AM4, LGA 1151, and LGA 2066 socket CPUs. You can use one of the 5 included bracket mounting sets. The modular tool free brackets allow you to install your CLC without having to deal with screws.

Bring what you need to the party. You want a power supply that will not break at your rager. Meaning it can handle sudden spike demands without dropping voltage or cutting out.

It is easy for your RX 6400 GPU to stay cool with the new Corsair H60 AIO Liquid CPU Cooler and this CPU cooler also compatible with Ryzen 7 5800X3D. The two part cooling solution boasts low noise levels for your soundscape. Its increased thermal efficiency will never compromise on performance. Thanks to the dual 120 mm SP Series PWM fans.

Plus, feature packed engineering includes a LED lit pump head for stylish fanatics everywhere. So grab some iced tea or make a sandwich because life is easier when it does not overheat!

Look for a case, then fill it with the latest and greatest tech? Sure, but do not forget about CPU coolers. The Corsair Hydro Series H60 is at the top of its game. Its rugged design does not break any sweat dissipating heat and noise. Even in the most demanding conditions, the liquid transfers heat faster than air by up to 24%. It is perfect for overclocking or when your rig needs that extra jump juice!

4. EVGA CLC 120mm All-In-One CPU Liquid Cooler

EVGA CLC 120mm All-In-One CPU Liquid Cooler

We understand that you are tired of dealing with the messy wires and grounds in your PC.  We tried to make it convenient for you, so all you need is plug and play. Evga CLC is a sleek and powerful cooling solution just for this task. Without any extra upkeep on a product that usually needs much care to maintain, you can work fully independently.

There is no filling or maintenance needed as long as you use this 120mm All-In-One CPU liquid cooler. The fan can also be customized and it has also supported by i5-8600K . When combined with copper base heat exchange ability, it lets materials transfer the heat away from the CPU. Intel processors have become power hungry, and this cooler is custom designed for them.

This product assures you that it will be compatible with most Intel and MAD sockets. Keeping your CPU cool for longer periods without any messy wires or maintenance is now possible. On top of all of these features, the Intelligence Wiring system guarantees easy plug and play installation without hassle.

Take a deep breath. When you do not have to waste time with the tubing. You also get up to 20dB quieter cooling than conventional coolers. What is great about this product is its self contained design. All of these come preinstalled right out of the box! With 58 CFM of airflow, up to 320W TDP can be obtained on current processors.

With its fully contained assembly for optimal cooling, there is zero maintenance necessary! This machine is fully equipped with a radiator and fan. It will keep you on track while gaming or multitasking with ease. This all purpose water cooling solution can be used on current and future Intel or AMD sockets.

5. NZXT Kraken M22 120mm AIO RGB CPU Liquid Cooler

NZXT Kraken M22 120mm AIO RGB CPU Liquid Cooler

NZXT’s Kraken M22 is built for PC power users that are looking for the coolest and quietest machine. Thankfully NZXT has them covered. With the perfect balance of high performance cooling and low-noise levels, Kraken m22 has cracked the code. It means the users never have to choose between maintaining a custom looking rig or being able to enjoy their favorite moments in peace up on Twitch.

With an infinite mirrored design, you can create your own color story while staying crisp throughout. We know you have a choice of how to spend your hard earned money. With an infinity mirror Design, this machine provides amazing color and lighting. For a fully dynamic experience, you will never know what numbers await you in digital worlds again!

Keep those hackers away with NZXT’s Aer P radiator fans. They are designed to provide silent operation, durability, and powerful cooling performance. For even more control over performance level, use CAM software. A free desktop or mobile app that lets users make changes quickly and easily. Once CAM opens for you after downloading it from NZXT, you can customize it right away.

NZXT is a company that believes PC gaming still exists. The Kraken M22 CPU Cooler has an infinity mirror design. This unit is programmed to offer superior cooling while keeping noise levels to a minimum. With CAM, you can adjust the performance of your CPU cooler using precision.

This machine is ready for action for liquid cooling perfection, silent operation, durability, and powerful cooling performance. The noise levels are as low as 21 to 38dBA. NZXT Kraken M22 120mm is also perfect for Ryzen 7 5800X and 120mm AIO CPU Cooler.

6. Asus ROG RYUJIN 240 RGB AIO Liquid CPU Cooler 240mm Radiator

Asus ROG RYUJIN 240 RGB AIO Liquid CPU Cooler 240mm Radiator

Built for the overclocking enthusiast, meet the next generation of high end personal liquid cooling gear from ASUS. The newest innovation, Airgo Tech, powers the ROG Ryujin. You can now enjoy a crystal clear view of your hardware’s performance with an ultrafast streaming OLED panel.

