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Best Keyboard for Valorant (Gaming, Settings, Mini)

Find out Mini and Gaming best keyboard for valorant lovers.

A keyboard is essential while building a PC for gaming, especially for games like Valorant, which demands critical movement. That’s why in this buying guide, we have mustered the most used keyboards by VALORANT players. These keyboards hold enough features so you can play Valorant and many games like these seamlessly.

However, before going into the details of these keyboards as a gamer, it is worth knowing what must-have features your keyboards must include. As we know, Valorant is a team-based free-to-play first-person game involving multiple movements like spray patterns and precision while moving.

If you are looking for keyboards for gaming, specifically games like Valorant, then it’s obvious you need to customize your PC for games. For this case, you need to buy a significant keyboard with diverse functionality and flexible mechanical moves. Because there are many types of keyboards in the market. That’s why it is not possible that one keyboard that is best for performing technical data purposes is also suitable for gaming. For example Membrane keyboards can be considered for gaming. But it might not be a good option for games like Valorant that demand faster response time. Especially if you are a pro-level gamer and want to achieve the First title. 

Likewise, to perform a diversity of shooting patterns, more importantly, to shoot accurately, you need a good keyboard for this job. Plus, if you and your team have a goal to achieve the winning title after battling 13 rounds, then an upgraded keyboard would be your best partner. Whether you are an attacker or defender team for plating a perfect spike or fast subtle movements, you need a keyboard with sufficient mechanical switches. This will make your gaming session more responsive and progressive than before. You can consider G pro-X Shroud from Logitec, which comes with progressive GX Red Linear switches.  

Although, let’s suppose you already have a keyboard with enough mechanical switches. What can you do to make your keyboard more like a gaming pro? Here comes another important factor that is Anti-ghosting and N-key rollover. A keyboard with this feature ensures that you can press multiple keys simultaneously. So if you want to register this factor in your keyboard, you can consider buying SteelSeries Apex 7 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard with a smart display feature. 

Many other factors, like lighting and pricing, depending on the gamer or user. Suppose you want a flashy touch in your keyboard and want to customize its lightning with your graphical card or overall system. You can consider Razer BlackWidow V3 Mini HyperSpeed 65% wireless mechanical gaming keyboard product from our list. It includes RGB sync lightning with Doubleshot ABS keycaps and a Battery life of 200 hours. Similarly, for the pricing, it is not obvious to buy a highly expensive keyboard. 

You can buy a mid-range keyboard if it provides sufficient features required for your gaming needs. For example, if a keyboard is highly priced for fancy features like RGB lighting, you can cut that need. Because the lightning effect doesn’t have a direct effect on your game performance. However, again, it depends on your needs, preferences, and choice. So let’s head down to get an exclusive briefing about your best keyboards available in the market right now. 

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Our recommended list of the Best Keyboard for Valorant

  1. HyperX Alloy FPS Pro Tenkeyless Mechanical Gaming Keyboard
  2. Logitech G PRO X USB Keyboard
  3. Razer BlackWidow V3 Mini HyperSpeed Gaming Keyboard
  4. Corsair K70 RGB MK.2 Rapidfire Mechanical Gaming Keyboard
  5. ASUS ROG Strix Scope NX TKL Gaming Mechanical Keyboard
  6. SteelSeries Apex 7 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

1- HyperX Alloy FPS Pro Tenkeyless Gaming Keyboard 

Presenting one of the most reliable and ideal mechanical keyboards from HyperX. This keyboard is highly recommended for long gaming sessions and high fps games like Valorant. It is a tenkeyless mechanical keyboard, thus providing more space for full mouse movement. Tenkeyless keyboards are the type of mechanical keyboards that come without a numeric keypad. Now you might be thinking that without a numpad, this keyboard may not be the right choice for you. But it is worth mentioning that this mechanical gaming keyboard includes all the standard and functional keys. 

Along with all these arrows and editing keys, this HyperX Alloy Fps pro keyboard also includes extra gaming-specific keys. In addition, if you are an office employee or programmer, you can also add to the cart this keyboard because it causes less fatigue due to its compact size and wrist key movement. Coming towards its design, it is a highly minimal and decent-designed keyword without any sophisticated details or functionality. As mentioned earlier, it is a tenkeyless mechanical keyboard. Hence it comes in middle-size dimensions. Its dimensions which measure 14.1 in length, 5.1 in height, and 1.5 in width, make it portable and reliable for use. 

