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Samsung Odyssey G6 G65B Review

Upgrade your gaming experience and take your gaming monitor performance to the next level with Samsung 27 Odyssey G65B gaming monitor. With QHD resolution and a 27-inch giant screen, it is available for you in the market. A curved screen with a 1000R HD display will provide a steady gaming virtual world experience. Likewise, with its higher resolution and HDR 600 display, you will feel yourself in the shoes of your favorite gaming character. 

Apart from ordinary SDR, its incredible HDR feature will grant you an amazing vivid screen experience without distortion. Samsung Odyssey G65B smart gaming monitor box comes with Displayport (DP) connector. DP cable allows you to replace older video interfaces like DVI and VGA. The dp cable and the Samsung monitor come with a power cable, USB 3.0 cable, and remote controller. 

Enjoy an irresistible, high dynamic range display of 600 HDR for exceptional brightness on dark scenes in video games. Black sleek curved screen design with ergonomic height is all set to complement your gaming hub system. Do you want to know more unprecedented features and benefits of monitors? Let’s dig deep for further detailed features of this gaming monitor. 

Samsung Odyssey G65B Review

Incredible Resolution 

One significant factor you must consider before buying your gaming monitor is screen resolution, aka the number of pixels. Because monitors with higher resolution mean high sharpness and vice versa. Samsung curved gaming monitor is the best option for the incredible resolution monitor screen. It means you will get a screen resolution of 2560 x 1440 with a large number of pixels. With a total of 3,686 400 pixels, this desktop is 1.8 times sharp and has higher resolution in contrast with FHD gaming monitors. 

Moreover, the QHD resolution of Samsung G65B will give you a more realistic and smooth image. Allowing you to view more content on your monitor with 2x modified resolution than ordinary monitor screens. So, if you want a gaming monitor with a giant resolution and 1.7 times sharper pixels, then Samsung 27” Odyssey G65B QHD is a perfect match for you to level up your gaming club. 

1000R Curved Screen 

For gaming monitors, monitor curvature is another important factor because you can suffer from eye fatigue or irritation by using a larger flat monitor screen. You can also face distorted images at the edge of the screen display if you use a flat screen. To avoid this situation, you can upgrade your gaming monitor screen to a curved screen. 

For an exceptional gaming experience, you need a curved screen with 1000R curvature. That’s why a Samsung Odyssey’s 1000R curved screen display is a perfect match for gaming monitors. As the human eye view field is also curved, Samsung G65B’s 1000R curve desktop screen will confine the edges. Resulting in a higher resolution monitor screen within the vision of your normal eye, providing you with a vivid screen experience. 

Consequently, it will reduce eye twitching, excessive tearing, and strain on your eyes during the whole gaming session. Successfully saving your eyes from common stress-related vision problems. On top of that, it allows you to experience a fuller view with more space to take in all actions. But it will also transport you into the game’s virtual world for a fuller experience. 

HDR 600 Display 

Video game graphics are becoming more and more realistic with increased graphics. For example, new releases like A Memoir Blue, Assassin’s Creed, and Battlefield V support HDR display. That means you need to upgrade your monitor for a better gaming experience. Hence, the HDR600 display of the Samsung Odyssey G65B gaming monitor helps you to experience dark and shadow situations with more accuracy. 

Samsung Odyssey G65B gaming monitor attributes exceptional brightness, perfect contrast, and color preciseness with an accuracy of vibrant colors. HDR 600 display performs better than your regular SDR( standard dynamic range) for gaming monitors. Because it ensures 350cd/m brightness with 99% coverage of BT.709 color space. Granting you a real-life experience of the game and its graphics. Hence, HDR 600 display works best for gamers, but if you are a professional or video editor, you should go for HDR 1000 display. 

Quick Refresh Rate 

Samsung 27 Odyssey G65B gaming monitor ensures an image refresh rate on-screen with 240 times frames per second in 1 ms response time. This response time is 70% more than any ordinary monitor. A 1ms response time will result in blur-free and clear graphics because the higher the refresh rate, the more steady the visual quality. This undeniable feature enables you to jump on enemies as soon as they appear. 

For substantial gaming requirements, 240 Hz speed and 1 ms response time are more than enough. And now, most modern graphic cards also support 240 Hz so that games can run smoothly. Consequently, you can enjoy your latest game without low input lagging and blurring motions behind fast-moving objects in the game.

Adaptive Sync technology 

Elevate your game experience with the Freesync premium pro that helps you to play games without any disruption due to its HDR display with Adaptive Sync. So instead of consistently rendering the same frames often, it adjusts its refresh rate on how fast your graphic card generates a frame. As the Samsung 1000R curved monitor sends 240 frames per second, your monitor displays those 240 frames instead of showing 60 refreshes per second. 

Plus, unlike ordinary free sync, its free sync premium Pro feature supports HDR natively and enables you to enjoy every FreeSync feature with higher HDR performance. In order to enable an exceptional user experience, AMD FreeSync Premium Pro with adaptive sync technology goes to the next level. It equips serious gamers with a fluid, tear-free gameplay experience at peak performance. It also provides support for HDR, minimizing screen-tearing and low framerate compensation (LFC).

Adjustable Height

Samsung 27-inch monitor comes with a portable height monitor stand. Ergonomic stand is designed for your long gaming or live-streaming sessions to align with your body posture perfectly. Helps you to reduce body stress and overall body position and strain on it. You can adjust it according to ease and comfort, like swivel, tilt, and pivotal position. Plus, its screen is fully compatible with a VESA-standard monitor, allowing you to easily adjust it to the most comfortable position. 


  • Boost your gaming experience.
  • Quick and simple setup.
  • Modified screen time and response ratio.
  • VRR support to reduce screen tearing.
  • 1000R curved monitor.


  • Expensive
  • G-Sync support is not available.


Summing up, the Samsung 27-inch smart gaming monitor, with its remarkable features, is perfect for balancing your gaming life and health because the adjustable height and screen feature reduces stress on your eyes and your whole body. Ultimately saving you from neck and shoulder aching problems and eye issues. Hence, it is safe to recommend Samsung 27-inch Odyssey 600 Gaming Hub 1000R curved gaming monitor for your best gaming experience. 


Can I buy a Samsung 27-inch curved monitor for gaming? 

The Samsung Odyssey G65 is a good gaming monitor with a 27-inch screen and QHD resolution with a clear and sharp HDR 6oo for an exceptional screen experience.

Does the Samsung 27” odyssey G65B monitor support live to stream?

Yes, Samsung 27’s advanced streaming technology provides smooth play without any download or storage restrictions.

Is Samsung Odyssey G65B Good For Digital Content creation?

Samsung Odyssey G65B can handle designing software like Canva and Photoshop. So you can purchase this monitor for your graphic designing needs.


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