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Is The Crew Motorfest Multiplayer?

The Crew Motorfest, the newest entry in Ubisoft’s open world racing franchise The Crew, focuses heavily on multiplayer and social play. Allowing players to cruise across a condensed recreation of the United States, a key question is – does The Crew Motorfest feature multiplayer and if so, what does it entail?

As an open world arcade racer, the ability to play, compete and explore with others online has always been a core part of The Crew’s appeal. It helps bring the game’s shrunken down take on cities like New York, Los Angeles and more to life.

For The Crew Motorfest, developers Ivory Tower have continued the emphasis on multiplayer. But what exactly does that look like in the game and what options are available?

Is The Crew Motorfest Multiplayer?

Yes, The Crew Motorfest is a multiplayer racing game. It features a variety of multiplayer modes, including:

  • Live Competitions: These are weekly events that feature different challenges, such as racing, drifting, and freestyle events. Players can compete against each other for rewards such as bucks, experience, and performance parts.
  • Crews: Players can join or create crews to race and explore the world together. Crews can also compete against each other in Live Competitions.
  • Free Roam: Players can explore the world of O’ahu with other players and participate in impromptu races and challenges.

The Crew Motorfest also supports cross-platform play, so players on different platforms can compete against each other.

Multiplayer Modes

One of the main features of The Crew Motorfest is its multiplayer mode, which allows players to compete and cooperate with other players from around the world in various challenges and activities.

The Crew Motorfest provides a number of structured multiplayer modes:

  • Co-op Story Missions – 2-4 players complete narrative events together.
  • Motorflix Episodes – Special co-op challenges based on famous films like Baby Driver.
  • Player vs Player – Standard races against real opponents rather than AI.
  • Crew vs Crew – Team up in crews to compete in competitions and leaderboards.
  • Meetups – Meet up with up to 7 other players tocruise and explore freely.

Open World Multiplayer

Being able to play together in the open world map is a big highlight. Whether cruising cross country, competing in impromptu races or just showing off customized vehicles, players can seamlessly meet up.

The game world is populated with AI drivers for single player. But you’ll frequently encounter real players going about their own adventures.

Social Features

The Crew Motorfest doubles down on social features like:

  • Custom Crews – Create your own crew with customization options.
  • Shared Creative Hub – Special area to showcase community designs and photos.
  • Live Summit – Daily and weekly multiplayer competitive events.
  • Creative Competitions – Events encouraging car designs, photos and more.

Is Multiplayer Required?

Importantly, while multiplayer is a big focus, it remains completely optional. Players can explore solo without interaction if they wish. Activities and races featuring real opponents can be played against AI drivers instead.

So multiplayer enhances the experience but isn’t mandatory. Single player crews and progression exist for those who prefer to play alone.


In summary, The Crew Motorfest strongly emphasizes multiplayer with a wide range of modes and social functionality. But this augmented social experience remains optional, with players able to enjoy the entire game solo. Fans of the franchise’s community engagement will find even more to do together, while those who prefer single player freedom won’t be excluded.


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