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Best CPU For Intel Arc A770 (Intel, AMD, Gaming)

Competitive gamers have an eye on A770 and to DIYing their gaming systems with it looking for the Best CPU For Intel Arc A770. If you are one of them and searching for it, luckily you are at the right place. In this article we are going to give you a review of top picks that you can choose to use with your chosen gaming CPU. Without further delay, let’s get started!

Intel is one of the most well known names of the tech market, who are not familiar with it. After making a prominent place for the production of processors. Recently they have tried to expand their wings in this aspect they released a series of graphics cards. Probably they are not ready to beat AMD or Nvidia graphics cards yet.

But still this is a big news of 2022 and due to price and performance and huge pool of memory they are getting popular. An incredible option for 1440p gaming and manufactured with Xe HPG architecture and lithography type is TSMC N6. Consisting of 16 GB VRAM, GDDR6 is ready to battle with its competitors. Graphics memory speed is 17.5 GB per sec that makes you able to dominate your enemies in most demanding games. 

Moreover, there are 8 render slices and 32 Ray Tracing cores that give you realistic and smooth visuals. There are a lot of options for you, if you want to make the best combination of Intel and AMD. Then you can trust the AMD Ryzen 3700X, it has 8 cors and 16 threads that is enough for gaming and creation. You can purchase Intel Core i7-11700KF, it is an unlocked processor so you can push its clock speed to get its full potential. Keep reading for further details and a buying guide!

Our Recommended List of the Best CPU For Intel Arc A770

  1. Intel Core i9-10900KF Desktop Processor
  2. AMD Ryzen 7 3700X 8-Core Unlocked Desktop Processor
  3. Intel Core i7-11700KF Desktop Processor
  4. AMD Ryzen 5 5600X 6-core, Unlocked Desktop Processor
  5. AMD Ryzen 7 5800X Unlocked Desktop Processor
  6. Intel Core i5-12600KF Desktop Processor

Intel Arc A770 CPU Requirements

  • Cores: 8 recommended 12 cores
  • Clock Speed: 4.5 GHz
  • Cache Memory: 30 MB
  • TDP: 125w
  • Overclocking: According to your need
  • PSU: 550 watts

Intel arc A770 vs RTX 3070

Nvidia is a big name in the tech market, especially for the production of graphics. Intel is also a well known name for their high quality processors. Recently they launched graphics cards too, let’s have a look at differences between Nvidia and Intel GPUs!

  • There is a leap of 2 years in between these 2 video cards, RTX 3070 XC3 is an older card and A770 is a latest entry
  • RTX 3070 XC3 is a member of GeForce 30 series and A770 is from Alchemist Arc 7
  • The architecture is used for XC3 is Ampere and A770 is based on Xe HPG Generation 12.7 
  • RTX 3070 CX3 is a 8 GB graphics card however A770 has 16 GB VRAM, but the memory type of both cards is same, GDDR6
  • Clock speed of both GPUs is different, CX3 comes with 1.50 GHz base clock and 1.73 GHz boost clock speed. Whereas A770 has 300 MHz clock speed that can boosted up to 1.65 GHz
  • Ray tracing cores of A770 re 32 and for RTX 3070 XC3 are 46
  • Thermal power design of RTX 3070 XC3 is 220 watts and TDP of A770 is 120 watts 
  • RTX 3070 XC3 demands more power than A770 that is why a PSU of 600 watts is recommended for it however a power supply unit of 350 watts will be enough for A770
  • RTX 3070 XC3 gives between 40 to 50% better performance than A770 and also almost 200 dollars expensive in price 

1- Intel Core i9-10900KF Desktop Processor

Intel Core i9-10900KF Desktop Processor

The Core i5-12600K provides unmatched gaming experience at its pricing range. While the Intel Core i9-10900KF has a place on the list of world’s fastest gaming processors. Both Alder Lake cores easily outperform competing AMD models when superior cost and strong results in all sorts of tasks are factored in. Customers experience exceptional gaming performance at affordable prices. 

