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Best PS5 Controller Skins – Top DualSense Controller Skins Wrap

When you love your console more than anything, you must look into the best PS5 controller skins. These skins can add and increase your traction to a great extent when your controllers are covered with them. This list of products is known for their great performance and incredible smoothness while gameplay.

Some brands offer grip lining while others provide dotted or studded surfaces from the curves. This way you do not have a plain surface, these features add more grip to your hold.

When playing FPS games, you need to have more precision to shoot your hidden opponent. But this is not possible when you have sweaty palms due to humid temperature or long hours of playing. Thanks to the 100% silicone-made covers with multiple color options to choose from.

When you have a controller skin that is made from the anti-slip feature, you do not want to miss this. Some models did not have their covers until late after their introduction to the public like PS5 dual sense. So the manufacturers decided to make one exclusively for only them while others made skins for all controller types of other consoles.

The rubber cutouts are perfectly fitting so no hindrance is possible when playing an intense game session. Moreover, some skins are elaborately designed so you get to feel the sensors when you are racing on a muddy track.

Having to install the covers is easy without any guidance but some people might feel difficult. So for that purpose, you can search Youtube to find the solution. The package also consists of installation tools like 24 screws, a screwdriver, 3 different sizes of thumb grips, and the skin.

Our recommended list of the Best PS5 Controller Skins

  1. Aosai PS5 DualSense Controller Skin
  2. Cybcamo PS5 Controller Grip
  3. eXtremeRate PlayVital
  4. eXtremeRate Black
  5. YoRHa Silicone Cover Skin
  6. eXtremeRate PlayVital Red
  7. eXtremeRate PlayVital

1. Aosai PS5 DualSense Controller Skin

A PS5 controller skin will make gaming on your PS5 even more exciting with customizable skins in stunning variety.  With our high-quality silicone cover, it is designed to fit right over the PS5 controllers and improve grip feeling during gameplay with its studded surface shape.

This Dual Sense 5 controller skin comes with FPS pro Thumb Grips x 8 to enhance the experience of analog sticks especially in FPS games get more Precision for you! Take good care of your controller perfectly with this skin. gives enhanced Protection for that Dualshock.

Want to take care of your PlayStation 5 controller? Or want to try something different than the stock Dualshock controller? Asai PS5 Controller Skin is for you! It provides protection with high-quality silicone. Its grip will improve your gaming experience and for added benefit, 8 FPS pro thumb grips are included in every Aosai controller skin purchase.

All gamers know how important it is to have a controller precisely tailored to your preferences and playing style. For both safety and enhanced grip, this product here, the Aosai PS5 DualSense Controller Skin, serves you in all cases.

Customized high-quality silicone covers personalized PlayStation 5 controllers have super Fit quality. They fit exactly over the Dualfix 5 controller with corners on which you can’t lose your hands.

The specially designed surface shape of this skin helps provide improved grip feeling during gameplay, preventing slips. Protection from shocks, scratches, taking good care of your controller perfectly.

Every PS5 controller skin is crafted with care and precision to fit your top gaming needs. With special added FPS S Pro Thumb Grips, we know it feels like the texture is bothering you when in an intense FPS game. This has been designed with practicing in mind and will make all of the difference when you spend endless hours in front of a TV screen!

2. Cybcamo PS5 Controller Grip

The Cybcamo PS5 Controller Grip is a handguard for your Playstation DualSense controller. This is the perfect travel accessory to avoid sweat stains from ruining your enjoyment. Such skin adds a layer of thickness to the controller, giving much-needed protection against shock and small scratches.

It also provides easy access to all buttons on your Sony PlayStation Wireless Controllers. There are 3 sets of thumb grips of varying height that help everyone get just what they need in comfort while using their controllers during long hours of gameplay.

It is designed exclusively for Playstation 5 dual sense wireless controllers. The food-grade silicone feels very soft and smooth on sweaty hands!

Rigid and durable, this Cybcamo PS5 controller grip takes care of your sweaty palms. Designed to be the perfect fit for the DualShock 5 Wireless Controller, you will never drop them again with these textured thumb grips. The silicone material is also easy to clean so don’t worry if your hands get a little messy while playing!

When Sony released the PlayStation DualShock 5 controller, many players were left wondering if a controller grip was even going to be made. Luckily CYBCAMO has you covered with their brand new Cybcamo PS5 Controller Grip!

Accurately hold your controller in place and better allow access to all buttons without any hindrance from button integration. Whether you are one for sweaty palms or not, this textured shock expelling grip with tendons where your palm touches will increase handling masterfully.

