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Best Keyboard for 3d Modeling (Mechanical, Gaming, Budget)

Let’s take a look at what keyboards are recommended for 3d modeling software and tools.

If you are a 3D artist or specializing in a particular field of 3D Modeling, you must be looking for a keyboard with the best shortcut keys and various command keys. We have got you covered, that’s why in this article, we have summarized the Best Keyboard for 3D Modeling. Because we acknowledge that 3d Modeling or designing is a time-consuming or sometimes daunting task. You can’t beat the challenges as a 3D model if you don’t have a good partner. 

In 3D designing and modeling cases, a keyboard with a combination of all advanced features needed for product designing or architectural designing is a good partner. You can not only save your time but can also run some highly advanced 3D modeling tools like ZBrush, SketchUp, and Blender for game development, video animation, or creating visual effects. Below down, you will get to know the best keyboards in the market available right now that can make your dream project come true.

Let’s suppose you want to run a 3D modeling software like Autodesk for professional 3D Modeling, animation, and rendering and video game development. Then you need a keyboard with features like mechanical switches and anti-ghosting capabilities. Another important aspect of the keyboard you require for significant 3D Modeling is its ergonomic design. A virtuous keyboard design reduces the strain injury risk and increases production time. 

With this attribute as a 3D modeler, you can enhance your typing experience. Not only this, you will feel a noticeable change in your typing capacity and speed. To enjoy and acquire all these characteristics, you need to scroll down. As we have enlisted the best Keyboard for 3D Modeling with a user buying guide.

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Our recommended list of the Best Keyboard for 3d Modeling

  1. RATEL Gaming Keyboard
  2. Logitech Craft Advanced Wireless Keyboard
  3. OSTOM XVX M84 75% Wireless/Wired Mechanical Keyboard
  4. Leopold FC980C Black Dye Sub PBT Mechanical Keyboard
  5. Arteck HW193 USB Wireless Keyboard
  6. Keychron K4 RGB Bluetooth Mechanical Keyboard

1- RATEL Gaming Keyboard

Our first keyboard for 3D Modeling and designing is from the Ratel brand. This is one of the competitive brands that manufacturers keyboard and mouse with highly focused features. So let’s dive deep into the wholesome attributes of these keyboard features. Firstly starting off with its design, as the keyboard’s layout is one of the most important features you should consider before buying a keyboard for tasks like 3D Modeling and animation. Its frame is made from an exclusive metal material which provides characteristics like wear-resistance and non-slip. 

Not only does the frame layout, but its keycaps are also manufactured with the latest laser UV technology. This technology grants you extra efficiency and speed while registering keystrokes. Plus, along with this premium keycap, this keyboard is armed with a total of 104 numbers of keys. Thus representing all standard, game-specific, and numeric keys. More significantly, it comes with 12 Multimedia and 19 non-Conflicting keys. These terms might sound fancy and not so easy to digest. But the purpose of the combination of these two keys is simply to provide you with enhanced efficiency and a fast response rate. 

For example, it makes audio and video control easy with just a single click. To ensure every command is registered, it provides 100% anti-ghosting. Along with all these technical features, it is also adorned with a backlit to make it aesthetic. However, it is worth noting that its customizable RGB lighting not only provides spellbound working interaction but also adds convenience while working in a pitch-dark environment. As it is a user-concentrated keyboard that’s why you can seamlessly adjust the saturation and brightness of LED lights according to your requirement. 

For connectivity purposes, it comes with a wired USB port, hence making connectivity easy for non-tech users. You don’t need any external software to connect this keyboard to other peripherals. Just plug and play any game or start working on your modeling texture and design. So without any argument, it saves time and effort and keeps your productivity session high. Compatability-wise, it is available with a wide range of support with windows, Mac OS and Android. More interestingly, it is engineered with a highly progressive processor. This processor lets your instruction be executed within 2 MS.


