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Thermaltake Core P5 Review A Wall Mounted PC Case

Welcome! To the PC world, Computers are a need of everyone nowadays. It is difficult to choose the best components of a PC as each of them play an important role in the performance of a computer system. 

If you are a gamer then you will surely fall in love with your gaming PC. you have spent a heavy amount purchasing computer hardware then why not show off? So to show your friends or internal aesthetics of your PC you can go for a glass panel case.

Thermaltake Technology is a Taiwanese company, famous for manufacturing high quality PC cases, power supplies, cooling fans, and peripherals. They launched the Core P5 Black Edition, best wall mounted PC case the ATX case as the perfect solution for those who are looking to show off their PC must look into this beauty.

With a panoramic open flow frame design, users will be able to see their gaming rig from any angle. The user gets a flawless view through a clean layout so be careful while selecting parts and their color combination. In a dark room the gamer enjoys the game in a peaceful environment to get a beautiful view of RGB lights through glass.

The core P5 is manufactured for maximum exposure as the user can also place it in a variety of layouts like wall mounting, for vertically setup the user can stand it up on a pair of plastic feet or lay it down horizontally. Don’t you think? it would be a crime to tuck it away under a desk where it would remain unseen and unappreciated.

Twin USB 2.0 ports are available on the front panel, you can get all of your cooling needs. It still has room inside the core p5 Atx computer case with its fully modular design. This can accommodate you virtually and give you a cleaner desk without clutter.

Transform the way you build gaming PCs. The Thermaltake Core P5 offers plenty of room for cable management.An open frame design lets you build creatively with ease. There is ample space to work on your new rig’s cooling.

This award winning chassis retains exceptional compatibility. It is fully modular; every piece can be removed without tools to make upgrading components easy. To avoid open plan spaces with not enough workspace for all your devices, the Core P5 is flexible.

The case is designed for wall mount placement to make it perfect for front office setups. Easily customize your receptacle layout to suit any need. These are fashioned from SECC steel frame construction with a tinted tempered glass side panel. For cooling enthusiasts, this unit supports liquid cooling up to 280mm radiators, while still able to manage multiple graphics cards thanks to its fully modular design.


(Complete your gaming system with a beautiful presentation with the new Core P5 launched by Thermaltake Tempered Glass Edition open frame chassis. Comes with three tempered glass panels plus stainless steel pillar secure mechanism and fully modular design. The core P5 is a mid tower and comes with the dimensions 22.4 x 9.5 x 23.9 inches.

The user can place it with flexibility for 3-way placement layouts (Wall mount, Horizontal and Vertical. The user can view each angle of it with its full tempered glass window to protect and present.

Thermaltake made it with the Premium-quality 5mm thick tempered as it is not too thick glass but it is heavy and guarantees the durability and adds overall strength to the chassis. Like the other cases available in the market, the glass windows allows users to fully display every RGB component of the system.

Maker movement

The maker movement is a cultural trend that places value on an individual’s ability to be a creator of things as well as a consumer of things. By practicing the idea of “maker movement” as well as 3D printing, Thermaltake designs the open frame panoramic viewing chassis as users can access and do their own mods as well as print out their ideas using liquid cooling components and manuals without boundaries. Users can download 3D printing accessory files on 3D Makers Microsite, printing them out to do a special mod.


As an ATX case also plays a role in controlling the temperature of a desktop computer. People should choose a case with more case fans and good airflow if they keep their PC at a hot place. Many cases have the feature of a built-in cooling system. 

Thermaltake Core P5 AIO Bracket (AC-040-A31NAN-C1, Not Included) is designed to support the AIO liquid cooling system and HDD expansion. The Core P5 can hold up to three brackets, and a single AIO bracket can support one 120mm or 140mm fan.

They used an advanced ventilation system that supports up to four 120mm or three 140mm fans or up to 480mm radiator.

Cable management

Messy wires don’t give a good appearance to a computer system if the cables are not well managed they will stick with each and not look good. Thermaltake designed the core P5 with cable management; there is ample space for the wires.

Motherboard compatibility 

Motherboard Form Factor the Size And Shape. Any motherboard can’t fit into any case. It depends upon the length and width dimensions.  To make sure your motherboard will be compatible, you will need to look at what socket and chipset is in your case.

The thermaltake core p5 is compatible with flex ATX. Having an ATX or mini ITX form factor water cooling case means you will have more room. A better number of ports and space will offer you promising results and looks you always wanted. 

GPU Orientation

The graphic card is the crucial component of a gaming PC so thermaltake designed a special space for GPU in Core P5. The user shows off the graphic card within a special barket.

PSU Orientation

Power supply is the most important thing for a PC as the power supply cables are connected properly then the entire computer system will run. In Core P5 there is a special place for power supply cables, it has the support of vertical PSU layout and riser cable included. The wires are well managed, the whole system works properly and also will look presentable


Thermaltake gives an incredible expansion that allows the buyer to install up to four storage devices of 3.5/2.5 inches size. For the maximum space for cables up to 45mm the user can remove drive bays.

Dismantlable Modular Design

Thermaltake designed this case with the modular design to build the system from the ground up with modular panels, racks, brackets and pre-design mounting arrays without unreachable screw gaps.


Better airflow means your components will not be suffocating to death. More speed will require you to run your system at optimal temperatures. For this purpose, your system needs to be free of extra heat produced during overclocking and intense battles. An incredible airflow will ensure so.

Storage capacity

Another benefit of a computer case is the maximum storage capacity. You can manage to fit several HDDs and 4TB SSDs into your system easily. As much as the installation of the case is easy, the support for storage must also be incredible. This way, you can save as much data as you want on your system. It also includes the capacity for fans and radiators at a time.


There are 2x ports for USB 2.0, and 2x ports for 3.0 Type C. This is convenient for the user to connect various components with their system without any obstruction.


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