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10 Best Apps like FanDuel (Betting App for Sports, Android, Beginner)

If you are looking for a way to play fantasy sports then you can try fanduel which is a completely new way of playing fantasy sports. This is the biggest sportsbook in the US. and very popular among the people who love it because it is the premier destination for sports fans online. 

But due to some shortcomings, some people want a similar app for betting. If you are one of them then stay with us. And scroll down to know the best apps like FanDuel. There are many better options you have on your table, let’s dive into it!

List of Best Apps Like FanDuel

  1. DraftKings Sportsbook
  2. BetMGM Sportsbook
  3. PointsBet
  4. Caesars Sportsbook
  5. Yahoo Fantasy & Daily Sports
  6. WynnBET Sportsbook
  7. StarDraft
  8. DraftHero
  9. Betcha
  10. ParlayPlay

What is FanDuel

This is a leading website for daily fantasy sports gaming that allows you to create fantasy sports teams. So you can compete for real cash prizes. FanDuel is a gambling company in the United States. Which offers daily fantasy sports, sportsbook, online horse race betting  and online casino products. 

This online US sportsbook is used for Daily Fantasy Sports and competitions sports betting. FanDuel Sportsbook gives you the ability to decide what to put your money on, including:

  • Cross-sport parlays
  • Live in-game wagering
  • Futures
  • Round robins
  • Teasers
  • Numerous prop

Compatible Platforms

Do you want to know if fanduel has an app? Then yes it has an app and you can use it on both laptops and on your smartphone. Because it is available in both platforms, website and app. But we recommend you to use it on your laptop or desktop for a better experience. 

Popular Sports Betting Markets

For the players daily fantasy sports platform provides a wide range of game types and guaranteed prize pool for the winners of games. Popular games are:

  • Football
  • Soccer betting
  • Basketball
  • Ice hockey
  • Baseball

Who Can Play

You can play through this platform in the 41 out 50 States of America. Which means it is still prohibited in some states such as:

  • Idaho
  • Washington
  • New Mexico
  • Iowa
  • Montana
  • Nevada
  • Louisiana
  • Texas
  • Alabama

But if you are in any of the above mentioned states then do not need to get disappointed because these States are working on legislation to approve FanDuel. So stay updated with the States laws to get good news regarding its approval. 

How To Play FanDuel?

This betting platform is easy to use, and comes with a simple user-friendly interface. You can play FanDuel by following some simple steps:

  1. Signup
  2. Promo Offer
  3. Deposit Funds
  4. Select Contest
  5. Draft Team
  6. Picking A Contest
  7. Contest Selections
  8. Scoring
  9. Winning
  10. Withdrawal

Game Formats

FanDuel offers some game formats that enhance your gameplay. And also it allows you to enjoy the game as per your choice. The game formats that you have are:

  • Roster Formats
  • Single Game Style
  • Rotating Arcade Style
  • Full Roster

Pros and Cons of FanDuel App


  • Accepts US Customers
  • Risk-Free 
  • Easy to use User Interface
  • Offers Types of Large Assortment of Bet  
  • Earn FanDuel Points for Fantasy Sports


  • Frequent DFS Complaints
  • Limited Sports Market choices 
  • Live Chat Function does not work properly 
  • Decimal/Fractional Odds and Cryptocurrencies Not Available

How To Enhance Your Gameplay

By following some tips and tricks you can improve your gameplay and earn more. Those factors are below check them out:

  • Responsible Play
  • Refer a Friend and get $10 
  • Friends Mode
  • FanDuel Points
  • FD Promotions

Is FanDuel Sportsbook Legit?

So here is some good news for you, that yes this betting site is completely legal and licensed. But it is not available in all the States of America, for some locations it is under process to declare it legal. So check your State and enjoy betting fearlessly!

Issues with FanDuel 

fanDuel offers great services to most of the players for sure, but still are not too impressed with it due to  some lacks. One of the major problems of FanDuel is geolocation issues. As it not track your location properly and in a legal States you can not use it 

Also sometimes the players face issues regarding withdrawal even after verifying their account. Plus, the website and App of FanDuel also get down. And the cash out button of this platform does not work in a proper way. So if you want to know more about what’s the best app to bet on sports? Stay tuned with us!

1- DraftKings Sportsbook

This is potentially a great name in US sports betting and like FanDuel this platform is legal in many States of America. DraftKings also attracts the players because it always improves it with innovative features. Plus, it is also very famous due to its Daily Fantasy Sports competitions.

This company allows you to bet at a minimum and gives a better cash-out option. Also it has a DraftKings Sportsbook gift card which means you can give someone a set amount. Do you want to know Is DraftKings or FanDuel better? Then the answer is both are very similar. DraftKings Sportsbook gives a $1,000 sign up free bet bonus.

2- BetMGM Sportsbook

The playMGM rebrand and then become a fantastic online sportsbook. MGM is a leading brand in the world of casino and now it has similar success as compared to the other sports betting industry. Best of all, it has a mobile app too that is compatible for both iOS and Android devices.

They offer players to access numerous betting options and the most attractive feature is live betting. Plus, they give $1,000 free to the new customers who join BetMGM at betmgm.com.

3- PointsBet

pointsBet is one of the best sports betting apps for beginners and currently several States of America. They offer full-scale online betting so you have a high chance of winning. This platform is the newest addition in the US sports betting industry and has a prominent name.