This 1.77 inch in size and 160×128 resolution screen offers enhanced visibility and easy graphical controls on PC monitors too. Besides giving you live readings on monitor statuses, it can customize logos or animations through Asus Livedash software control. The new Mini FanXpert2 Micro fan inside pump housing helps to reduce unnecessary noise.

This next generation AIO liquid CPU cooler helps your monitor’s performance in the loop. The pump is a patent pending embedded Micro fan inside the pump housing. This way, you get to maximize cooling on VRM and M.2 via FanXpert. At factory clock speeds with thermal throttling enabled, never worry about firing up your gaming PC.

Thanks to Aura Sync, addressable RGB lighting that features an infinite spectrum of colors. You can synchronize effects across Aura sync enabled mates’ ecosystem without compromising beneficial frame rates or intense graphics. Besides excellent cooling, ASUS ROG RYUJIN strikes the perfect balance between silence and performance.The patented built-in micro fan enables powerful cooling with minimal noise production.

This cooler is ideal for keeping your overclocked rig running at full speed without overheating. With an airflow of up to 122 CFM, PWM fans reduce needless noise. Its sleeved tubing is responsible for durability and aluminum pump cover.

7. MSI MPG Series CORE LIQUID K240 240mm CPU Liquid Cooler 

MSI MPG Series CORE LIQUID K240 240mm CPU Liquid Cooler

MSI’s MPG K240 is an RGB CPU liquid cooler with a push button. A 2.4 inch LCD screen is capable of displaying a wide range of hardware system information. There are up to 6 different lighting modes for those who are looking to wow their peers with eye-catching colors at the next LAN event or office gathering.

MSI CoreliQuid K240 comes with the exclusive TORX FAN 4.0 and RGB lights. MSI has put adjustments for fan speed, mode detection, and ARGB lighting into this unique cooling system. To make your PC the smoothest gaming destination on earth, these features play an important role.

MSI’s powerful CPUs run hotter than ever during high pressure gaming. For intense rendering tasks like video editing, this cooler maintains sufficient thermal integrity. Bring your games to life by cooling down temperatures so you can go beyond 60 FPS. You can enjoy seamless gameplay that stabilizes after viewing flickering screens and missing textures.

Imagine sitting in front of your RGB-lit PC to waver between shades of blue and green subtly. The fan speed intermittently changes to match. The MSI CORE K240 is a revolutionary liquid cooling setup that can be tailored down to specific needs. The 60mm TORX FAN 3.0 is attached directly to the water block. It helps dissipate heat for power solutions, managing it all without distracting you from your game play!

The GPU and CPU temperatures are displayed on a 2 inch LCD alongside customizable graphics. So you always know just how much temperature is there at your fingertips. With Mode intelligent detection and adjustments, you can be your boss with gaming mode technology.

Best CPU Cooler for Ryzen 3 5300G Buying guide

The tech market is vast, and there are a lot of best cpu for gaming alongwith a lot of options for a CPU cooler as well. The user needs to understand the importance of each feature. Without getting to know your tech, you can only create something bigger than then it seems. There are few pointers to look at before investing.


The compatibility with your Ryzen 3 5300G motherboard sockets is important. These include plugs from Intel and AMD. So you get to see LGA 1151, 1155, 1156, 1200, 2066, 1150 2011, AM4, AM3, AM2, TR4, etc.


The cooling system of your CPU cooler may contain more than 2 fans. If you want to push too hard on your overclocking, you need more than that. Other than that, a proper ventilation system is also required to keep the dissipation process going actively. The speed can range from 300 RPM to 1700 RPM in this category.

Noise control:

More noise is the result of constantly running fans. The sound must not exceed 38dB and can be as low as 23dB. When it becomes annoying, or you hear a whirring sound that was not present before, you need to check your cooler.


The support for RGB lighting allows the user to create a personal statement. You get to customize your favorite colors and themes with 12 to 15 shades. The effects can also lighten up your mood to a great extent. There is software for controlling and monitoring your cooler’s performance.

RAM support:

The possibility of RAM support offers you no blockage when trying to access RAM slots. Some coolers are bigger or size, or their design blocks the way of such ports and slots. 

Cooler type:

The cooler types include liquid cooling and air coolers commonly used in the market. They have their perks, such as low maintenance, higher potential, zero leakage, better dissipation, etc.

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