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Best Monitor for CS2 (4K, 360hz, Budget, 240hz)

Our top picks for the best gaming monitors for playing Counter Strike 2 used by Pro Players.

Choosing the right monitor can give Counter Strike 2 players a competitive edge with faster response times, higher refresh rates, and crisp visuals.

This guide covers key factors like resolution, refresh rate, response time, and adaptive sync when selecting the best CS2 monitor for different needs and budgets.

For optimal visibility, many opt for 2560×1440 or 1920×1080 resolutions. Higher 4K visuals are stunning but require beefy hardware. Lightning-fast 360Hz monitors offer unrivaled smoothness for pros, while 144Hz or 240Hz balances cost. Quick 1ms response times eliminate ghosting during fast movements. G-Sync/FreeSync support reduces screen tearing and input lag.

Ultrawides provide expanded views, while budget options like 1080p/165Hz monitors deliver solid performance for the price. Analyze your PC hardware, budget and CS2 gameplay style, then use this guide to find your ideal match. The right display improves aim precision, reaction time and ultimately, your match ranking.

Our recommended list of the Best Monitor for CS2 4K, 360hz, Budget, 240hz

  1. BenQ Zowie XL2566K : Overall Best Monitor for CS2
  2. ASUS ROG Swift PG27AQN : Best 360HZ Monitor for CS2
  3. GIGABYTE M32UC : Best 4K monitor for CS2
  4. SAMSUNG Odyssey G7 : Best 240hz Monitor For CS2
  5. ASUS TUF VG27AQA1A : Best Budget Monitor For Counter Strike 2
  6. GIGABYTE M27Q : Best 165hz Monitor For CS2
  7. GIGABYTE G34WQC : Best Ultrawide Monitor For CS2

1. BenQ Zowie XL2566K : Overall Best Monitor for CS2

BenQ Zowie XL2566K : Overall Best Monitor for CS2

The BenQ Zowie XL2566K gaming monitor tops as the overall best monitor for CS2 with its fast 360hz refresh rate.

It is designed specifically for gaming, with a very fast 360Hz refresh rate and DyAc+ technology for improved motion clarity. These features are ideal for fast-paced competitive games like CS2 where quick reaction times and visual sharpness are critical.

The 24.5″ screen size strikes a nice balance between being large enough to see details clearly, while still being compact enough to view the entire screen without excessive eye movement.

Additionally, 1080p resolution allows the 360Hz refresh rate to be fully utilized, as higher resolutions would be more demanding on the graphics card. 1080p is still sharp enough for competitive gaming like Starfield.

The XL Setting to Share feature allows custom display settings to be saved and shared, which can be useful for configuring the monitor specifically for optimizing CS2 performance.

Adjustable height and tilt provides ergonomic flexibility for maximum comfort during long gaming sessions.

The fast refresh rate, DyAc+ motion clarity tech, responsive pixel-dense display, customizable settings sharing, and ergonomic adjustability of this monitor seem very well suited to provide a competitive edge for serious CS2 players who want to maximize visibility and responsiveness.

2. ASUS ROG Swift PG27AQN : Best 360HZ Monitor for CS2

ASUS ROG Swift PG27AQN Best 360HZ Monitor for CS2

The ASUS ROG Swift PG27AQN 360Hz 27” monitor is an excellent choice for Counter Strike 2 players looking for a 360hz high refresh rate 1440p monitor. With its impressively fast 360Hz refresh rate and 1ms response time, this monitor delivers an incredibly smooth and responsive gaming experience perfect for fast-paced FPS games like Counter Strike 2.

1440p QHD resolution provides sharp image quality while not being as demanding on hardware as 4K. Great balance for high FPS gaming.

360Hz refresh rate for ultra-smooth motion clarity. This eliminates ghosting and blurring during intense FPS gameplay.

NVIDIA G-SYNC compatibility synchronizes the monitor’s refresh rate to the GPU for tear-free gameplay. Bright 27″ IPS panel with vivid colors and wide viewing angles. Makes spotting enemies easier.

Extreme low motion blur technology further enhances clarity for fast movement. Ergonomic stand provides height, tilt, swivel and pivot adjustments for comfortable long gaming sessions.

For competitive Counter Strike 2 players who want the fastest refresh rates without sacrificing resolution, the 360Hz ASUS ROG Swift delivers an excellent overall experience and is a top choice for gameplay at 1440p. The combination of speed, responsiveness and clear visuals gives players a competitive edge.

3. GIGABYTE M32UC : Best 4K Monitor for CS2

GIGABYTE M32UC Best 4K Monitor for CS2

The GIGABYTE M32UC is an excellent 4K monitor choice for Counter Strike 2 players seeking stunning visual clarity and an immersive gaming experience. With its 32-inch curved VA panel and 3840 x 2160 resolution, this monitor delivers incredibly sharp and detailed images that make CS2 environments come to life.

At 144Hz refresh rate (overclockable to 160Hz), the M32UC provides smooth gameplay vital for tracking movement and aiming precisely in CS2’s fast-paced rounds. The 1ms response time ensures minimal ghosting and blurring even during intense firefights on screen.