However, if you want to purchase a keyboard with a numerical part, you can consider buying HyperX Alloy Fps, which is a sibling of this keyboard series with Numpad. Moreover, its gaming-specific features like anti-ghosting and N key rollover function allow more precise movement in gaming. Manufactured from Alloy steel material, it is attractive, sustainable, and long-lasting. With its backlit and dynamic lighting effect, you can crash every game. 

Just plug in and kill your opposite team in the Valorant game with this highly cooperative and cost-effective keyboard from HyperX. Last but not least, its Cherry MX mechanical key switches make this keyboard a must-have asset for every gamer. Because Cherry MX switches have considerable benefits over ordinary switches. So if you are looking for a perfect partner with a unique feel and actuation force, then look no further. HyperX Alloy Fps Pro Tenkeyless Mechanical keyboard got you covered.  


  • Tenkeyless Mechanical keyboard
  • Cherry MX key switches
  • Simple design
  • Less actuation force
  • Cost-effective


  • Lack of customization software

2- Logitech G PRO X USB Keyboard – SHROUD Edition

 Our other tenkeyless keyboard is the G pro-X Shroud from Logitec, which is equipped with many advanced features for gaming gurus. Like its GCX Red Linear switch type, RGB backlit, detachable micro USB cable, and compact design make it unprecedented in the keyboard world. On top of that, its competitive no-slip and adjustable rubber feet and 12 programmable keys make it an obvious partner for pro games to win any game on any platform. So, let’s dive in more deeply and discover how this keyboard can add more spice to your gaming actions on the virtual battlefield. Firstly, we can’t get over its solid black color along with GX Red Linear switches.  

These switches are specially manufactured by Logitec manufacturers to provide a consistent and seamless gaming experience. With a total travel distance of 2.0mm and only 45g force actuation, they provide faster response keystrokes. Hence if you are looking for an ideal keystroke to improve your attacking time in games, then this keyboard is ideal for you. Along with these assortments, it comes with more little but inevitable chunks to spruce up overall gaming. One of these chunks is a number of keys with dynamic features and functionality. It is armed with 90 numbers of keys, including all standard switches, arrow keys, editing keys, and macros. Moreover, it is compact in design and detachable. On top of that, it also gives you an option of key swapping. 

It means you can make this keyboard highly customizable according to your work requirement. Hence, perform all professional and action-centered gaming tasks simultaneously. Some other aspects, like the tenkeyless layout and led lightning, make it highly demandable and suitable for export and the gaming community. At first glance, it may look like an obsolete keypad meant for typing, but believe us; it’s more than that when it comes to performance. The feature that sets it apart from its competitors is portability. You can carry this keyboard in your traveling bag or in your office backpack because of its ideal dimensions and weight. 


  • GX Red Linear switch type
  • Portable 
  • Compact design
  • 90 number of keys
  • Lightsync program 


  • It is only possible to program macros in function rows.

3- Razer BlackWidow V3 Gaming Keyboard

If you have been surfing the internet for a mechanical keyboard specifically for playing Valorant with tactile or linear switches, then this keyboard is all you need. However, with all its premium features and powerful counterparts, it might look sophisticated if you are a regular user. Plus, you might feel overwhelmed with its intuitive look and style, but in a nutshell, it’s simply a keyboard with some fancy features. First of all, if you are buying a keyboard solely for writing purposes or reading purposes, then this might not make a good pair for you. Because the prime purpose of this keyboard is to serve pro gamers and other complicated tasks that require fast speed. 

As mentioned, this keyboard provides hyper speed of up to 65% with less force due to its sensitive keycaps. Not only sensitive, but its key tabs are highly receptive, especially for performing game actions in games like Valorant. Coming towards its another factor that was appreciated by many users is its top-notch layout. Without exaggerating, its connectivity configuration melts the heart of the gamers community. Because its wireless bluethood and USB connectivity provide you a lot of space for mouse movement while gaming. So there is less clutter on the desk. Plus, you can also enjoy using your work while keeping it on your lap or on the couch. 

