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MSI GeForce RTX 3070 Ti Gaming X Trio 8G Review

MSI’s Gaming range used to be the flagship cards in MSI’s range, but that honor now goes to the Suprim series. The Gaming X still comes with the excellent TriFrozr cooler, but since it eschews some of the bells and whistles of the likes of the Suprim or the Aorus Master, the Gaming X offers good value for money (in the current market – that’s relative!) while keeping all the traits that have made MSI’s Gaming cards consistently highly regarded.

MSI GeForce RTX 3070 Ti Gaming X Trio Review

The Gaming X is equipped with dual eight pin power connectors, which added to the 75W available from the PCIe slot, means the Gaming X is supplied with 375W of power supply capability. It features a 60MHz factory overclock with a rated boost clock of 1,830MHz, though as we’ll see it can run much higher than this. Display outputs consist of a single HDMI 2.1 port along with three DisplayPort.4a ports.

The MSI is certainly a very large card. It takes up three slots. We note that MSI has chosen a more discrete design than we’re seeing from some other companies. The cooling shroud and backplate blend grey and black with just a couple of subtle RGB sections joining the MSI logo on the side.

The Cooling

The highlight of the MSI Gaming X Trio is the large and highly capable TriFrozr cooler. It’s capable of cooling the more demanding3080 and 3090 class cards so straight away we know that the smaller GA104 GPU of the 3070 Ti won’t be a problem. We saw a load temperature of just 69c. That’s a few degrees warmer than the Aorus Master, but the MSI operates in all but complete silence, as opposed to the louder Aorus.

The card held an average clock of 1,915MHz over 10 minutes of load. That’s quite a bit less than the Aorus, but a bit better than the FE. If you’re looking for maximum performance you might want to look elsewhere, but if you’re looking for something that’s quiet, the MSI is the pick of 3070 Tis, and our ears appreciate a quiet card just as much as outright performance.

The MSI, despite its rated boost clock being 60MHz higher than the FE, didn’t really outperform it by a significant margin, and ended up a few percent behind the more expensive Aorus. This probably illustrates how MSI is positioning the Gaming X as a good all rounder with emphasis on cooling and low noise levels compared to the flagship Suprim. The MSI certainly has a bit of headroom if you wish to increase the power limits and fan speeds for maximum performance.


All of the 3070 Ti cards tested here are different. The Founders Edition is a quality offering that’s well-suited to small form factor builds, the Aorus Master is the performance choice with all the extras, while the MSI is the card of choice for users looking for a well-built but effectively silent card. Which one you go for will depend on your personal criteria. As fans of silent computing, we’re happy to recommend the MSI Gaming X. The company rarely makes a misstep and the 3070 Ti Gaming X Trio is another quality offering from MSI. We just hope that all 3070 Ti cards come down to more sane pricing levels in the months ahead.

The MSI Gaming X strikes the perfect balance of relative affordability and low noise levels

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