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Leetcode vs CodeWars (Which is Better for Coding)

Are you an aspiring programmer or software engineer looking to improve your coding skills? With countless online platforms available, it can be challenging to choose the right one. In this article, we’ll compare two popular platforms – LeetCode and CodeWars – in terms of problem selection, learning resources, community, difficulty levels, and job preparation. By the end, you’ll have a better understanding of which platform best suits your needs.

Leetcode vs CodeWars A Comprehensive Comparison

Platform Overview


LeetCode is a widely-used online platform that provides a collection of coding challenges designed to help programmers improve their skills. Its primary focus is on preparing users for technical interviews at top tech companies. The platform features a variety of problems, ranging from easy to hard, and covers data structures, algorithms, and databases.


CodeWars is another popular online platform for practicing coding skills. The platform offers a unique approach called “kata,” which are coding challenges created and ranked by the community. With a focus on a fun, gamified experience, CodeWars supports various programming languages and encourages users to solve problems in creative ways.

Problem Selection and Variety


LeetCode offers a vast selection of problems, with over 2,000 questions at the time of writing. These questions cover various domains, such as algorithms, data structures, databases, and more. They also provide company-specific questions, which are particularly useful for those preparing for technical interviews.


CodeWars, on the other hand, boasts a more extensive range of coding challenges. As the “kata” are created and ranked by the community, the platform offers diverse problem types and solutions. While it may not have as many company-specific questions, CodeWars still provides a wide variety of challenges across multiple programming languages.

Learning Resources


LeetCode provides various learning resources, such as problem explanations, solution approaches, and time complexity analysis. Many problems also include a discussion forum where users can ask questions and share solutions. Additionally, LeetCode offers a premium subscription, which grants access to exclusive problems, additional explanations, and a faster response time from the support team.


CodeWars focuses more on the community-driven learning experience. After completing a “kata,” users can view solutions submitted by others, vote on the best ones, and engage in discussions. While the platform may not offer as many in-depth explanations, the community-driven approach encourages learning through collaboration and peer feedback.

Community and Networking Opportunities


LeetCode has a large and active community of users, many of whom are software engineers or computer science science students. The platform features a discussion forum where users can ask questions, share solutions, and network with like-minded individuals. Additionally, LeetCode hosts coding competitions and events, providing opportunities for users to showcase their skills and connect with others in the field.


CodeWars also has a strong community, with users actively participating in creating, ranking, and discussing “kata.” The platform encourages collaboration and peer feedback, fostering a sense of camaraderie among users. Although CodeWars does not host coding competitions like LeetCode, the gamified nature of the platform and its community-driven approach offer ample opportunities for networking and learning from others.

Difficulty Levels


LeetCode categorizes problems into three difficulty levels: easy, medium, and hard. This categorization helps users focus on problems that match their skill level and progress through increasingly challenging tasks. The platform’s primary focus on preparing users for technical interviews means that the problems are often tailored to the needs of aspiring software engineers.


CodeWars uses a unique ranking system called “kyu,” which ranges from 8 kyu (easiest) to 1 kyu (hardest). Users start at 8 kyu and progress through the ranks as they complete “kata.” The platform also offers “dan” ranks for advanced users, with 1 dan being the highest. The diverse problem selection and creative solutions encouraged by the community make CodeWars suitable for programmers looking to expand their problem-solving abilities in a fun, engaging environment.

Job Preparation


LeetCode is widely recognized as a go-to platform for job preparation, particularly for technical interviews at top tech companies. The platform’s problems cover essential topics and are often similar to questions asked during interviews. Additionally, LeetCode’s premium subscription provides access to company-specific questions, helping users tailor their preparation to specific job opportunities.


While CodeWars may not have the same focus on job preparation as LeetCode, it still offers valuable opportunities for skill development. The platform’s extensive range of problems and emphasis on creative problem-solving can help users improve their programming skills and think outside the box. While it may not directly cater to technical interview preparation, CodeWars is a valuable resource for overall coding proficiency.


Both LeetCode and CodeWars offer unique benefits for aspiring programmers and software engineers. If your primary goal is to prepare for technical interviews at top tech companies, LeetCode is likely the better choice, with its extensive problem selection and company-specific questions. However, if you’re looking to improve your coding skills in a fun, gamified environment with diverse challenges and a strong community, CodeWars is an excellent option.


Is LeetCode better than CodeWars for interview preparation?

LeetCode is generally considered better for interview preparation, particularly for top tech companies, due to its extensive problem selection and company-specific questions.

Can I use both LeetCode and CodeWars to improve my coding skills?

Absolutely! Using both platforms can provide a well-rounded experience, combining LeetCode’s interview-focused problems with CodeWars’ diverse challenges and community-driven learning.

Is it necessary to subscribe to LeetCode Premium for effective job preparation?

While LeetCode Premium offers additional features and exclusive problems, many users find the free version of LeetCode sufficient for their interview preparation needs.

How much does it cost to use CodeWars?

CodeWars is entirely free to use, making it accessible to anyone looking to improve their coding skills.

Which platform has a larger community: LeetCode or CodeWars?

Both platforms have large and active communities, with LeetCode being more focused on interview preparation and CodeWars emphasizing community-driven learning and collaboration.


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