  • Interchangeable direction keys
  • 2 MS reaction speed
  • Wide compatibility with the operating system
  • Lower noise operation
  • Laser UV keycaps


  • Switching lights to the same color option is not available.

2- Logitech Craft Advanced Wireless Keyboard 

For users whose major concern is wireless connectivity with a sturdy keyboard frame, then Craft advanced wireless keyboard from Logitech is all you need. This is especially recommended for people who prefer to buy wireless technology keyboards. Due to its 2.4GHz seamless connectivity, you can carry it on the move. It provides more space on the desktop with no extra wires clutter. Other ingredients that spruce up this keypad are its fins’ quality ergonomic build. It promotes silent operation while working with 2x precision than the ordinary keyboard.

You can type with confidence and style with its spherical key crafting. Simply put, with its intelligently manufactured design, you can easily orient your desired keystrokes without missing any key. Furthermore, it is adorned with backlit feature to give life to your workstation and light up your 3D design project. Together with spellbound illumination keycaps, you can control the brightness too. So unleash your creativity while designing a 3D product or sketching animation with the help of its creative input dial.


So it is justified to say that the price you would pay for the Logitech flow option will be worth it. Because it is one of the attributes that beats its competitor. There is no other keyboard available in the market which allows you to connect with more than one PC. Yes, with Logitech utility software, you can make it possible. Isn’t it amazing that you can use one mouse and keyboard while working with two or three laptops simultaneously? In addition, this flow feature by Logitec provides more workspace on a desktop. 

However, it is mandatory to buy a flow-enabled mouse to enjoy crown plus features. Not only this, its indentation on the keys is enabled with an N-key roller that prevents typos and registers every applied keystroke. So you can enjoy this low-profile designed keyboard with a backlit and unique creative input dial. It is not only good for building a personalized Pc for 3D Modeling or gaming but can also be used for office official works and documentation. 


  • Minimum actuation force
  • Unique input dial
  • Decent ergonomic design
  • Wireless connectivity technology
  • Sturdy build


  • Battery life can be improved

3- OSTOM XVX M84 75% Wireless/Wired Mechanical Keyboard

One of the most minimally designed keyboards with an aluminum frame and a solid plastic base is from Ostom. Another fact is that it is a tenkeyless keyboard but provides all the significant arrows, numeric, and standard and game-specific keys. Along with its tenkeyless layout, it comes with hot-swappable switches. Didn’t get it? Let us picture it more vividly. It means you can easily snap or swap switches without any special tool. That’s why this mechanical keyboard with a modular design is becoming popular among users. This feature is particularly for you if you like to personalize your peripherals related to your PC station. So whether you are a game, 3D modeler, or regular office user, you can add this keyboard to your cart. 

Another reason to buy this exclusive keyboard is its exceptionally smooth keystroke application. Moreover, intelligently manufactured XVX profile PBT keycaps provide satisfying operation. As it is intentionally crafted in a curved shape to twin with the finger shapes of humans. Another characteristic of the Ostom XVX M84 mechanical keyboard that will leave you on edge is the flickering of the FN key. When the keyboard’s battery power is less than 3.3V, it stimulates the keyboard, and the FN keys on it start to flicker in red light. Hence in this way, you can change your keyboard without affecting your work. Admittedly, it is an impressive way of communication, isn’t it? 

In addition, this keyboard comes with a personalized RGB lighting option. That means you can customize your work mode according to your mode and task. However, its CAPS key light may be turned on even after disabling lighting. To cope with this situation, you simply need to press FN+WIN to turn off the lighting. Compatibility-wise, it can easily be accessible with windows, MacOS, and Android. Last but not the least, to accommodate the needs of every user, it comes with dual connectivity technology. Hence supporting USB Type-C and 2.4G wireless connection.


