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Best RAM For Core i7-13700K (16GB, 32GB, 64GB, DDR5, DDR4)

With the invention of new components one type of memory is not suitable for every new PC build, so for this you want the best RAM for Core I7-13700K. The Intel core i7 13700K is a brilliant processor, its performance is outstanding in many multiple tasks, high-end games, web browsing, media editing, demanding tasks etc. Therefore, for this high-end processor and full potentials the excellent RAM module is a very important component. 

If your RAM is slow it means you are not able to run programs, applications, play games, smoothly. So for best performance we have prepared a list of best branded products for core i7-13700K. With these modules, you can get impressive performance, high quality features and amazing experience. We talk about the GB capacity The Kingston Technology Fury Beast and PNY XLR8 Gaming MAKO  RAM products offer 32GB capacity. 

That is enough for using your system multimedia tasking, web browsing, high-end games, content creation, and opening many tabs together easily. If you want 16 GB RAM with DDR5 module then for this the fantastic option of G.Skill Trident Z RGB Series and Kingston Fury Beast RGB. They come with 16 GB RAM and DDR5 modules with impressive speed and CL latency. 

You can upgrade your PC because of these products CAS latency that is very fast and provides the best performance. The PNY Performance 32GB DDR4 offers  CL22 latency which is enough and good for faster reactions.  For aesthetic look, and making your gaming PC components more brilliant also come with RGB lighting features and software for  customizing the color scheme. 

Our Recommended list of the Best RAM For Core i7-13700K

  1. Kingston Technology Fury Beast RGB DDR5 CL40 DIMM Desktop Memory
  2. PNY XLR8 Gaming MAKO 32GB Desktop Memory Kit
  3. PNY Performance 32GB DDR4 RAM
  4. G.Skill Trident Z RGB Series 16GB Desktop Memory
  5. Corsair Vengeance RGB DDR5 32GB Desktop Memory
  6. Kingston Fury Beast RGB 16GB 6000MT/s DDR5 CL40 DIMM Desktop Memory

Intel Core i7-13700K RAM Requirements

  • Memory Type minimum DDR4 or maximum DDR5
  • Memory Capacity 16 GB mini and 32GB maximum
  • LC Latency 30 LC latency min and Maxi 40LC 
  • Memory Speed Min 4800MHs and Maxi 6000MHz
  • Low profile heat spreader 3.0 XMP and 3.0 XMP
  • RGB lighting For esthetic look is good option, other than depend on your choice

Intel Core i7 13700K vs i7 12700K

  • We compare 2 desktop processors, the core i7-13700k and i7 12700k. Both processor performance is good. But the one processor is outstanding in features, multitasking, gaming performance.
  • Both processors supports 1700 sockets 
  • The i7-13700k come with 4.2 GHz clock speed and i7-12700k come with 3.6GHz
  • Core 12700k has 12 cores and 20 threads then the impressive Core i7 13700k offers 16 cores and 24 threads have 4 more physical cores. 
  • Turbo speed of the 13700k is up to 5.4 GHz that is 6% higher and Intel core i7 12700k have turbo boost speed up to 5.0 GHz. 
  • If we talk about the Cache memory, the i7-13700k offers L3 30MB has 5MB larger L3 cache size  and the i7-12007k  has 25MB cache.
  • The power consumption of the i7-13700k processor is 125W and the i7-12700k thermal power design is 190 watts.   
  • You have the idea that the difference between the Intel core i7 13700k is good in features and performance.

1- Kingston Technology Fury Beast RGB 32GB DDR5

Kingston Technology Fury Beast RGB DDR5 CL40 DIMM Desktop Memory

For overclocking and core i7-13700K processor you want the great RAM. Like butter and bread Kingston Technology’s Fury Beast memory kit is the best option. The memory type of this kit is DDR5 and its speed reaches up to 52,000MHz, which is enough for overclocking and performance boost. Comes with 32 GB memory capacity, which is enough for handling multiple applications, and high-end gaming, and offers CL 40 latency.

You can upgrade your computer with this RAM and enjoy a new level of performance. It is a reliable and amazing design with high materials For those who want a reliable and high performance level, this Kingston RAM is a perfect choice for AMD Ryzen 3 5300g and AMD Ryzen 5 5600g. In addition, cutting-edge technology allows for overclock in style on next generation gaming platforms.

