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Best Motherboards for i9 11900K (ATX, EATX, ITX)

You need to have the best motherboard for i9 11900K by your side for a high-end processor. It is important to balance both CPU and motherboards’ power and performance. These boards have the best reviews from the users as they are an idea of compatibility.

There are many options as to why you need to choose these products for your processor. The addition of Wi-Fi 6 can lure any user for faster networking with many other connections. Some of them include Thunderbolt 4, allowing you to expand your display resolution with 8K and 40 Gbps speed for transferring data.

Supporting all the 10th and 11th gen core processors, it enables PCIe 4.0 and expansion slots ready for action. Dual 2.5G LAN and DDR4 memory boost the networking and overall performance for storing data up to 128GB. M.2 heatsinks and a comprehensive cooling system sustain the board’s temperature while actively dissipating heat.

BIOS update with q-flash and a button resolves the issue of installation. Aura RGB enhances the board’s look on the whole, whereas there are several connectivity ports. This feature allows you to connect multiple devices at the same time for upgrading your system.

As much as the form factor is concerned, these boards are ATX formed, which means you have more connectivity options. USB 3.2 Gen 2 supports 20 GBps of speed, plus NVMe SSDs offer fast data storage.

A bonus is the Bluetooth and supremeFX for clear audio is how these motherboards cover all the essentials. The need for looking into the market has been saved as this hassle is already resolved for you with this category of motherboards.

Our top rated recommendation for the best motherboard for i9 11900K

  1. ROG Maximus XIII Hero ATX Gaming Motherboard
  2. MSI MEG Z490 ACE Gaming Motherboard
  3. GIGABYTE Z590 UD AC LAN/Motherboard)
  4. ROG Strix Z590-E Gaming WiFi 6E LGA 1200(Intel 11th/10th Gen) ATX Gaming Motherboard
  5. ASUS TUF Gaming Z590-Plus WiFi 6 LGA 1200 (Intel 11th/10th Gen) ATX Gaming Motherboard
  6. MSI MPG X570 Gaming Edge WiFi Motherboard

1. ROG Maximus XIII Hero (WiFi 6E) Z590 LGA 1200(Intel11th/10th Gen) ATX Gaming Motherboard

ROG Maximus XIII Hero (WiFi 6E) Z590 LGA 1200(Intel11th10th Gen) ATX Gaming Motherboard

To power your system, a motherboard is a necessary invention for managing the major components. ROG Maximum XIII Hero is one of those machines loaded with Intel LGA socket 1200 and 10th gen core, Pentium gold plus Celeron processors. 

14+2 teamed power stages are built with 90 Amps, whereas the ProCool II power connectors contain fine alloy chokes for sustainability. 10k Japanese capacitors are known for their sturdy performance and the board’s reliability working with black capacitors.

One of this motherboard’s profound features is its two-way AI noise cancellation. It serves the user with a deep learning database to reduce the different background noise for almost 500 million types. Ensuring crystal clear audio for calls and gaming makes this board an all-rounder.

The architecture of ROG Maximus XIII consists of the tendency to switch between low load, full action, and deep power saving rapidly. It rises above the challenge of ordinary CPU demands for incredible thermal performance. Speaking of the processors, OptiMem III enables the memory kits to run on low latencies. this motherboard is compatible with some of the most powerful gaming boards like Core i5-11600K , RX 6600 XT, and the best gaming board with thunderbolt 4.

11th gen Intel core rocket lake processor support is possible, which requires more bandwidth. The comprehensive cooling system is also PCIe 4.0 ready with M.2 slots x4 and 2 PCIe 4.0. Speedy SSDs are loved by every user as much as the integration of Wi-Fi 6 with a radio spectrum in 6GHz.

Wireless networking speed with a bandwidth up to 160 MHz spreads along with the performance rating. USB 3.2Gen 2×2 on the front panel is provided for data transfer with a throughput of 20 Gbps. The addition of ALC4082 SupremeFX eliminates distortion for playback convenience. 

2. MSI MEG Z490 ACE Gaming Motherboard

MSI MEG Z490 ACE Gaming Motherboard

MSI MEG Z490 ACE is all about the aesthetics and power design containing enough stamina to put up with the latest processors. 16+1 phases are built to drive reliability in the system during heavy load. 90A power stages and dual power connectors are also decent to add to the design.

The introduction of 2.5G LAN and 1G LAN of ethernet LAN involves the high bandwidth for demanding tasks like gaming. Low latency networking and Gigabit LAN features the speed you require to compete with any bandwidth type. 

For high-speed networking and wireless connections, Wi-Fi 6 by Intel delivers the Bluetooth solution’s AX speed. 2.4 Gbps speed with the adoption of OFDMA and 2 way MU-MIMO support allows the device to increase its wireless capability.

