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Best Power Banks For Steam Deck (Mini, External Battery)

It is no fun to run out of battery before its actual settings, especially when you are a console player. The best power bank for the steam deck will resolve this issue so that it can maintain your perfect winning streak. It will not be game over if you are at 20% and your console is about to die but so as your character.

With 50,000 mAh to 10,000 at least, these power banks are known for their outstanding performance of usage. Not only consoles but you can attach other devices as well which depends on the chassis and overall capacity of your selected model. As we can see MAXOAK offers the most number of capacity whereas Belkin has the least.

The difference is how many devices you can connect at a time and for how many times. If you are someone who’s life is always on the go and on foot, you have come to the exact place. Never run out of power again with these capable chargers that support USB Type C and micro USB ports.

There are LEDs indicators, usually 4, can be seen on the sides or sometimes front that can display the percentage of your charging status. This way, without moving anything, you get to know when to turn off the switch and be back at what you love. Steam deck has an average of 8 hours of battery but games like dead cells, devil may cry, God of war etc. can really drain it out in 2 hours.

Even to play these at lowest settings and not on an OLED screen, this can dishearten many users but now we have the right solution for you. Choose from the list above as these have wide compatibility and smart protection system so that they do not overcharge as well.

Our recommended list of the Best Power Banks For Steam Deck

  1. MAXOAK Laptop Power Bank 185Wh/50000mAh
  2. YOBON Power Bank 30000mAh Type C Fast Charging Powerpack
  3. Charmast 18W Power Delivery Power Bank 26800mAh
  4. mophie 401101663 Powerstation Plus XL (10,000mAh)
  5. imuto 20000mAh Portable Charger Compact Power Bank
  6. Anker Portable Charger, USB-C Power Bank 20000mAh 525 Power Bank
  7. Belkin BOOST CHARGE Portable Charger Power Bank 10000 mAh

1- MAXOAK Laptop Power Bank 185Wh/50000mAh

MAXOAK Laptop Power Bank 185Wh 50000mAh

Keeping your happening life from stopping is when you are fully charged battery. This is only possible with a capable charger or power bank. Some people believe that using these power sources can reduce the battery life further or even damage it more. But with a trustworthy brand, this incident can be avoided.

Maxoak brings a 185W or 50000mAh capacity to manage the working hours of your device. You can connect it with a gaming laptop, programming tablet or your gaming device as an external battery pack. It works on 3.7 volts through the superior quality and guaranteed safety to keep your system running.

There are 6 security protections and long lasting DC power that is known for ultra high capacity. Its wide compatibility will make you work for as many hours as you demand with such strong backup. Get the ultra fast charging speed with DC input and will be full in 6 to 8 hours.

If you are planning to go on a road trip and film the whole thing, you will be needing this machine much more than you are expecting. Its small size and compact nature will make it easy to carry it along in your backpack or purse. Measuring 8.1 inches x 5.3 inches x 1.3 inches, this power bank weighs 2.77 lb.

There are 4 ports, 2 jacks of 20 and 12V with 4 tiny LEDs and power button present on the chassis. It comes with 14 types of connectors so that all the devices can be charged with it without any problem.

2- YOBON Power Bank 30000mAh Type C Fast Charging Powerpack

YOBON Power Bank 30000mAh Type C Fast Charging Powerpack

Your power source to run a device should be present at all times even when you are short of electricity. Seems impossible? Not anymore because Yobon has come with a creative and solid solution to overcome this obstacle. There are some devices in our everyday life that will be needing much more energy that are planned for them.

With a 30000mAh capacity, this product is designed for work in any environment. So if you are planning a hike or camping trip this is the one thing you need to keep close. Even smartphones like iPhone 12 and previous versions, Huawei and Samsung phones can be charged with it.

The ability to connect other smart devices is possible with Type C or IP or even better Micro cable. You get to see 3 ports which will give you 2 charging devices and you can connect speakers, headphones and more with it. When you have access to other machines, multiple smart protection systems should be present.

Luckily, this technology enables your power bank to avoid over charging, over voltage and current or short circuit etc. No charging accident should take place in the presence of this machine and you do not have to worry about anything. Its LI-Polymer core has an extended battery life.