  • Dual connectivity option
  • Customize RGB lighting
  • Hot-swappable switches
  • Tenkeyless keyboard
  • Ergonomic design


  • Keys are not pre-lubed

4- Leopold FC980C Black Dye Sub PBT Mechanical Keyboard

This keyboard is especially for those users who are looking for a solid and compact build without a fancy outlook. It operates in silence even if you are a person who types continuously on a loop with the same frequency. The sound is soft and non-irritating, unlike traditional keyboards, it’s pleasing. Designing-wise, it’s in Topre color and gives a sophisticated professional look. So if you are an office employee and want to go for a professional and premium-looking keyboard frame, then this is the right one. Its black-on-carbon style gives a slick look. 

Coming towards the layout, it is designed on a tenkeyless principle but provides numeric and arrow keys approximately like the full-size keyboard. Thus you can easily design any 3D product model and animation design with powerful shortcut keys. In terms of switches, it is equipped with Topre switches with replaceable keycaps. Interestingly the Topre switches are electro-capacitive switches that Leopold manufacturers specifically make to provide the user with satisfying tactile feedback. 

In addition, these Trople switches are the best alternative to mechanical switches if you want to go for a different feel. For convenient connectivity purposes, it is engineered to be wired via USB. Although it is a wired keyboard, the USB cable is detachable. Unlike its predecessor model, it comes with double-shot PBT keycaps, which means they will never fade away. Plus, the keys are pre-lubed and reduce friction while typing. The Leopold FC980C tecnkeyless mechanical keyboard is compact in terms of form factor but provides all the significant keys without compromising quality. In a nutshell, this is the best keyboard you can give someone who loves to do coding, 3D Modeling, and typing more frequently. 


  • Sub PBT keycaps
  • Topre switches
  • Space-saving layout
  • Replaceable switches
  • Detachable switches


  • No backlit keys

5- Arteck HW193 USB Wireless Keyboard 

If you are looking for a keyboard with thin, light, durable, and convenient qualities, you must go for this keyboard from the Arteck brand. After inspecting the features this keyboard provides, it would be justified to say that this is a one-stop solution for all your needs. Whether you are a regular user who needs to frequently type on a keyboard or an enthusiastic 3D modeler with product design tasks, this keyboard would be your best partner. You can type with confidence and creativity without worrying about the connectivity barrier.

Because the HW192 keyboard comes with a wireless connectivity option via USB. Hence you can also carry this keyboard while traveling. Not only because of its wireless connection but also because of its thin and slim weight. Although it is a full-size keyboard that measures 16.9 length x 4.9 width and 0.6 heigh dimensionally. However, its exceptionally built ergonomic design is compatible enough to carry it out. Moreover, for durability and quality purposes, the keyboard chassis is engineered with stainless steel material and coated with black color for professional looks. 

Another attribute of this full-size keyboard that influences us to purchase is its exclusive battery timing. Without exaggerating, its built-in rechargeable battery can withstand for six months conditionally if you are using two hours per day continuously. For the beginner or non-tech savvy users, setting this keyboard with your device or desktop peripherals is extremely easy. You don’t need to install or configure any hard-to-crack software. It is built to operate on the principle of plug & play. Coming towards its most important features, that is its key type.

On record, it is equipped with a total of 104 keys, with 18 hot and 12 function keys. Along with these keys, you will also get indicator lights for an operation like battery charging, Fn lock, and CAPS. Furthermore, it provides a seamless touch-typing layout to make your typing and working experience smooth and mute. So if you are planning to swap your computer’s native keyboard with a modern mechanical keyboard, add this to your cart. With the most effective pricing, it is ideal for beginner 3D modelers, students, office employees, and regular users. 


  • USB Wireless Keyboard
  • Stainless Steel built
  • Rechargeable lithium battery
  • Ergonomic design
  • Cost-effective 


  • Lack of RGB lighting

6- Keychron K4 RGB Bluetooth Mechanical Keyboard

Today our last mechanical keyboard for 3D Modeling is from one of the most reliable and suitable brands, Keychron. Keychron has been serving its users for years with its quality hardware products. The K4 version of the keyboard from Keychron is the latest release from the K series, like K1, K2, and K6. The purpose of including the K4 keyboard is its power-packed features that cover the requirements of any kind of user. So whether you are a gamer, 3D modeling artist, or regular user, you can use this keyboard without any doubt. Because this keyboard is armed with many unique and exclusive attributes that justify its pricing.