A chest plate is made from rigid material included on the back and is used for reinforcing the edges of the board along with the connectors. It also prevents any damage to the surfaces of components during the board’s installation process. I/O shielding handles the board easily and safely with its grounded patent design, such as ports and electrostatic discharge that can cause harm.

The good news for gamers is the ESL pro league partnership with the brand for users to take part in ESL tournaments. A 20G USB type C makes the large file movement and data transfer. Uncompressed video footage and raw image quality with simulation data are some of this features’ perks.

The boosting DDR4 memory boost has an unmatched performance with user looks’ stability. Its memory circuit layout involves the optimization that is needed for the required reliability.

3. GIGABYTE Z590 UD AC LAN/Motherboard)

GIGABYTE Z590 UD AC LAN Motherboard)

The motherboard’s ATX form factor is Gigabyte’s Z590 UD AC that operates with PCIe 4.0 x16 slots and PCIe 3.0 x4 slots. A single PCIe 3.0 x1 locates at the bottom of the board along with SATA M.2 slots and 5 SATA ports  RAID 0,1,5 and 10. 122+1 power stages with digital VRM support and DrMOS of 50A power is quite an upgrade.

Dual-channel Non-ECC DDR4 memory with 4 DIMM slots makes the saving of data up to 128GB space. Unify your information without any trouble with this latest memory slot, where the commands are fulfilled instantly. With the support of 11th and 10th generation core Intel processors and LGA 1200 socket, this device becomes future-proof.

A better memory clocking is necessary these days, and for that, Gigabyte has included shield memory routing. Enlarged VRM heatsink increases surface contact along with improved airflow structure. Smart FAN 6 has multiple temperature sensors on the board that can sense the extra heat out of the system.

Hybrid fan headers with FAN stop technology are the new way of keeping your components safe from any damage. Intel 802.11ac wireless Wi-Fi and Bluetooth with high gain antenna services with a faster networking process. Connect with the world online through trouble-free networking speed.

USB 3.2 Gen 2 and type C on the front are added for versatile connections. Faster file transfer and charging of devices are possible with this feature. Quick and easy installation is possible with pre-installed I.O Shield, Q-flash plus, and BIOS update. RGB fusion 2.0 enables the addressable LED light to glow and enhance the board’s design structure along with RGB strips.

4. ROG Strix Z590-E Gaming WiFi 6E LGA 1200(Intel 11th/10th Gen) ATX Gaming Motherboard

ROG Strix Z590-E Gaming WiFi 6E LGA 1200(Intel 11th10th Gen) ATX Gaming Motherboard

ROG Strix Z490-E motherboard includes the support of an LGA 1200 socket compatible with 10th and 11th gen CPUs. maximum performance is unleashed with these smartboards with AI overclocking and cooling systems ready for action. 14+2 power stages with ProCool II connector revolve around the fact that this board is designed for robust power.

Alloy chokes and capacitors speak for their durability to sustain the power management of the system. These components are necessary to demand while dealing with multiple core processors as they tend to overclock. ASUS’s passion for creating this technology can be seen in its power design, including Digi+ power control and 6 layer PCB.

All the latest equipment is becoming future-proof and coping with the heat produced; a comprehensive cooling solution is needed. Thanks to ASUS for making fan brack and VRM fanning to dissipate maximum heat away from sensitive parts. 

Integrated I/O cover of VRM heatsinks is also put to contain its performance and leakage risk. Thermal pads and M.2 heatsinks with backplates are involved in making a robust cooling solution. CPU fan header with AIO pump fan header can also be seen on the chassis. this board is also perfect for Deep learning board.

Its two-way noise cancellation is much to talk about that blocks various background noises to reduce distortion in the audio. Not only from the speakers but the microphones as well. This clean and concealed audio preserves the system, so no distraction from other components can disturb the user’s performance rate.

PCIe 4.0 ready board features the 4 M.2 slots onboard with utmost flexibility. Each of these ports is trained to transfer fast data speed with M.2 backplate to conceal the heat. Wi-Fi 6 Intel and dual 2.5G ethernet is a wired connection for an improved networking process.

5. ASUS TUF Gaming Z590-Plus WiFi 6 LGA 1200 (Intel 11th/10th Gen) ATX Gaming Motherboard

ASUS TUF Gaming Z590-Plus WiFi 6 LGA 1200 (Intel 11th10th Gen) ATX Gaming Motherboard

Intel Wi-Fi 6 support is ASUS TUF gaming Z590-Plus board’s one of the biggest flex. Required for faster networking and unbeatable speed, 802.11ax has a peak bandwidth of 2.4Gbps. This board is designed for an optimized operation while dealing with crowded networks.

DrMos 14+2 power stages with VRM combine both peaks and MOSFETs drives in a single board. Its efficiency makes the delivery smoother and robust that is the demand of the latest core processors. A 1.6 times larger VRM heatsink covers the board’s area with a choke to upgrade the heat dissipation system.