Plus, you can customize the RGB lighting facts with your system’s other parts, because it also has Kingston FURY CTRL software and Sync Technology. Use your Kit for a long time without any heat problem due to its updated heat spreader design. Further, its predefined  Intel extreme memory profiles that improves performance to maximum level because it has Intel XMP 3.0.

Advanced pre-optimizing timing XMP 3.0 speed and voltage impressive for overclocking performance and you can customize save save profile utilizing for  program-able PMIC. Moreover Fury Beast will auto-overclock speed allow the system BIOS. 


We compare Kingston Technology Fury Beast to its same  Fury Renegade RGB 32GB (2x16GB) 6400MT/s DDR5 both have the same features. But the Kingstone Renegade has just 400MT of speed compared to the fury beast. Other Than both have same features but difference in price. If you want to save 100$ then you go with Fury Beast Ram, that is a great option for your latest processors both Intel and AMD. 


  • DDR 5 memory with speed up to 5,2000MHz
  • heat spreader
  • Best Performance 
  • Customizing RGB lighting with software


  • Very breakbones design

2- PNY XLR8 Gaming MAKO 32GB Desktop Memory Kit

PNY XLR8 Gaming MAKO 32GB Desktop Memory Kit

For a better gaming experience, and get impressive performance from the PNY XLR8 Gaming MAKO memory kit. Is an ideal option for your Core i7-13700K processors and impressive working capacity in multiple applications, good for overclockers, and amazing for enthusiast gamers. They are very good modules on a tight budget for PC performance and Core i7-13700K. 

Along with that you can get 32GB (2x16GB) capacity that is good for improving computer speed.  You will use your system for multiple application gaming, browsing tabs etc.  For temperature normal it also has a stylistic black heat spreader, easily boosting DDr5 kit up to 6000 MHz clock speed. It’s CL 42, latency and 1.3 volts enhances the overall performance of your system. And prevents heat buildup, especially for overclocking.  

Furthermore, this ram kit is an ideal option for everyone who wants great high-power capacity for gaming enthusiasts. Thanks to the top tiers components and select iCs combine which deliver aggressive, bullet-proof reliability and gamers enthusiasts can PNY for. Plus, giving you smooth multitasking and rendering speeds for photo and video files because XMP 3.0 supports and enables optimizing the potential of your system. 

Due to the unbuffered module, you can meet the demand of your favorite games and ensure maximum performance. In your latest motherboard that is easily adjusted with BIOS settings increasing the frequency to 6000MHz and correcting CL 38-38-38-38-77 timing at 1.3V. For high-end components in a top-end rig they are a perfect complement at a right price, performance and reliability.  


If we compare PNY XLR8 Gaming MAKO 32GB to TEAMGROUP T-Force Delta RGB DDR5 Ram 32GB Kit then both RAM kits are great in performance. But If you want Affordable and do not like RGB lighting in your system then you get PNY XLR8 Gaming MAKO 32GB RAM Kit. 

Compared to the TEAM GROUP T-Force Delta RGB this XLR8 kit is budget friendly and has the same features. Delta RGB are high in price and have RGB features, if you like RGB lighting features and easily afford then you buy TEAMGROUP T-Force Delta RGB. 


  • Affordable price
  • DDR5 RAM with 6000 MHz clock speed 
  • 42 LC Latency 
  • Multiple XMP 3.0 profile supports


  • No RGB 

3- PNY Performance 32GB DDR4 RAM

PNY Performance 32GB DDR4 RAM

Introducing PNY Performance 32GB DDR4 RAM, the best option for tight budget users is performance is very impressive for gaming and multiple applications. If you use this RAM for Core i7-13700K processors that is the best combination for getting high-end performance. PNY RAM modules make your system faster, useful and powerful. You run a lot of software at the same time for your job.

Along with a high end processor and with this RAM kit you will be able to use the Alt-Tab to switch. Between games, internet browser tabs without slowing down with DDR4 3200MHz frequency speed. Such as, high performance DDR4 desktop memory ability  is particularly  designed for PC gamers. 

In addition, Do not think that it is cheap, then its quality and performance will not be good. It upgrades thousands of the most popular PC platforms, that is a good company rigorously engineered for more than 30 years. Now is the time to upgrade your system because that is the easiest and most affordable, fast way to improve the performance.  