3- Charmast 18W Power Delivery Power Bank 26800mAh

Charmast 18W Power Delivery Power Bank 26800mAh

Allow yourself to be worry free of your always running out of power when you have a solution lying around. Charmast brings most out of your console as the steam deck battery is known to give maximum protocol. With type C USB port, you can get 9-12V of voltage high in output.

Through the wide compatibility, Macbook, smartphones, tablets consoles like Steam deck and Nintendo switch etc can be connected with this machine. Even the iPhone x and previous versions can boost up to 50% under 30 minutes of time. You will be needing less time than usual with this 26800mAh capacity.

Manage your shooting time through Gopros, blackberry, cameras, or game through the boys night on the console with this beast of a device. Thanks to the ultra slim and compact structure, you can easily carry it around in your pocket or bag. Having a smooth touch and feel will give a great hand feel while using.

In addition, the built in intelligent protection system safeguards the devices from overcharging or current shortage. To keep away the excessive or overflow of voltage will save you from many mishaps and accidents. There are 5 ports present on the chassis containing 5v-2.4A.

The dual ismart output has the same voltage whereas QC 3.0 input can have 5.6v-3A. You can connect 4 devices at a time without slowing down or total black out of any device. With 4 LED indicators, you can know the percentage of the charging that will be 20% if only 1 light is on.

For 50% 2 lights can be seen, 3 for 75% and 4 lights up with 100% charging of the power bank itself. It takes a total of 6.0 volts for charging itself and its dimensions measure at 7.76 x 3.78 x 0.56 inches.

4- mophie 401101663 Powerstation Plus XL (10,000mAh)

mophie 401101663 Powerstation Plus XL (10,000mAh)

Mophie powerstation plus XL has changed the pace of external batteries or powering up other devices. Its physical attributes and features on the list will make you the happiest on choosing this one for your boosting of accessories. Through a micro USB and lightning cable in the connector type, you have 10000 mAh capacity.

There is an integrated switch tip cable on the Micro USB input when not in use, this will turn into the switch tip to store the wire. The addition of extra 34 hours where the smartphone can contain 14 and small tablets can use 7 hours of the overall capacity. The tip cable gives off 10W of power at 2.1A speed.

By enabling QI charging pad, this power bank is supportive of wireless charging as well. After placing it on a wireless recharging pad, this will have it ready in a few hours. Including a priorityplus quality offers the charging zone to the device that is connected first and after that to the power station.

On the chassis you will see LED indicators on the side with power button. These lights are 4 in number and will indicate different percentages of battery showing their current status. During operation, this will be helpful to know how much power your device has charged and how much is left without turning on your phone or anything.

5- imuto 20000mAh Portable Charger Compact Power Bank

imuto 20000mAh Portable Charger Compact Power Bank

When your life is on the go, you should be fully prepared for it. This also includes the technology and gadgets you are using in the moment because lets be honest, nothing is insane than having no battery in your smartphone. Even if you are a gamer or console user, this will be a beneficial addition to your setup.

Many console users complain about the low battery of their controller or system such as steam deck battery life is 8 hours on average but heavier games can kill it to 2 hours maximum. The reason is because they use better graphics and more power from the console resulting in power drainage of its 48Wh battery.

Imuto brings 20,000mAh capacity in this portable factor of device that can be used as an external power source. Taurus X4 used micro USB cable and comes in a waterproof pouch to save it from damage. There is multiple smart protection to keep avoiding mishaps like overcharging, over voltage or current outbreak.

Having built in LED flash helps you work under low light environments in case there is a black out and you do not go blind. These lithium polymer batteries are A class and can work their way up to many hours of usage. You get to see 2 USB ports that will detect your connecting device in a matter of seconds.

6- Anker Portable Charger, USB-C Power Bank 20000mAh 525 Power Bank

Anker Portable Charger, USB-C Power Bank 20000mAh 525 Power Bank

In terms of portability and easy to use, nothing can beat Anker with its 20,000mAh portable charger. This power bank is programmed to work with 20W of delivery through the USB type C connection. This feature allows you to connect as many device with type C port as you want.