Eventually, you can gear up your gaming experience and book a winning slot in your favorite game without compromising on quality. Moreover, when it comes to the essential features must be required for playing a Valorant game. Some other technical specs that makes this keypad favorite among many gamers is its battery life. Up to an ideal limit, it can stay active for up to 200 hours. It means you can take this keyboard if you are a travel person or like playing games or doing long work sessions at coffee shops. 

More interestingly, it only takes 5 hours to fully charge its power bag. Hence providing maximum power efficiency and durability simultaneously. Not only this, it contains a bunch of standard, gaming-specific, and additional keys needed for some significant functions. Thus enjoy the Razer BlackWidow V3 Mini hyperSpeed 65% wireless mechanical gaming keyboard to upgrade your gaming experience. 


  • Wireless USB connectivity
  • Green tactile and clicky mechanical switches 
  • Doubleshot ABS keycaps
  • Battery life 200 hours
  • RGB lighting


  • The expensive Price tag for beginning gamers

4- Corsair K70 RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

We included this mechanical keyboard specially for the users who are Corsair fans. Not only Corsair but those who are looking for premium and good quality full-size keyboards, including Numpad. Every enthusiast, gamer, and the passionate user has used the Corsair product once in a lifetime. Especially if you have iCUE peripherals, then the addition of a Corsair Rapidfire Mechanical keyboard would be enough to handle your gaming session. This keyboard is from Corsair K70 RGB MK.2 series, which is the successor to its big brother K70 Rapidfire with more advanced features. Especially when it comes to Cherry MX switches. Unlike its predecessor, it comes in different Cherry MX switches. For instance, you can buy cherry blue-clicky, Cherry Red-Linear, Cherry Silent-Quiet, and Cherry Brown-Tactile. 

So you can buy any Cherry MX switch according to your preference and need, however, the Cherry MX brown switch needs less force to register action. That’s why it’s perfect for gaming. It not only provides the fastest response rate but also less key bounce or chattering. So it would be worth saying that this keyboard from Corsair makes a perfect couple of performances and gaming. It Comes with other premium features like programmable macro keys, RGB lighting, 100% anti-ghosting, N-key rollover, and many more. Siginificanlty, it is equipped with programmable macro keys. These keys provide more efficiency and reduce strain. In addition, macro keys also allow you to personalize your keyboard according to your choice. 

Desiging-wise, this mechanical keyboard has a QWERTY layout with 74 standard keys. It would be best to say that it is a sturdy keyboard with an aluminum base plate. The strength and durability of the keyboard with this premium material are also a reason for its high pricing. But if you are a hardcover gamer or even a programmer, the price factor may not mind you. Because its price is all justified with the features this keyboard is armed with. Lastly, this keyboard works like a plug-and-play. Because you don’t need any additional software for setting. With the help of iCUE software, you can easily do a lot of customization like updating firmware, syncing RGB, and many more 


  • Multiple cherry MX switches
  • Adjustable macro keys
  • RGB lighting
  • Full-size layout
  • Low key bounce rate


  • Wired connectivity may not be pleasing for some users.

5-ASUS ROG Strix Scope Gaming Keyboard

All hype for the Asus Rog Strix Scope is worth it because it is armed with eye-catching features like RGB lightning, a streamlined base layout, and a tenkeyless keyboard. These features make this keyboard beneficial for playing games that require quick action with less key chattering. For example, in games like Valorant, if you are a main character in an attacking team, then you need a highly responsive and low auction keypad for accurate action registration. Without any doubt, this keyboard is one of these keyboards which provide its user every possibility to not only win the game but to crash high scores. 

You can also spend long gaming sessions with its premium build quality. Moving towards its Quick-Toggle switch, which provides convenience and faster setting. Plus, it also increased accessibility features by providing a simple interface. Moreover, the tenkeyless keyboard layout provides more space for your desk and mouse for more concise movements. Eventually, it results in a fast, highly receptive, and congruent keyboard for gamers. You can easily play games like Valorant, PUBG, and many more while enjoying the lighting system beneath the keys. This RGB lighting can ignite your gaming hours, and you can continue long gaming sessions without getting the bored and tired feeling. 

