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Microsoft Surface Pro X Review

Some argue it still has its place in certain professions like graphic design, but the screen should be capable enough to accommodate such peripheral support. You do not tire out while writing long emails either. These types make reading through documents super comfortable.

Plus, they are easy enough for kids to use thanks to their Mini sizes, meaning any child will enjoy them. A touchscreen tablet provides the user with an intuitive way of navigating and interacting to achieve their desired result. They are also called “touchscreens” or digitizers because they use pens or fingers as input devices. They can be stylus-based, for instance, on Microsoft Surface Pro X.

The touchscreen tablets allow you to do anything from cooking recipes, playing games, or watching videos. They also come with a lot of storage space and users of all ages who can easily learn how to use them.

Microsoft Surface Pro X Review

They are interactive rather than just reading text on an electronic screen like normal computer screens. It might be slightly harder for some people who have vision issues due to aging or disability. The versatility in using your tablet makes everything so much easier!

Microsoft’s Surface Pro X is a powerful and versatile laptop that can also transform into a tablet. This new technology, which was released in November 2017, has many exciting features to offer. The 13 inch screen serves you with 2880 x 1920 resolution with a consistent scaling factor for displaying images.

Without pixelation on either side, the panel has proved its point of being used in such a sturdy tablet. Integrated SQ1 is the fastest chip currently available for this type of device.

If you are looking for a new gaming laptop but want something small and light that can still do anything your heart desires, then look no further than the Microsoft Surface Pro X. This sleek tablet comes with all of the best features one could ask for from their tech savvy components.

Meaning this little guy will stay strong against scratches even if dropped onto the concrete pavement. The Microsoft Surface Pro X is a powerful touch screen tablet that can be used for work and play. Along with 512 GB solid state drive storage, it allows you to store whatever files or documents without worrying about filling up.

An operating system like Windows 10 Home 64bit will allow you to switch from tablet into a full running PC setup within seconds. The ultimate laptop, the Surface Pro X, can also be transformed into a drawing surface or studio. It the perfect for gaming graphic designers, taking notes, Adobe illustrator and artists to work on their art wherever they want.

Without driving themselves crazy with desk clutter, its battery lasts several hours. And because the 2 jobs are so vastly different, there is nothing easier than flipping from one mode to another whenever you need it. Thus, this versatile gadget can help your business save time and money since you do not have to buy all 3 devices separately.

With its sleek design that measures no more than 0.7 millimeters thin, it can fit right into your bag or hand carry. The Surface Pro X offers versatility, portability, plenty of storage space, long battery life, and fast LTE and Wi-Fi connectivity. 

Before getting into the purchase phase, there are some key specifications that any user and buyer must look into. These points shed light on the ever-increasing popularity of this tablet and its reason.


Its 13 inches screen size allows vast viewing space as well as touchpoints to work comfortably. The edge-to-edge display makes virtually more space for the user to increase his workspace.


Its 2880 x 1920 pixel resolution ensures each frame is portrayed in a perfect position. Such features will make you never take your eyes away from the screen. The content that you demand in high definition will be given to you on a golden platter.


With the 8032 SQ1 processor chip, multiple tasks can be performed at the same time. So open as many apps as you want without slowing down the system or lagging in between your work.

It has an Intel Core m3 processor, which makes browsing through documents or emails easy as pie. It also includes the RAM, so there will not be any lag when multitasking between different programs at once! And finally, its exterior is protected by Gorilla Glass 3.


Storage is where all your data and files are saved. It has to be more than just average because you do not want to let your data disperse in multiple devices. This is why Microsoft has put 512GB of space that is ample enough to let an avid to high fi user keep their files safe.


Another plus point is the 13 hours of battery performance. So you can charge at one time, and it will give you a strong output for being productive and entertaining yourself.


Thanks to the Qualcomm Adreno 685 that is the integrated graphics coprocessor. This component will allow smoother gameplay and usage and less hanging of the device.

Operating system:

A big part of this tablet relies on the operating system. Having the support of Windows 10 allows the user to switch from tablet to workstation mode through it. You can work all you want as long as you connect this tablet with a gaming keyboard , mouse and make it a laptop.


Its 10MP rear webcam is clear and vibrant enough to capture selfies or take classes. So be ready for your presentations, video chats, or skype calls without blurry screens.


Fast LTE service in case you have no Wi-Fi around will help you locate a network. Keep your friends and family updated on your whereabouts through this feature.

The device also includes 2 full size USB ports as well as a mini DisplayPort output option. So that there will never again need another external monitor attached when using this product in multiple environments like home office etc.


The compatibility with the stylus and keyboard makes Surface Pro X a versatile device to work on


Having a 7.3mm thin design with 1.7 pounds weight makes this tablet a great travel companion. It also takes less space on your desk and in your bag when you are already short of room.


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