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CYBERPOWERPC Gamer Xtreme VR Review (i7-12700KF, RTX 3060, Z690)

We often find it difficult to search the whole market so that we find the right equipment without hassle. This is where a gaming PC jumps in to save the day as it is integrated with high-profile components and power.

With respect to the price range, building PCs has now become more of a habit of people who have a pile of money laying around. It also needs you to have time on your hands and adequate knowledge of the brands. Moreover, the right choice is purely your decision and expertise in practice.

This era is all about saving time and being quick on feet as well as on our systems. A gaming PC will benefit an avid gamer greatly because it will provide them with the features they are looking for and above that.

Before flipping out your card, you must know where and when to spend it. These pre-built gaming PCs can be around $700 to $3500 and to choose one depends on your requirements. You do not spend your hard earned money just to get the clear vision of 4K.

Such system’s also contain the steam or discord in their infrastructure. This indicates that the PCs and their built in features are made for MMORPGs and realistic games like World of Warcraft, League of legends, Valorant, fortnite, Counter strike global offensive, call of duty, Red dead redemption etc.

Cyberpower PCs:

For creating one of the best gaming PCs in history, no other brand can beat Cyperpower. They are known to offer its users all the valid products with various price points. A sheer combination of quality, variety, performance and reliability will make the choice easier for users around the world.

You can even buy standalone PCs, streaming setups along with 2 in 1 PCs to meet any of your streamer or gamer requirements. This brand understands the needs of the user which is why it offers customization as well.

From x299 to Z690 chipset and i3 to i9 processor based PCs, it is all packed with robust configurations. To find the right one will require you to skim through their website and to know which budget suits you well.

Besides creating their own brand identity, it also serves the customization of world famous brands such as EVGA, NZXT, CoolerMaster, Corsair, Western Digital etc.

Reader’s choice award:

Increasing the trust of its readers more, Cyberpower was awarded with the PC magazine’s reader’s choice award for overall desktop PC category. Gaming community can be a little tough to please at first because they are very particular about their demands in certain components.

This brand has proved that it is not impossible to win the hearts of many with the trust, reliability and quality you offer. Being the one with one of the highest ratings among all the brands, it has set a standard for PC users that will satisfy their needs.

With a core of 8.8 reliability and efficiency rating, PC mag has also featured this fact. Reaching this height of fame and well liked by the customers, the responsibility also doubles but Cyperpower is ready for it all.

i7 versus i9:

Many users are confused about these processors when choosing a PC. Especially when it is prebuilt, you want to meet your requirements with the rest of the specifications. Then again, it all comes down to why you are getting a PC at all!

After you have identified and confirmed your purpose, you must know that the overall performance of your system depends on the processor. Even a person who is not a tech geek knows this at least and it narrows down to these 2 versions of Intel CPUs. There are few differences keeping in mind the pricing and overclocking abilities as well as cores and threads present in both.

Let us break down this feud of i9 vs i7 where both have their own perks of being. We can say that the i9 has become one of the beloved chips Intel has released for workstation PCs. It was initially made to let it fit in the 7th generation of Intel core X series.

After the launch of the X series, the i9 processor became one of the most favorite and streamlined CPUs of gaming enthusiasts. On the other hand, i7 is considered a decently priced mid stream processor. This mid range value packs a punch with itself between the lines of low end content production and high end gaming.

When it comes to multi core processors, Intel 12th gen release date becomes an important aspect for the purchase. We do not want anything that does not support the latest version of Intel’s power. This generation has been planned to release in november of 2021 and will be available on mobile chips and laptops in the early months of 2022.

VR gaming:

Virtual reality has made its impact in the gaming and tech world that lets you enjoy another dimension of fun. This technology will offer you great visual quality and first person perspective view in all games.

Cyberpower gamer Xtreme VR PC brings together the tools and accessories of playing in the new era. This model GXiVR8400A9 is made to break all the norms of the gaming community. It is a stand alone system that is integrated with boosting features.

This machine is also versatile enough to hold the rendering, 3D modeling and other features in today’s time. After all, no one is going to play games all the time and get no work done. This product will make you celebrate the triumph of choosing a well designed and capable PC.

You get to see different features in the spec sheet including:

  • Intel core i7-12700KF
  • Nvidia GeForce RTX 3060 graphics card
  • 16Gb DDR4 RAM
  • 2TB HDD
  • 500Gb NVMe PCIe SSD
  • Windows 11 home
  • Wi-Fi capability
  • VR support
  • Vast connectivity ports
  • Appealing look and design with RGB lighting
  • Accessories to play with
  • Audio channel etc


At the first glance, when plugged in, the user will get to see the appearance of the system. Something that gives your eyes a pleasant thing to look at. Thanks to the tempered glass panel from 2 sides that lets you sneak a peek into the inside.