At a time only 1 device can be attached but it will be charged half its waay within 30 minutes. We all live in a world of speed and charging with this pace will leave every other opponent behind. Especially smartphones like iphone 12 or Samsung galaxy S10 can complete 4 of its charging in a single battery of this powerhouse.

Connect your tablets, speakers, earbuds, smartphones, consoles and more without worrying about frying them. It comes with lithium polymer battery type with 280 grams of lightweight design. Having portable quality allows you to carry it with you anywhere you go or when you are out of reach to a power source.

The dimensions include 6.22 x 2.91 x 0.76 inches to be precise so you can get a better hold of it in your hands or pocket. Durable construction and more battery life will make you record every moment or life or send that important work email in desperate times.

7- Belkin BOOST CHARGE Portable Charger Power Bank 10000 mAh

Belkin BOOST CHARGE Portable Charger Power Bank 10000 mAh

To get you started at the end of the day when everything and everyone is drained out, you will not be on the losers team. The reason is simple and that includes Belkin with its boostcharge portable power bank. This sturdy machine is integrated with 10,000 mAh of capacity to give you the battery you so desperately need.

In the hour of need, you can connect your smartphones, tablets, watches, switch, steam decks, speakers and more with it. The switch tip has micro and USB type C connection that is coming from the body itself. This way you do not have to worry about losing or damaging wires.

Besides integrated cables, a total of 23W of charging is shared between as many devices as it can hold. Even with the 18W, you get to charge another device and the power bank itself through USB C port. There are 2 additional devices ready to be charged for up to 23W. Thanks to the LEDs that indicate percentage of the charging points.

Belkin is a known brand that is used for creating multiple products for the ease of mankind. When you are out from your home or no power source is available nearby, these banks will help you draw out current without worrying. Its physical attributes contain compact size that is easy to carry as well.

Moreover, the dimensions are 4 x 1 x 7.17 inches with 25% pass through current when it is above this percentage. A total of 31 hours of charging can be obtained from this beast so you never have to feel like a savage when everyone else is not.

Best Power Bank For Steam Deck Buying Guide

Gaming itself involves a lot of components working together and so the battery has to give out more than a usual percentage. Therefore it runs out faster but your hobby of playing on the steam deck can bum you out as games like God of war will have it end in 2 hours minimum.

This is why one needs to choose a power bank that will not let the fun stop and can also support you outside your home for other devices as well. Before making a purchase, the user needs to understand the basic features that should be noticed while looking for a capable power bank.


There are different capacities available from 50,000 mAh as MAXOAK laptop bank offers and 30,000 as well by Yobon. The difference is the charging time and devices connection on a single one of these. You can also choose smaller capacity ones from 20,000 to 10,000 that can charge your smartphones, tablets or consoles multiple times.

Charging hours:

The bigger numbers will take 4-8 hours of fully charging if we talk about 50,000 mAh. They are programmed to give you several charges on your smartphone like iphone 12 and previous version can be boosted up to 10 times average. Other devices like ipads, cameras or steam deck can also be hooked up more than thrice.

Battery type:

Some users might not consider this as an important factor but it can create an impact on the longevity of the product. Lithium polymer is a known to be supportive of long term usage without affecting your device’s health after frequent use.


Some power banks comes with 4 devices connection at the same time but it also leads to overvoltage or short circuit as well. But with intelligent protection system, you will not have to worry about a thing. Just plug and let it charge while you take a good nap, shower or snack etc. After all gamers have a life too!


The design of your power source may have an integrated cable so you do not have to keep it separate or worry about losing it. Even the signal wires are often damaged easily as they are just single wires. Such equipped design will keep them safe and sound and only appropriate to come out when in use.


If we are talking about console users like steam deck, USB Type C is a proper way to hype it up. Others can also use micro USB as well but if you want to charge a device that uses 5V, you have to use a power bank with barrel jack to convert the DC right for your device.


One of the best things about this invention is that it is portable and some are even very lightweight. They can be carried around easily in your pocket, purse and bag packs etc.

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