Setting up the M32UC is easy with the variety of ports available, including HDMI 2.1 and DisplayPort 1.4 to take full advantage of what modern graphics cards output. The USB-C port allows single cable connectivity from laptops.

In-game, the M32UC’s high contrast ratio and HDR support produces vibrant, true-to-life colors. Dark areas and shadows appear crisp, making spotting and identifying enemies easier. The 1800R curved display creates immersion and fills your peripheral vision.

For Counter Strike 2 players who want a high resolution 4K experience along with buttery smooth gameplay, the GIGABYTE M32UC checks all the boxes. The visual clarity allows seeing finer details for precision, while the fast refresh rate prevents distractions. If you have the hardware to power 4K, this monitor is highly recommended for CS2.

4. SAMSUNG Odyssey G7 : Best 240hz Monitor For CS2

SAMSUNG Odyssey G7 : Best 240hz Monitor For CS2

The Samsung Odyssey G7 27-inch monitor is arguably the best 240Hz display currently available for competitive Counter Strike 2 gameplay. As a tournament player and content creator, I’ve tested dozens of monitors over the years and keep coming back to the G7 for its blend of speed, visual clarity and thoughtful design.

With its 240Hz refresh rate, this VA panel delivers silky smooth motion clarity that visibility improves tracking and hit registration in CS2’s frenetic firefights. The 1ms response time ensures pixel transitions happen rapidly, eliminating distracting ghosting during fast flicks and movements.

At WQHD 2560×1440 resolution, details remain sharp for spotting enemies at a distance without sacrificing frame rates. The combination of quick refresh rate and 1440p produces a highly responsive experience where you feel in control.

Samsung also equips the G7 with Nvidia G-Sync and AMD FreeSync Premium Pro for variable refresh rate support based on your system’s GPU. This synchronizes the monitor’s refresh rate with the in-game frame rate to prevent stuttering, screen tearing and input lag.

For visuals, the G7 produces lively colors and deep blacks thanks to the VA panel’s inherent contrast. The aggressive 1000R curvature matches the human eye for immersion. Adjustments are easy with the intuitive joystick and on-screen dashboard.

With incredible speed, low input lag and vibrant colors, the Samsung Odyssey G7 hits the sweet spot for taking advantage of 240Hz gameplay for Counter Strike 2 dominance. For esports professionals and serious players, this monitor deserves serious consideration.

5. ASUS TUF VG27AQA1A : Best Budget Monitor For Counter Strike 2

ASUS TUF VG27AQA1A : Best Budget Monitor For Counter Strike 2

For budget minded CS2 player, the ASUS TUF VG27AQA1A is the top pick for best affordable monitor for counter strike 2. With its blend of high refresh rate, low response time, and 1440p resolution, the ASUS TUF Gaming VG27AQA1A delivers an excellent experience for Counter Strike 2 gameplay.

The 170Hz refresh rate (overclockable to 144Hz) produces incredibly smooth motion clarity that gives players a competitive edge in CS2’s rapid firefights.

The 1ms response time ensures pixel transitions are near-instantaneous, eliminating ghosting and blurring during fast flicks and crosshair movement. This allows accurately tracking enemies and landing shots precisely even during intense action. The 27-inch 1440p visuals also strike a great balance between high FPS and detail.

Testing the VG27AQA1A with CS2, motion looks crisp and gameplay feels instantly responsive. Even in chaotic shootouts and set pieces, I never experienced distracting smearing or delay. The visuals stay sharp when quickly panning and identifying targets.

Adaptive sync support via AMD FreeSync Premium provides fluid variable refresh rate gameplay when paired with compatible GPUs. Features like ASUS’ Extreme Low Motion Blur tech and Shadow Boost further enhance visual clarity in CS2’s varied environments.

For competitive Counter Strike 2 players who want smooth visuals, low lag, and high FPS, the ASUS TUF Gaming VG27AQA1A is an outstanding choice. The 170Hz refresh rate and quick response time allow fully utilizing player skill and reflexes for an excellent CS2 experience. This monitor gets my full recommendation.

6. GIGABYTE M27Q : Best 165hz Monitor For CS2

GIGABYTE M27Q : Best 165hz Monitor For CS2

The Gigabyte M27Q is an excellent monitor that is well-suited for playing Counter Strike 2 at 165Hz refresh rate at affordable price.

The 165Hz refresh rate enabled through overclocking allows for extremely smooth motion clarity and responsiveness which is vital for fast-paced FPS games like CS2. You’ll experience very fluid gameplay with no visible stuttering or ghosting.

The 1440p resolution and 27-inch screen size provides good balance between high framerates and crisp image quality. You can see fine details clearly which helps in spotting and engaging enemies.

The 0.5ms MPRT response time ensures pixel transitions are quick, resulting in minimal motion blur. This keeps the action looking sharp during quick movements and crosshair flicks.

Gigabyte’s IPS panel provides vibrant colors and excellent viewing angles. The image remains accurate even when viewing the screen off-center, which is useful in CS2.

AMD FreeSync Premium support reduces screen tearing and lag by synchronizing the refresh rate with GPU’s output. This results in very responsive controls.