Moving more towards the components, you can also look at the overall black body with matte and anti slip finish. A mesh window is present on the top so that the fan can dissipate heat quickly out and away from other parts.

On the other hand, a custom RGB case will glow the lighting so that you can match it with the rest of your panel. Another plus point is that you can manage the lighting system according to your mood.

Intel chipset:

This PC comes with Intel z690 chipset that is known for its support for PCIe 5.0 connection. With the advancement of Intel’s Alder lake processors of the 12th generation, this chipset works with the hybrid PCIe lane.

A better interaction of buses, Graphics RAMs and CPU is allowed by this chip so that your system can work in accordance with it. Many gaming motherboards are now coming with this feature built in. To give your PC a wholesome experience while playing various realistic games and titles, it is helpful.


Intel core i7-12700KF brings the mid tier to a level above the user’s expectations. It has a base speed of 3.6Ghz and a total of 12 cores. These cores are divided into 8+4 P and E cores that are specified for various tasks.


To store more data in your personal computer without any hassle, looking at storage options is an important task for the buyer. CyberPower equips this beast with 500Gb of NVMe PCIe SSD that is one of the fastest drives present in the market.

For separating the booting system from the rest of the functions, you also get to see 2Tb of HDD. Now your PC will turn on faster and take less time to start an application. Even if you have put it in sleep mode, you can start your work right away where you left it.


After storing your favorite games, videos, pictures, movies, music and other data files, nothing will work well if the RAM is low. So, 16Gb of DDR4 memory is helpful in achieving the temporary memory level. Even copy and pasting large amounts of data will not slow down this bad boy.

Graphics card:

A GPU is one thing that makes most of the gamers excited because it serves you lag free stance in the battlefield. This feature will get you to the core and top of the performance booster. Since the visual stuttering is eliminated with the inclusion of a capable graphics card, Cyperpower does it.

An Nvidia’s GeForce RTX 3060 comes with 12Gb of video card space. You can get serious entry level 4K visual quality and top tier 1080p or 1440p resolution support. Even the Ti version of this card will deliver high frame rates so this is beyond the expectations of mere low end performance.


As social animals you need to keep your system connected with its counterparts. These may include smartphones, sound bars, speakers, office mouse, gaming keyboards, tablets and laptops etc. For keeping your whole system intact, you need more ports present on the chassis of GXiVR8400A9.

Thankfully the brand has added  an HDMI port, twin display ports and 6 USB 3.1. You also get to see double USB 2.0 and a single RJ 45. This way, you can attach multiple displays to complete your ultimate gaming setup.


We all can agree to the point that networking or the presence of Wi-Fi is really essential these days. Keeping your eye on the worldwide networking factor, there is the addition of 10/100/1000. Moreover 802.11AC Wi-Fi will serve you the ability to connect with your online friends.


When you have high quality audio support, you will immerse in the game more than ever. This is one feature that can virtually take you to another world. This is why Cyperpower considers a 7.1 audio channel to keep you merging in the game completely.


Furthermore, being the Windows 11 home 64 bit software, your boot times will be faster than ever. This feature has already been blazing fast in Windows 10 but this addition will make it even more powerful. When the operating system runs on a solid state drive like this one, they are unable to catch up with ordinary PCs.


Your whole setup will be completed since this powerhouse comes with a keyboard and mouse. When brands like Cyberpower are producing PCs, they often offer other accessories. The reason is simple and one is to complete the setup. Secondly, they know what kind of keyboard and mouse will work especially when they are for the gaming community.


With liquid cooling CPU, you can also see the RGB on the fan that is used for eliminating heat out from the PC case. The reason cooling is not a factor to be ignored is that it is essential to keep the PC running under optimal temperature.

Often gamers tend to push their system’s to the limits which are usually the peak point or overclocking in other words. So when a PC runs more than its capacity, it will heat up pretty soon and might slow down the overall progress.

DirectX 12 gaming:

One of the hottest and advanced or new games require you to have the support of the latest technology as well. Bringing more stunning graphics than before, DirectX 12 gaming is optimized for various reasons.

One is to generate higher FPS count and rich visulas whereas the other reason is to provide quick processing in real time. There are some games that have been tested on this PC with their FPS count that are mentioned below:

Its top 3 games in FPS count are examined under the 1080p resolution microscope.

  • League of legends go as high as 1235 FPS in high HD resolution and smooth succession of each gameplay.
  • CS:GO makes it to the 757 FPS and
  • Valorant exceeds 557 whereas GTA 5 survives at 288 FPS.

So to get the most out of your PC without huffing to each store and the entire market, save your time and be a smart shopper. After matching your requirements, Cyberpower is ready to serve you with all it has got.


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