Further, tru plug-and-play PC components having a LC22 latency, and no downloads needed. Moreover, with brilliant RGB lighting makes your system more brilliant and color match to your unique style and custom system, small form factors provide extreme performance where space is at a premium.


We compare PNY Performance 32GB DDR4  Memory – MD32GSD43200-TB to PNY Performance 32GB (2x16GB) DDR4 Memory Kit – MN32GK2D43200-TB then both RAM kits have the same features.  But we recommend the PNY Memory – MD32GSD43200-TB, because at an affordable price it offers brilliant features with RGB lighting ability.


  • Affordable
  • RGB Lighting 
  • Impressive in performance
  • 32GB capacity


  • Not DDR5
  • Less latency


4- G.Skill Trident Z RGB Series 16GB Desktop Memory

G.Skill Trident Z RGB Series 16GB Desktop Memory

Do you want to create a one of a kind PC with high-end Core i7-13700k for more impressive performance you want the RAM Kit. Its best thing for RGB fans is having rgb lighting capability and ability to choose the color you want. You look no further than that and have both the ability, performance and beauty for building a stylish, modern PC! this RAM is also compatible with i9-12900K.

Every feature of this kit has more than one, like it comes with 16GB(2x 8GB) with DDR4 memory module. DDR4 is a better option for many different tasks, and is much better than DDR3 previous version. Because they are more energy-efficient, and operate at 1.35V. Operating at 3600MHz speed without higher power and cooling requirements.

Offers 16GB graphics RAM for gaming sweet spot and also enough for programs such as, photoshop, used to change still photos they work well with i7-13700X. You know the XMP frequency and stability depend on the CPU MB capability. So for this is XMP 2.0 profile support that is easily rated up to overclock speed and runs at default JEDEC profile speed. 

Thanks to its full rainbow color RGB lighting, that makes your system more beautiful and downloadable software helps. To get more additional lighting effects and color customization, so color matches your PC and other components make your PC more aesthetic. Therefore, an iconic design element of the classic Z series, featuring line finished aluminum heat spreader and a signature fins design for stability of RAM.



  • Four-rank performance available only on 32 GB kit

5- Corsair Vengeance RGB DDR5 32GB Desktop Memory

Corsair Vengeance RGB DDR5 32GB Desktop Memory

Do you want mid-price RAM without compromise of high quality features? So for this Corsair Vengeance RGB DDR5 RAM is a trusted, high quality brand in countless PCs. If you want a DDR5 memory module that is affordable and incredibly reliable, best bang for your buck. Lights up your system with a modern design illuminated by fantastic RGB, Vengeance offers high frequency, greater capacity and faster performance of DDR5.

Most PCs for the  past years run with DDR4  RAM, but now the DDR5 is higher capacity RAM and provides high performance. Along with this brand Memory you can push the limits of your system, for great performance and great capacities. You can get DDR5 with a 32GB capacity 2×26 modules kit and also offers high speed 5200MHz. 

Ensure its processing speed for your high processor like Core i7-13700k gets data quickly with ease. Even if you play games, open 100 tabs, create content, use your system for multi-tasking faster than ever before. Such as, with iCUE to gear performance by apps or tasks for greater efficiency because of custom Intel XMP 3.0 profile customize and save your own XMP.

Further, an impressive dynamic 10-Zone RGB lighting feature illuminates your system by ten individually addressable, ultra bright RGB LEDs. More stable overclocking AND adjusts all functions with your system through CORSAIR iCUE software. High bandwidth and tight response time optimize for peak performance on the latest DDR5 motherboards. 


If we compare Corsair Vengeance RGB DDR5 32GB to its same product Corsair Vengeance RGB DDR5 32GB 5600MHz then both products have almost the same features. But Vengeance is high in speed, just at 200MHz, but is too expensive. If you want 60$ to 70$ your dollars then you get the Corsair Vengeance RGB DDR5 32GB 5200MHz RAM with normal price and great performance.


  • Dynamic 10-Zone RGB lighting
  • DDR5 with high speed
  • Affordable
  • For customization support iCUE software


  • Bit slow than similarly specced rival

6- Kingston Fury Beast RGB 16GB Desktop Memory

Kingston Fury Beast RGB 16GB  DDR5 CL40 DIMM Desktop Memory

Here is Kingston Fury Beast’s last but brilliant 16GB memory kit that is completely unique and famous. Ready to fulfill the memory bandwidth requirements of the extreme high-end PC, and gaming platforms at the most affordable price. First of all its good thing is the DIMMs have low-profile heat spreaders, so they do not damage your processor cooling solution. 