Moreover, it also comes with programmable macro keys, which minimize strain over the hands and wrist. Ultimately increasing productivity and consistency in work or gaming. So if you want to experience a high keystroke rate with low key bounce and high-performing action, then you can add to your cart this keyboard of Asus from the Rog Strix series. Lastly, it also comes with multiple Cherry MX switches, although this keyboard comes with a Brown Cherry MX switch. 


  • Cherry MX switch
  • Programmbale macro keys
  • Tenkeyless keyboard
  • RGB lighting
  • Quick-Toggle switch 


  • In competitive gaming, latency may be an issue

6- SteelSeries Apex 7 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

 Our last mechanical keyboard for playing highly competitive games like Vaorant is from SteelSeries. It features Apex 7 keyboard with properties like smart display USB support for connectivity and many more strokes. Let’s head further to discover some interesting features of this elegantly built keypad. First of all, the feature that attracts us is its wrist build. Yes, it provides you with wrist rest, which helps you to keep going on. It’s gonna help you a lot, especially if you are a gamer or a programmer. For comfortability and consistency, it is manufactured with snappy mechanical switches. 

This solid aluminum keypad features red mechanical gaming switches over a solid black plate frame, making it attractive and rich. Moreover, this keyboard also has a variant in switches like blue tactile and clicky, brown tactile and quiet. You can choose whatever suits you. In addition, it also comes with some other pretty features like ergonomic nine programmable buttons for quick actions. It demands you less force and more action, thus making itself a perfect candidate for gaming. Its TrueMove air precision sensor provides one-to-one- tracking. 

Thus it is not only good for Valorant but also sufficient to handle games like Royale and MOBA. Plus, to ensure all keystrokes are registered even when multiple keys are pressed simultaneously, it is armed with 100% anti-ghosting and an N-key roller. To reduce strain, it needs 2mm actuation and guarantees 50 million clicks hence making it an irresistible keyboard. One more thing that makes us grab this gate is its streamlined RGB lighting. It will give a rocky and dense look with black keys and colorful lighting beneath the keys. 


  • 100% anti-ghosting 
  • Prism sync RGB 
  • Programmable macros
  • Aluminum alloy
  • Wrist rest


  • Hard stiff plastic cable. 

Best Keyboard for Valorant Buying Guide

Now you have been guided through the list of best mechanical keyboards in the market. But this information is insufficient to buy a perfect candidate for your PC system or for playing the Valorant game. Because there are some factors you must consider before buying your keyboard, these factors can directly influence your performance in a game, especially fast-paced games. So let’s hover down to identify these counterparts a keyboard must hold in order to perform outclass while gaming.


On the top of the list, here comes our first factor, which is none other than the design and layout of the keyboard. It can include material, size, and factors like whether it has a Numpad or not. A keyboard without a numpad is called a tenkeyless keyboard. Ultimately it will be more compact than full-size keyboards. If you want to go with a small size keyboard but need additional keys, then you can take a look at the Logitech G ProX. It is a tenkeyless mechanical keyboard with all standard and game-specific keys.

Anti-ghosting and N-key rollover

These are two other important features found on every gaming keyboard. The prime purpose of anti-ghosting refers to registering multiple keystrokes at the same time. An N-key rollover is characteristic of the keyboard that prevents it from dropping or avoiding keystrokes when multiple keystrokes are pressed simultaneously. Thus the combination of both technologies keeps the keyboard highly sophisticated and armed for perfect action timing in games. 


Different keyboards come with different switches and purposes. Like HyperX Alloy FPS Pro tenkeyless Mechanical gaming Keyboard features a Cherry Max mechanical switch. On the other hand, the Razer BlackWidow V3 Mini hyperSpeed 65% wireless Mechanical gaming keyboard features tactile or linear switches for playing games like Valorant. These switches provide smooth and fast keystrokes, which eventually improve your gaming rate. 

RGB lighting

Although this feature is totally optional, you can go with the non-lighting keyboard. But if you are a gamer, this doesn’t suit you, right? With honesty, RGB lighting sync makes gaming and keyboard more significant and spellbound in its looks. You just can’t resist the charm it spreads with its lighting. So yes, you can consider this feature if you are sensitive about the customization of your PC gaming build.


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