Starting from its connectivity ports, it is a wired keyboard that provides connectivity via USB Type-C. Plus, it’s also provide Bluetooth connectivity technology that allows you to connect to multiple devices without any hassle. For example, this K4 keyboard is compatible with laptops, tablets, desktops, smartphones, or any PC system. You can even connect it to Windows PC and MacOS. It comes with a modified and accurately manufactured layout featuring 96% layout. It means it is a full-size mechanical keyboard with a 100-key set. These 100 keys include all important and functional keys like standard, arrow, commanding keys, and number pad. Moreover, it provides extra keycaps for Windows and MacOS. 

Instead of a traditional metal contact, it is adorned with an optical red switch. His switch provides faster actuation and lower latency. These switches are not only the best in terms of operation but also provide more durability than traditional mechanical switches. In addition, this keyboard is mute and operates silently. Thus you can easily type in quieter places, especially while working late at night. Another feature that makes it one of the best mechanical keyboards is its RGB backlit.

You can control and sync its RGB lighting keys with your system. Control the brightness and saturation of the keys according to your choice. Last but not least, its 4000mAH battery lasts up to 72 hours of continuous working. So you don’t need to carry around the charger after a few hours. Overall, this keyboard is the best purchase if you need to connect to buy it for office work or 3D Modeling. 


  • N-key Rollover
  • Compact 100-keys
  • Connect with three devices via Bluetooth
  • RGB backlit
  • 96% keyboard layout


  • Lack of programmable keys 

Best Keyboard for 3d Modeling Buying Guide 

You have been provided with six best keyboards for 3D modeling availe in the market currently. Some of these are wireless, and others come with wired connectivity. Likewise, some have a backlit feature while others lack it. It depends on whether you want the type of keyboard that reflects your requirements the most. To configure this, let’s scroll down to read some important factors. These factors will help you to buy the keyboard that you need the most.


The keyboard’s design covers its size, keys, switch types, frame material, color, backlit properties, and numeric pad. If you are looking for a compact keyboard, you can go for a tenkeyless mechanical keyboard. Conversely, if you want a full-size keyboard with Numpad, then obviously, non-TKL keyboards are best. Although there is no specific requirement for the size and layout of the keyboard for 3D Modeling. However, you should inspect features like replaceable key switches, navigation keys, and hotkeys and their compactness. For example, Ostom XVX M84 Mechanical Keyboard with 84 compact keys and hot-swappable keys.

Anti-ghosting and N-key rollover

This is the technology used in keyboards while manufacturing that enables accuracy and precision. In addition, this factor decides the number of keys that can be registered simultaneously. To Put it simply, for the sake of accurate and fast typing, these two features are necessary for every keyboard, especially if you are buying for 3D Modeling and 3D product designing. 


Keyboard switches directly affect your performance as a 3D modeling artist. So you must be critical and conscious while selecting a keyboard for this specific purpose. Choose a keyboard that provides a high level of comfort, accuracy, and low key bounce rate. On top of that, keyboards with replaceable switching options are best for gaming or 3D Modeling. Because you can customize your keyboard according to your needs. For this purpose, you can take a look at Leopold FC980C Black Dye Sub PBT Mechanical Keyboard. 

RGB lighting

Many users consider the RGB lighting feature in the keyboard as an additional feature. However, it is a crucial feature, specifically in the keyboard. Because backlit RGB keys let you work in a pitch-dark environment. You can also regulate the brightness and saturation of the lighting. Imagine setting up a PC for gaming with an RGB keyboard that can sync with your whole PC system. Isn’t it aesthetic and spellbound? 


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