Fury Beats support XMP 3.0 (Extreme Memory Profile), making it easy to configure and save your custom overclocked settings. Plus this kit is very fast, an excellent choice and offers lifetime warranty. Anyone that wants to build a very high powerful computer and 12th and 13th Gen Intel processor that supports DDR5.

You are a fan of visually appealing components and do not like the all black look, enjoy shining lights because this module comes with RGB lighting feature. Because of the colors you can make your PCs all components more beautiful. And they also have a Software and Kingston FURY Infrared Sync technology to customize the color match to other components.

Such as, due to plug and play ability it will auto-overclock itself and the highest posted speed will help the system BIOS. The best thing of this kit is improved stability for overclocking by On-die Ecc that helps to maintain data integrity and sustain ultimate performance when you push the limits. 


We compare Kingston Fury Beast to Kingston Technology Beasy RGB; both RAM kits have the same features. Like, Dimensions, memory clock speed, memory technology, latency etc. Difference between the price and capacity,  Kingston Fury Beas is affordable but does not have 32GB and Kingston technology has 32GB but expensive. So, for an I7-13700K processor the Kingston Fury Beas is the best option. 


  • Low profile heat spreader
  • Excellent performance 
  • Overclocking stability
  • Infrared Sync Technology
  • Affordable


  • Little OC headroom

Best RAM For Core i7-13700K Buying Guide

When you are building a new rig you must carefully select every component, check every part compatibility, performance, price, and every thing. Therefore, now you select the high-end i7-13700K processor for gaming, multiple applications, browsing, etc. For this you want the best RAM that helps to full potential of your processor and other components.

For this we help in this buying guide with some important features that look important when you buy Ram for your system and new generation processors. In this post almost all products are very good in performance and features. But if you do not have a budget issue and want high quality RAM kit then for your ease we recommend the high-end PNY XLR8 Gaming MAKO 32GB and if your budget is not high, and look for an affordable RAM kit for this we prefer Corsair Vengeance RGB DDR5 32GB. 

Memory Type

If you are building a new rig with new high-end components then First but most important thing you look at in the memory kit is Type, which means DDR4 or DDR5. This kind of memory is the most suitable and faster perfect choice for new 12th and 13th generation processors. To get a new processor, high performance highly recommended DDR5 mobile kit. Other Than, the Core i7-13700 still supports the both type RAM DDR4 and DDR5. 


For running games smoothly and opening many apps in the background, like windows, music, and browsing. For this the 16GB ram is perfect and provides the balance of price and workable capacity. But if you want to make your system more smooth and play videos and twitch streaming, then the 32 GB ram is amazing for system flexibility and runs multi apps.  

Frequency Speed

The RAM speed is very important for running fast and smoothly, officially Intel 13th Gen and AMD 7000 series processors supported the memory rated at  DDR4 3200MHz and DDR5 5600MHz. But if you want overclocking of your system and want to use your system for high-end working purposes then the DDR5 is perfect.  

CAS Latency

CAS latency is the amount of time that  memory takes to respond and a request from the memory controller is called  latency. They give your CPU enough bandwidth to handle the gaming and other work tasks.  Most DDR5 RAM kits come with Latency CL 40 that is good for better delivery performance.  

RGB Lighting 

RGB lighting has very impressive features in your rig components that make your system more esthetic and beautiful with different colors. If you are RGB lover and want your rig components to look like illuminated CPU fans, i7-13700K cooler, graphics cards fans, RAM, gaming Keyboard, etc have RGB lighting feature. Therefore, most RAM kits come with RGB lighting features, making your system more brilliant. 


RAM Important For Processing?

Yes, ram is very important for fast processing, due to faster memory increasing the Processor speed, and making your computer much more efficient.

Is 16 GB of RAM Good?

Yes, for most games, multiple applications, the mostly 16GB amount of RAM is a good option. Along with this capacity you will also run applications, without affecting gameplay. 

Is DDR5 A Better Option Compared To DDR4?

Yes, DDR5 type of memory is an amazing option for high-end 13th generation processors, They are also good for overclocking and compared to DDR4 deliver a 50% bandwidth and in performance is 14 to 19% faster.  

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