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How do you befriend Dinos in Paleo Pines?

In Paleo Pines, the keys steps are learning each dinosaur’s unique song, naming them, frequent positive interactions, and finding their favorite foods. With patience and persistence, you can befriend a wide array of dinosaurs for your ranch in Paleo Pines!

Here are the detailed steps on how to befriend dinosaurs in the game Paleo Pines:

  1. Get a dinosaur flute
  • The first thing you need is a dinosaur flute which can be obtained from Lucky the dinosaur at your ranch.
  • The flute allows you to play songs that can communicate with dinosaurs in the wild.
  1. Understand dinosaur behaviors
  • Each dinosaur species has unique behaviors and responses. Observe them to learn how they react to the flute.
  • Herbivores tend to be more docile while carnivores are more temperamental.
  1. Approach a dinosaur
  • Slowly approach a dinosaur while playing non-threatening notes on the flute.
  • Stop if they seem aggravated and try another dinosaur.
  1. Play their song
  • Mimic the melody that the dinosaur is vocalizing to play their unique song.
  • Match the tune, rhythm, and notes. This tells them you want to be friends.
  1. Give them a name
  • If the dinosaur is receptive after hearing their song, name them by selecting a name tag.
  • Giving them a name strengthens your bond.
  1. Pet the dinosaur
  • If the dinosaur allows it, pet them gently to further gain their trust.
  • Avoid sudden movements and do not touch sensitive spots.
  1. Feed their favorite treats
  • Offer their favorite Poppin treats that can be purchased in town.
  • Each dinosaur has preferences so experiment to find what they like.
  1. Play and bond daily
  • Spend time with your dinosaur friend every day to reinforce your friendship.
  • Play songs, pet them, give treats, and just hang out together!
  1. Bring them home
  • Once you’ve fully bonded, the dinosaur will come live with you at your ranch!


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