Thermal pads are installed to help the heat transfer more profoundly without damaging sensitive components. 3 M.2 heatsinks are also seen on the chassis kept at optimum operation for temperature control and sustenance. Fans are controlled through fan Xpert 4 or BIOS UEFI by the brand.

PCIe 4.0 ready devices with M.2 slots have the speed of 64 Gbps, whereas NVMe SSD raid support is exemplary. This storage type involves high speed for data transfer without trouble. USB 3.2 Gen 2×2 type C ports ensure the connectivity of the peripherals. A bandwidth of 20GBps is expected from these ports.

Thunderbolt 4 support enhances the board’s overall performance in so many ways. Having this feature onboard unlocks an era of new possibilities for the gaming arena. 40 Gbps of speed and 8K resolution display is possible with 100 watts of power charging.

Intel Wi-Fi 6 module is compatible with fast networking on a peak of 2.4 Gbps with the efficiency of competing with a lot of traffic. This feature enables the routers for potential networking that demands competitive online gaming.it has also supported by Z590 Motherboard.

6. MSI MPG X570 Gaming Edge WiFi Motherboard

MSI MPG X570 Gaming Edge WiFi Motherboard

MSI MPG X570 gaming edge motherboard is loaded with sharp features and designs made for today’s world. On a premium layout, 8+4 pin power connectors are born ready for pulling out maximum performance. Its DIY-friendly setup makes its setup and usage convenient.

Any gaming rig can be chosen with multiple cooling solutions and ports for a healthy system build. Speaking of cooling, it is an important factor in sustaining the board’s temperature. Reliable power delivery is possible with MOSFETs heatsinks and various fan headers that control the fan speed. this motherboard also matches Ryzen 7 5700G , AMD Ryzen 3 5300G, and AMD Ryzen 5 5600G perfectly.

On the top, there are larger heatsinks that dissipate more heat and excessive thermal evaporation since they contain more surface area. M.2 shield Frozr sustains the speed transfer of M.2 SSD while eliminating throttling with the thermal solution. BIOS software is responsible for all the fan control and temperature management, plus it is easy to use.

Depending on your type of command, there are 3 modes: boost, balance, and silence for the automatic adjustment of fans’ speed. Moreover, pre-installed I/O shielding protects from electrostatic discharge. The Flash BIOS button is helpful in troubleshooting during BIOS updates.

PCIe Gen 4 with 64 GBs bandwidth is another perk of MSI MPG motherboard as it is doubled from the previous generations. DDR4 boost memory is made for numerous configurations to get the most out of your system. 4800MHZ of memory speed lets this motherboard win the race without being slow and steady.

The preset profile includes an easy overclocking feature with a performance boost. Digital power design consists of precise current delivery forwarded to the processor. It also includes an uninterrupted USB type C connection with a USB 3.2 gen 2 port.We recommended

Best motherboard for i9 11900K Buying Guide

Building your type of PC can be challenging when you are unaware of what suits your system best. Many factors should be considered, such as an excellent core CPU and a motherboard for backing it up.

Form factor:

This feature may not affect the performance but make sure your board’s form factor is equivalent to your cabinet. ATX motherboards are possible the full size of this machine, whereas Micro ATX, Mini ITX is the smaller and compact ones. EATX, just like ATX, provides more connectivity options than any other form.


If you are getting aboard for core i9 processor, it has an FCLGA1151 socket for full compatibility. LGA 1200 sockets might also work as above mentioned boards are all compatible with this socket to power your engines. On the other hand, a chipset is another important factor to note. For overclocking purposes, you need to have an equally powerful board.


4 DIMM memory slots with 64 up to 128GB memory capacity is quite the direction to turn to. DDR4 Boost provides the power to process RAM for a better performance rate. On the contrary multiple SSD, M.2 slots, and SATA 3 ports (6 in number maximum) are needed for storing data in bulks.

Cooling system:

BIOS update has its features such as fan control and temperature management with the comprehensive cooling system. Hybrid fan headers with M.2 backplate on the heatsink and AI cooling provide the backing for sustaining the system’s temperature. The dissipation of heat through comprehensive and DIY design can also be present on the user’s priority list. To fight overclocking and gaming commands, a PC might heat up and slow down the performance.


PCI-e 4.0 slots present on your board are a plus point for your computer as all the card installation needs this slot to be working. Higher versatility means that you need to have more expansion slots. Graphics card of your display content will most likely be affected by these slots’ presence or absence.


To check for this feature is highly recommended to have the connection input for other devices is advantageous no matter what. Multiple ports like USB 3.2 Gen 2, Thunderbolt 4, Wi-Fi 5-6, RAM slots, etc., open new horizons for a transfer speed of data. This also makes your system versatile and robust as it can contain various options.

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