3. eXtremeRate PlayVital Samurai Edition Purple Anti-Slip Controller Silicone Skin for PS5

Nowadays, technology is becoming more and more sophisticated. But after all, it is fair to say that no one likes switch-outs anytime soon. Especially when the product everyone wants is experiencing a major shortage in stock.

Luckily for you though, the extreme rate has you covered! With this PlayVital Samurai Edition Purple Anti-Slip Controller Silicone Skin, your favorite gaming system will be safe from virtually any danger. 

With this high-quality silicone case specially designed for the PS5 controller, the surface of this non-slip skin features ergonomic samurai edition 3D concave lines. For great visual impact and definite enjoyment during intense gameplay, this feature comes in handy.

Premium-designed grips ensure reduced slipping by providing a better grip over the controller. It is hard to hold onto your playtime while competing against the toughest of suitors. Whether you are climbing a mountain or soaring through outer space, nothing can spoil your fun like a slippery controller.

Fortunately, we have just one thing on our minds: how do we get these joysticks more traction? We have solved all of your gripping problems with the EZPlayVital Samurai Edition Anti-Slip Controller Silicone Skin. It is specially designed for PS5 controllers and provides ultimate protection while adding style!

Protect your PS5 controller with the 3D concave lines that provide great visual impact and enjoyment. Prevent scratches, dirt, falling, spilling with this durable silicone sleeve for PS5. Precision cut rubber cover skin will provide all-around protection for your PlayStation 5 controller.

It is no secret that the backs of most game controllers are notoriously slippery. This is especially true in cases where they become wet or dirty during gameplay. And while the silicone skin on the back of your controller won’t make it less likely to slip, it can make it much easier to grip!

4. eXtremeRate Black Replacement Touchpad Cover for PS5 Controller BDM-010

Feel like your PS5 controller lost its touch? Give it a fresh look and get your groove back with this eXtremeRate Black Replacement Touchpad Cover for PS5 Controller BDM-010.

Precision cut to work exactly like the original touchpad, you do not have to worry about compromise when replacing such an important component. Colors will give your console more personality and make your gaming experience all the better.

If you are looking for installation instructions, head over to YouTube by searching “Extremerate Touchpad” or “DqGs3GZ-xqg”. You will find 24 screws and a Cross screwdriver included in this package, everything you need to get started!

Fabulously dreamy and creatively clever, this replacement touchpad cover will captivate the gamer as it is exclusive to their specific controller. Play longer than ever before with no worries of sweat or slipping. As your hands will keep a steady grip on the smooth foundation that is this product’s specialty.

It is not every day that you get to enhance one of your favorite video game controllers with an eXtremely stylish touchpad replacement. That kind of does not happen often, but it is always wise to be prepared for just about anything when handling sensitive electronics.

For the PS5 controller user in need of a new touchpad, there is no better way than our Touchpad Cover designed especially for this device! Made from a soft and flexible material that creates a comfy feel while still protecting the controller itself from weather-related damage!

With 24 screws included, installation should be pretty simple and all you have to do is gently open up the shell case on arrival before screwing it closed again. This cannot be as easy peasy lemon squeezy.

5. YoRHa Silicone Cover Skin Case for PS5

When gamers know about the damage burns, scratches and burns can do to our precious PS5 controller. There is nothing worse for us all than having our gaming experience ruined because of an obtrusive distraction or uncomfortable feeling of slipping off the controller.

We want all gamers to be able to enjoy their game time without worry of damages done by others sitting on it, spilling drinks on it or simply doing daily actions. The YoRHa Silicone Cover Skin Case is the ultimate solution so you do not have to spend your cash outfitting your controller with expensive gear or clothes.

Gaming should be about intellectual stimulation so why not try this new silicone cover skin case? It offers high-quality protection for your PS5 controller. Preventing any damage to the controller is especially great for those gamers who continually scratch their controllers as they are playing.

Made from Medical Grade Silicone, this case will feel comfortable to use and is easy to install and remove. You can even personalize your PS5 controller by selecting a cover that reflects the colors you love best!

The easiest way to make sure your PS5 controller remains to look new and if not free of scratches which may result in the loss of losing grip from sweaty hands. This skin case has a smooth surface and reliable quality, applicable for any game.

It perfectly fits your controller which won’t affect any function, also comes with thumb grips x 10 so the game will be better off. Customize the PS5 controller to your own favorite look now! With rubberized thumb grips that keep falling controllers from sliding off tables.

6. eXtremeRate PlayVital Red Anti-Skid Sweat-Absorbent Controller

You know that dreaded moment when your hands are sweaty, or worse, slipping all over the place? That is why the extreme rate introduced this Anti-Skid Controller Grip. It is not just for comfort! This grip will make gaming at its peak enjoyment level possible.

