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Can You Use AirPods On Plane (AirPods allowed on planes)

Let’s find out Can You Use AirPods On Plane?

With the rise in technology, our smartphones and its accessories are becoming mobile. First we used to have wired hands free but now we get to see those tiny ear plugs that are truly hands free. This technology has its own pros and cons and Apple is not leaving behind its team to make it the world’s best.

This may seem odd but many Airpod users are beginning to question whether they can use them on airplanes as well. The problem arises when any user who has a flight to catch but they have to turn their phone on airplane mode.

Airpods are connected through the system’s connection to your mobile. Once you turn it into airplane mode, your airpods might disconnect. Airpods are a great way to enjoy music on your flight without having anything in front of you. You can control playback and answer calls with just one earbud as well.

The downside may be that when switching between apps or albums there tends to be some lag time before either changes happen. This could make listening difficult unless they were already selected beforehand.

The airpods are a great way to have music and calls in flight, but be careful using them on an airplane because of the pressure change. A hearing protection that comes with wearing headphones can also help reduce earache due to chronic exposure.

They can also interfere with the plane’s navigation system and interfere with their connection with the control room. So it is worth checking if your airline has this feature before take off!

Airplane Mode:

Turn your AirPods off and then back on to resume using them. In order for you Apple device (iPad or iPhone) be able use the headphones without turning off airplane mode you need to follow these steps:

Go into settings > bluetooth + Turn aircraft symbol yellow next time a paired iOS machine appears in range of an active headphone socket. If not as yet there simply forward click onto that selection so it becomes highlighted.

After doing this successfully press down firmly until the touch icon shows up at the bottom right corner again before pressing the “Home” button. That is right, people. Airplane mode in your AirPods is a thing and it can actually help you out when the battery dies or if there are any other problems with them! 

The best and quickest way to turn on/off this feature? Just double tap one side of each earbud against its little case (the part that has both slots for music). It should say “Airplane” next time around so make sure not to miss these words because they are very important.

Cellular Mode:

Many people are not aware that you can turn airplane mode on and off for your AirPods. This will help save battery life in case they are lost or fallen down somewhere while using them. The next time this happens, just tap “aircraft” at the top right corner of your device screen then select whether or not want to enable audio playing when disconnected from Bluetooth devices.

Your AirPods are now in their cellular mode, which means they can be used anywhere. You don’t have to worry about losing your connection when you are on-the go because these new headphones will always stay connected.

The best way to use your AirPods is in cellular mode. This will maximize battery life and ensure you don’t lose any of the headphones’ noise-canceling capabilities. But when you are inside an airplane, you need to turn this mode off so that it will not disrupt the navigation system.

To turn it off, you need to go to your phone’s settings and switch to airplane mode. When you do this, your airpods might disconnect for once. You can still use them but not for everything and with every service.

Bluetooth service:

Apple uses Bluetooth 5.1 technology if you want to connect it with a non apple device because we all know apple does not have Bluetooth. Having the protocol chip H1 connects your twin Apply device within 3 seconds because of how fast it is programmed to be.

Although the FAA established the PED rules in 1966 many attendants want to bring radios and other devices to their flights. In the eyes of the Federal aviation administration, Airpods are also PEDs that use Bluetooth devices.

This is why they have banned the usage of them because they interfere with the plane’s navigation system. They have come up with a 200 page report that studies the PED rulings for the users that want their airpods functioning during their flight.


The federal aviation administration is a regular civil service in the US. It has announced the lift of a ban that prohibited users to use electronic devices. A press release that came after in 2013 states that you can use your mobile devices and get connected to the Wi-Fi system if one is present on the plane.

Moreover, Bluetooth accessories can also be used with the security checked first. You need to turn off the cellular modes so that it does not involve the plane’s radar and control system. You also need to check with the airline if they allow the usage of electronic devices.

Even though the FAA has determined and allows users to use mobile devices on planes, it still has given authority to the individual airlines to give the final verdict. The step was taken so that users can work with their devices without any interference from the PEDs but latest airplanes can still navigate and fly safely with such interruptions.

Noise cancellation:

The noise canceling feature only works when there’s no background sound to interrupt it. This does not happen in airplanes because everyone else is talking at once! If your device has enough battery left then yes, you will hear music or podcasts while flying without any interruption from other travelers around you.

When walking around a busy city or on an airplane, where background distractions can make it hard for others nearby. They cannot hear what is playing through them at full volume and playing something in louder volume for longer hours can be damaging to your hearing.

Apple has resolved this issue by bringing noise cancellation features into the Airpods and Airpods pro. Taking off and the whirring of a plane engine can be pretty loud due to the size of the transportation. But you do not need to worry since your airpods have rich sound quality with a fit in ear design that blocks out most of the annoying sounds coming from your surroundings.

Inflight Entertainment:

Some airplanes have a built in entertainment system for the attendants to pass their time with ease. Most of the airlines have successfully improved their inflight entertainment with wired headphones. You can get an “Airfly” that is a small device which lets you connect your airpods with a 3.5 mm headphone jack.

The user can also connect 2 sets of airpods so that you and your travel partner can enjoy a movie together or share the same music for hours to pass. You can also connect your airpods with the Plane TV. Although they are very fancy, they still have some disadvantages with airpods connection.

One of the peak con for this connectivity is that you cannot use them as a seatback entertainment this is why you have to keep a wired device to get it connected all the time. Hence Airfly is invented to solve this problem which is a bluetooth adapter. You have to keep it charged and there is a main button on it that turns it into the pairing mode.

Hold your airpods close to the adapter that will pair them and turn them into bluetooth mode. There might be a sound or change in light that indicates that you have connected the adapter. Plug in the adapter with Plane TV to check if the airpods are working and give you the same sound quality that is promised by the manufacturer.

If not, you need to repeat the steps until it happens.


So the answer to whether we can use airpods on planes is both yes and no because they have their own benefits and disadvantages. There is a strong connection of your phone with airpods that is quick as well but you cannot directly connect it with the plane’s entertainment system.

Furthermore, the airpods might not have too long of a battery life that will last on a connecting or layover flight. Unless you charge them again at the stopover, they can die soon with continuous usage.

But on the other hand, they give you great sound quality and incredible noise cancellation technology. Through these features, you can still listen to your favorite music, podcasts and audiobooks etc.


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