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InWin D-Frame mini PC Case Review

Are you bored with your standard size ATX case? Then try the new InWin D-Frame Mini ITX PC case. I guess it is not possible to fit an ATX in an ITX case but InWin D-Frame made it possible. InWin made waves with its original D-Frame, and now they are back again with its little brother, the D-Frame Mini.

Some say it looks like a jungle gym, some say a generator, but the hand crafted tubular chassis is intended to mimic the frame of a Ducati motorcycle and is why it was called the “D”-Frame in the first place. 

InWin D-Frame mini PC Case Review

Custom PC builds based on compact Mini-ITX motherboards are growing in popularity. Case designers recognize there’s potential to build a gaming rig or content-creation workhorse around a Mini-ITX motherboard with modern amenities. 

The D-Frame Mini Mini-ITX tower chassis is what you need for your build. This is a very good looking computer case, if you are a custom gaming PC builder I am sure you would love the open case design and the beautiful tempered glass. It is great for custom watercooled builds. There is plenty of space for cable management.

Plenty of today’s pint-size Mini-ITX boards can accommodate a dual-slot graphics card, a high-end gaming CPU, and 16GB or even 32GB of high-speed memory. You have the foundation for a system that can be every bit as fearless as a desktop tower.

Yet sized appropriately to where you won’t have to sacrifice gaming-grade hardware or forego liquid-cooling options. So the question isn’t whether there’s a market for these types of biggest PC cases, it’s whether there’s an audience for one that looks like the D-Frame ITX.

From a functional perspective, it’s a purposeful design in more ways than one, some of them less obvious than others. To begin with, the D-Frame Mini is essentially an open-air chassis, 


The InWin designed legendary D-Frame iconic aluminum tube structure, In Win once again designs the most powerful, most forward-looking and ultra portable mini-ITX gaming chassis.

Part of it depends on how neat you are building inside of it, that as we’ll get to in a moment, is a high point of this chassis. As for the overall structure itself, InWin created something that’s both industrial and artsy. The nerd in us is at odds with our brain’s expectation of what a case should look like, and the more time we spend with the D-Frame Mini, the more its odd appearance grows on us.

The orange version above is oriented front-face-down. Sixteen light-red rubber bumpers cling to the aluminum tubes, eight on the front and back, and serve both to absorb vibrations and protect the paint from getting scratched during the build process or when moving the case.

though it’s better protected against environmental dangers such as curious cats and inquiring toddlers than most others in its class. That’s because solid aluminum tubes come together at various weld points to create a roll cage of sorts, while tempered-glass panels on either side provide additional barriers to your precious parts, keeping fingers and tails out.


They revolutionary designed it with 6-dimensional positioning design. Ensuring durability by its built-in handle and with grip support, InWin D-Frame comes with the 20 x 12.5 x 22.5 inches dimensions and 16 lbs weight, these features make it ultra portable, flexible and makes it perfect for LAN rig.

Motherboard Compatibility 

Motherboard is one of the most important parts of a CPU and the form factors  for the motherboard are the Size And Shape. As  any motherboard can’t fit into any chassis. It depends upon the length and width dimensions so to make sure your motherboard will be compatible with the Pc case, you will need to look at what socket and chipset is in your case.

The InWin D-Frame is compatible with ATX and Micro-ATX. Having an ATX or Micro ATX form factor water cooling case means you will have more room. A better number of ports and space will offer you promising results and looks you always wanted. Always select a case according to the Z590 motherboard compatibility. 

Cooling system

InWin D-Frame designed with the supreme support of water cooling. As it is a highly effective cooling system that cools your system in heavy usage and provides smooth operations. The gamers prefer it because of the cooling method as it cools their gaming PC while playing their favorite AAA games. The D Frame mini is a completely open-frame structure that allows for great ventilation and it supports water cooling radiators up to 240 mm.

GPU support

A best Graphics card is the most crucial component of a gaming PC, InWin D-Frame knows this very well and creates a special room for GPU in this case. The gamers can add graphic cards according to their desire and enjoy playing video games in a peaceful and smooth environment. The D-Frame Mini supports high-end and full-end graphics cards up to 340mm, 


Another benefit of a computer case is the maximum storage capacity. You can manage to fit several HDDs and gaming SSDs into your system easily. The size for the internal drive is 3 x 3.5 and 3.2.5 inches. As much as the installation of the case is easy, the support for storage must also be incredible. This way, you can save as much data as you want on your system.

Rubber grommets

A cable grommet is a tube or ring through which an electrical cable passes. They are usually made of rubber or metal. The grommet is usually inserted in holes in certain materials in order to protect, improve friction or seal cables passing through it, from a possible mechanical or chemical attack. Rubber grommets are also important parts in automotive applications.

They are used to protect lines, wires and cables from chafing or grazing on rough surfaces. They can also effectively reduce vibration and are used to seal different important under-the-hood and body applications.

The In-Win D-Frame designed with rubber grommets that gives shocking results and makes it shock-proof stands eliminates vibrations, allows the PC to be positioned in multiple ways and creates an amazing color scheme. Rubber bumpers are used to prevent sliding or scratching.

Expansion slots

The In-Win D-Frame has remarkable expansion that is designed for high-end gaming system compatibility. An expansion slot is a socket on the motherboard that is used to insert an expansion card or a circuit board that provides additional features to a computer such as video, sound, advanced graphics. They builts 8 expansion slots so the user has to expand their chassis.


The back of the chassis is where the PSU will be installed, against the plate with the D-Frame Mini name cut out from it. The cool thing about this plate is that the PSU can screw in at either end, so whichever way works best for wiring is the way to go. Each D-Frame 2.0 includes a SIII-1065W power supply, which is exclusively designed for and has enough room to mount a PSU up to 220mm.

Connectivity ports

The connectivity ports are 2x USB  and 1x HD audio on the front panel. This is convenient for the user to connect various components with their system without any obstruction.


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