It absorbs sweat to keep it from making your controller slippery. With a flat patterned adhesive material on both sides of the grip, you can give yourself peace of mind by having full control without flushing out mid-game.

Simply peel off and attach with less than four seconds needed to complete the installation process! To get maximum durability and strength while maintaining smooth skin contact, use only dry hands during installation.

Stay dry!  eXtremeRate PlayVital Red Anti-Skid Controller Grip is the solution for gamers with sweaty hands who are having trouble keeping their controllers from sliding. This grip does not just help to prevent slide, it also helps to reduce sweat and provide a comfortable gaming experience.

Stay cool during long hours of play because this grip covers up all your buttons but still allows free airflow that will keep your hands comfy. Have you been experiencing a tough time gripping buttons on your controller while playing video games? Don’t worry, we gotcha covered tough gamers.

A new way to enjoy video games and keep your hands dry. Smooth, ribbed plastic exterior with various sized perforations that will help air circulate and keep your hand cool and dry.

The soft rubber material ensures a firm grip and eliminates the worry of slipping or sliding off during gaming sessions or high-intensity workout routines. So if you are one of those people that have sweaty palms then this product is just for you!

Easy to install without any residue left behind on your controller adding another level of comfort while playing. One size fits all handles, no need to worry about whether it will work with your controller type made for PS5 controllers only.

7. eXtremeRate PlayVital Guardian Edition Blue Ergonomic Soft Anti-Slip Controller Silicone Case

This extreme rate PlayVital Guardian Edition introduces a controller case is the perfect solution for any game fanatic. Protect your controller with this durable silicone sleeve which has precisely cut rubber covers to provide full protection against scratches, dirt, spills, and grease.

With specially designed ergonomic grips on the outside, you can feel comfortable in the hand while gaming. The material is non-slip so there is no worries when hands get sweaty or dusty during gameplay!

You will find that this product provides all-around reliable protection preventing scratches, dirt, falling, and spilling due to daily use.

You don’t have to worry about your PS5 controller anymore. The soft and anti-slip silicone skin is specially designed with a grip cover. It has an ergonomic guardian edition design and also has small bumps on the inner side of the sleeve. This feature provides you with more comfort and prevents sweat from dripping onto your controller.

At the same time, it prevents any dirt or stains that may come into contact with this part of your controller, without compromising its function in any way. The durable silicone covers provide all-around protection for both the front and backside of your Playstation 5 Controller.

This is the best controller cover on the market for gamers of all types. Choose from a variety of colors and designs and skins to give their Sony PlayStation 5 the ultimate protection against scratches, dirt, falling, spilling or grease that can be caused by daily use.

The soft silicone sleeve is precisely cut to avoid touching any buttons on your controller. Made with 100% high-quality Silicone material with ergonomic design guard features for comfort in hand grips. This case will not interfere with the function of your Sony Playstation. These are perfect for storage usage as well!

The extreme rate PlayVital Guardian Edition Soft Anti-Slip Controller case is specifically designed for PS5 controllers to reduce hand and finger strain during gameplay. The durable silicone sleeve is easy to install and remove, will not interfere with the function of the controller, features an ergonomic shape for ultimate support on hands, precise cut rubber cover skin provides all-around protection for PS5 controllers. The bottom of the grip has small bumps which can increase your comfort while playing games!

Best PS5 Controller Skin Buying Guide

PS5 lovers will not be going too far when they are looking out for the controller’s skins. This may sound as an easy purchase but it involves a list of features to make your selection just as perfect as you are.

Anti slip:

Studded or lined grip is present for you to choose from if your palms get sweaty after a while of playing. This feature will help you get more traction and precision during any gameplay.


Many users will like a variety of skins so that they can add more style to their controller. This is why manufacturers add more than 1 color and style that also involve rugged and matte design. This is the customer’s personal preference to go for something that suits his taste.


Anti-shock, prevention from scratches, and everyday wear and tear or fall must be in the priority list of its durability. Being rugged also includes high-quality materials being used in the making of a controller skin. When you are spending your cash on buying the exclusive PS5, it is necessary to protect its controller at all costs which is why this feature is important.


No hindrance should be possible when you put the pieces onto your controller. Having precisely drawn cutouts should be accurately fitting the complete body of the controller.


Some skins need to have the skills for installing the fittings but if you are not an expert, worry not. There are solutions on Youtube for you to get that help without calling an expert. Also notice if there is an installation kit included in your purchase which will make your work easier.


You have to make sure that the case does not let the sensors block your sensation of playing. You know it is no fun when you can feel the heat and bumps in your game.


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