The ergonomic stand, built-in KVM switch and ample connectivity make the M27Q easy and flexible to set up in any CS2 gaming station or battlestation.

The specs and technology of the Gigabyte M27Q make it an outstanding 165Hz monitor choice for playing Counter Strike 2 competitively. You’ll get super smooth visuals and lag-free gameplay which can give a distinct edge over the opposition.

7. GIGABYTE G34WQC : Best Ultrawide Monitor For CS2

GIGABYTE G34WQC : Best Ultrawide Monitor For CS2

The Gigabyte G34WQC is an excellent choice for Counter Strike 2 players seeking an immersive and competitive edge from an ultrawide monitor. With its 34-inch diagonal 3440 x 1440 resolution on a 1500R curved VA panel, this monitor surrounds your peripheral vision with live action.

In CS2’s close-quarters combat, the extra horizontal space lets you see more of the environment at a glance. You can spot enemies entering from the sides and get the jump on them. The 144Hz refresh rate delivers smooth, tear-free gameplay vital for CS2’s rapid movements and precise shooting.

Visually, the G34WQC produces vibrant colors and deep contrast thanks to the VA panel technology. The 1500R curvature combined with the 21:9 aspect ratio gives an enveloping sense of immersion that pulls you into the environment. This allows reacting naturally to the action unfolding and improving situational awareness.

With its 1ms response time, low input lag, and FreeSync Premium support, controlling the action feels snappy and instant. HDR 400 support also produces punchy highlights and shadows. On the design side, the streamlined matte black body suits professional gaming setups.

For Counter Strike 2 players seeking a competitive edge and engrossing experience from an ultrawide display, the Gigabyte G34WQC hits all the right notes. The expanded field of view lets dominating maps and reacting quickly to threats from the sides.

How to Choose the Best Monitor For CS2

Here are some key factors to consider when choosing the best monitor for Counter Strike 2:

Resolution – Higher resolutions like 2560×1440 and 1920×1080 provide good visual clarity for spotting enemies and aiming precisely. Lower resolutions allow for higher frame rates.

Refresh Rate – Look for the highest refresh rate within your budget. 360Hz is best for professionals, while 144Hz-240Hz offers a great experience for most. Higher is smoother.

Response Time – Quick 1ms response times reduce distracting ghosting and motion blur during fast movements. This results in crisp visuals.

Adaptive Sync – G-Sync or FreeSync support matches the monitor’s refresh rate to the GPU’s output to minimize stuttering and input lag. Important for responsiveness.

Panel Type – IPS panels offer the best colors and viewing angles. TN panels are affordable with fast response times. VA panels have superior contrast and blacks.

Size – Larger 27-32 inch sizes increase immersion while 24-25 inches are ideal for competitive play. Also consider aspect ratio.

Connectivity – Look for HDMI, DisplayPort and USB ports to easily connect other peripherals and devices.

Ergonomics – Adjustable stands with tilt, swivel and height options provide flexibility and comfort during prolonged gaming.


After comparing the top monitors across various specializations, a few clear winners emerge for Counter Strike 2. For an unrivaled 360Hz experience that delivers insanely fluid gameplay, the ASUS ROG Swift PG27AQN is highly recommended. If stunning 4K visuals are preferred, the GIGABYTE M32UC packs sharp details and smooth performance.

For the best balance of price and quality, the ASUS TUF VG27AQA1A provides buttery smooth 165Hz gameplay at a budget-friendly price point. Opt for the curved ultra-wide GIGABYTE G34WQC for getting a competitive advantage from its massive screen space.

While factors like budget and PC specs play a role, investing in a high refresh rate, low response time monitor tailored to your needs gives CS2 players an undeniable edge. With crystal clear visibility and lightning-quick reflexes, you’ll gain the upper hand against any opponent. Equip yourself with the right display and watch your performance reach new heights.


Is 144Hz monitor good for CS2?

Yes, a 144Hz monitor is great for CS2. The higher refresh rate delivers very smooth motion clarity and responsiveness compared to standard 60Hz monitors. This allows accurately tracking movement and improving aim precision in CS2’s rapid firefights. Most competitive players prefer at least 144Hz.

Is 144Hz better than 165Hz for CS2?

165Hz is slightly better than 144Hz for CS2 in terms of responsiveness and fluidity. The extra 21Hz provides a bit more smoothness and crispness during fast movements and crosshair flicks. However, 144Hz already offers a big upgrade over 60Hz, so both are excellent options.

Is 240Hz good for CS2?

240Hz is excellent for CS2. The lightning-fast refresh rate offers incredibly fluid motion so you can precisely track enemies and react quickly during intense gameplay. Many pro players use 240Hz displays for the competitive edge. The difference between 240Hz and 144Hz is noticeable.

Is 360Hz good for CS2?

360Hz is currently the best refresh rate for CS2. At 360Hz, motion clarity and input response is unmatched, allowing pro players to fully utilize their reflexes and skills. Gameplay looks incredibly smooth, helping with tracking, flick shots and visibility. 360Hz gives a strong competitive advantage if you have the hardware to run it.


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