That is why it is expanding quickly in the other States of the United America. To take unique and modern marketing approaches they already have set up strategic partnerships in critical states.

With the numerous in-game betting options you can win a multiple of their bet. But keep in mind this is a high-risk, high-reward way as compared to the traditional betting methods. Players get $2000 in free bets when they sign up at pointsbet.com. 

4- Caesars Sportsbook

Do you want to know betting apps with free money then Caesars Sportsbook covers you. William Hill is another brand that refreshed their structure to completely rebranded to the Caesars Sportsbook. And their result shows that they have a massive success. If we talk about the looks then we say that it is still the same interface but its overall experience is more superior. 

Furthermore, Caesars sportsbook provides in-game betting and prop bets. And these factors make it one of the most famous sports betting apps that are currently available. And they give $1500 Risk-Free Bet to the new customer who sign up at williamhill.com

5- Yahoo Fantasy & Daily Sports

If you want to explore more apps like fanDuel then you can consider Yahoo Fantasy & Daily Sports. This is a number 1 rated fantasy sports app that lets you play many games. You can play many games such as; Daily Fantasy, Baseball, Football, Basketball and Hockey.

Plus, this platform is better for both Season Long Fantasy Sports and Daily Fantasy Sports Games. Features are on your fingertips to Manage leagues, teams and commissioner settings. Also you get instant 

alerts about scoring updates. 

6- WynnBET Sportsbook

This app was launched for the first time in 2020 that got famous in a very less period of time. It was only available in New Jersey but currently you can use it in nine States of America. Thus the number is increasing day by day. 

Best of all, it is compatible on both platforms Android and iOS. WynnBET Sportsbook runs extremely well so you get a great betting experience on it. They also offer solid promotions that give you more opportunity to obtain free bets. With the feature WinBETWin Hour, you have more chances to win because this time is known as happy time. 

7- StarDraft

Here is StarDraft that is another fantasy sports betting app and has the biggest corner in this industry. Formerly it was known as Victiv but this is a new company that appears with the strong standards of betting. Due to the big funding they are generating big waves in the world of DFS. 

StarDraft allows their plays to draft more players so you can enjoy a different tactical battle. As an extra and different experience they add an interesting dynamic in the game. The most played games at this platform are hockey, baseball, golf and football. Also their interface is easy to use, so try this app to fulfill your primary desires of sports. 

8- DraftHero

Introducing a fantasy hero, if you give it a chance it will become your favorite for sure. This is another great alternative to Fanduel and will give a very similar experience to you. Drafthero is one of the big names of this industry that make waves in this world of gaming. 

Plus, this new fantasy sports site  is also available on Apple store and Playstore so you can enjoy it on your smartphone. They also give outstanding betting experience and customer support too. So you can consider it as worth trying. 

9- Betcha

You can explore Betcha if you are looking for betting apps like fanduel, you will never regret it for sure. They are partners of Vivid seats, both create together a change of way of watch, and predict, sports forever. This is a top notch platform due to its innovative gaming and social services. 

Betchas does not only give better betting gameplay but also it offers social activity feed. That gives you the ability to follow and add friends and favorite experts in your friend list. Also they have a unique feature called Wall of Fame that engages you with your Betcha community. While signing up on it you get $200 as a free bet if you use the GRINDERS promo code. 

10- ParlayPlay

The last recommended app like FanDuel from our side is ParlayPlay, which is also a worth considering app. This is a props based DFS site and separates itself due to the enhanced gamified experience. If you sign up by using its promo code then you get $60 as the bonus to start your betting. 

Furthermore, this is a kind of social platform too, which means it allows you to add friends and other sports enthusiasts of this industry. Additionally, you can use real time DFS props with them for an improved experience of the game. Currently, this site is available in the 28 States of America. And also expanding day by day you can use it in Canada sooner. This is a straightforward and simple site so you should try it at least once. 


FuelDuel is one of the best glambing platforms plus it is a trusted site. They offer you elite products to compete at a high level in daily fantasy sports. But due to some issues or if you are not satisfied with it you can try apps similar to FanDuel. 

Above mentioned all its alternatives are good enough to try. So these apps are the biggest opportunity for you to get cash. These apps are safe and trustable so you can try them out.  This fantastic place is worth trying your luck!


What app is better than FanDuel?

Some people may argue that DraftKings is better than FanDuel when it comes to DFS contests and promotions. DraftKings offers a wider variety of contests, more guaranteed prize pools, and bigger bonuses for new users. However, FanDuel has its strengths too – their mobile app and interface are easier to use for beginners. It’s hard to definitively say one is ‘better’ overall, as both have large user bases and offer quality DFS experiences.

Is FanDuel or DraftKings better?

This is a common debate among DFS players. Both FanDuel and DraftKings are leading platforms with millions of users. Some key differences: DraftKings has more contest options with bigger guarantees, while FanDuel tends to offer better odds and easier-to-use apps. For new players, DraftKings’ bonuses and promotions may be more appealing. For more casual users, FanDuel could be preferable. Overall, both offer strong products – it often comes down to personal preference.

Is FanDuel or MGM better?

FanDuel and MGM are two top names in daily fantasy sports. FanDuel has a larger user base and offers a wider selection of DFS contests. MGM has a more limited DFS product but allows integration with its casino and sportsbook. For DFS purposes alone, most players seem to prefer FanDuel’s platform, contests and mobile experience. However, MGM customers who also want sports betting and online casino may find the integration convenient.


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