For data on this CPU is the rising and falling edge of the clock speeds. PCIe 5.0 and DDR5 memory and Leading single-threaded efficiency is demonstrated, resulting in a higher data rate. Having incorporation of cutting-edge technologies, performance of the multi-threaded and overclock-able systems is improved. For serious creators and enthusiast gamers, the 10th Gen Intel Core i9-10900KF unboxed desktop processor. 

Intel Turbo Boost Max Technology is designed and it also helps deliver excellent performance overclocking for an extra boost. The powerful Intel Core I9 10900k was tested at 1080p, the finest resolution for CPU tests. At 1440p resolution, where the graphics card is working harder than the CPU. Intel Core i5 10900k is where most gamers will find their sweet spot. 

However, a powerful CPU is necessary to maintain performance. In order to set distinct frequency, voltage, and latency parameters, DDR5 utilizes the new XMP 3.0 standard. XMP 3.0 also allows you to develop and name 2 of the memory profiles (SPDs), which can support up to 5. Workloads requiring AI and machine learning are areas where the chip thrives. 


While comparing i9-10990K and i9-10900KF we analyzed basically these 2 similar processors. The major difference between these CPUs is that the KF version does not come with an integrated graphics card


  • Gaming performance is good 
  • Relatively new 
  • Excellent base clock 
  • Incredible boost clock


  • High power consumption
  • Average multitasking performance


2- AMD Ryzen 7 3700X 8-Core Unlocked Desktop Processor

AMD Ryzen 7 3700X 8-Core Unlocked Desktop Processor

The AMD Ryzen 7 3700X is an impressive example of what AMD has attempted to deliver for its middle-class consumers. In addition to having more power than all the other chips by competitors it is being replaced. This processor also uses less electricity that reduces the electricity bill. In general, the Ryzen 3700X has a great thing going for it, including its speed and low power consumption as well as its extremely affordable price. 

We can say that it is a great product with incredible value for the money. Ryzen 3700X desktop processor has a TDP of 65 Watts and delivers a lot with that relatively low amount of power. By looking at your graphics card’s TDP rating because a greater TDP rating results in more heat production and more power consumption. Both of which must be supported by your computer’s PSUs.

Better gameplay and rendering performance is provided by more VRAM. Graphics cards have a clock speed rating comparable to your Ryzen 7 3700X, where a higher clock speed yields better performance. Ryzen 3700X is another outstanding offering from AMD and its 3rd Generation. With it, you get 8 cores and 16 threads that gives you better processing speed.  

Having a 3.6 GHz base clock and a 4.4 GHz boost clock you have power of both worlds. You will undoubtedly receive a lot of value for your money as you see and experience the performance advantages it brings. The affordable pricing and PCIe 4.0 support are merely an added benefit. Recommended to use it with X570 based motherboards and bundled with a wraith prism cooler for perfect performance. 


From 3700x and 5600x, 3700x is better because it has 2 more cores as compared to the 5600x. However, 5600x is newer and offers 29% faster single core performance and 5% turbo frequency. 


  • Bundled cooler 
  • Fast performance 
  • Gives excellent value 
  • Bigger L3 cache 


  • Limited overclocking 
  • Gaming performance is not so good

3- Intel Core i7-11700KF Desktop Processor

Intel Core  i7-11700KF Desktop Processor

Core i7-11700KF is an 8 cores and 16 threads processor with an unlocked multiplier. With a base frequency and a maximum turbo frequency it operates at the same clock speeds as the i7-11700K. The 8 cores share a 16 MB L3 cache and each has 512 KB of dedicated L2 cache. Intel has priced the i7-11700KF less than the i7-11700K due to the absence of integrated graphics.

As cache capacity grows, game performance may improve because it will speed up memory retrieval of frequently used game materials. With the cache space you can perform well while playing the most recent graphics-intensive games. If the temperature will be below from a set threshold (70C) and all other conditions are met. Then the Single-Core Thermal Velocity Booster accelerate circuit can push higher than Turbo Boost Max 3.0.

The best course of action for dependable playing efficiency with a basic cooling is to purchase a processor with a higher base clock speed. Your 11700KF CPU’s capability for boosting can be fantastic for performance when using a high-end cooling system. Provides a maximum single-core turbo frequency of 5.00 GHz and operates at a base frequency of 3.60 GHz. When not boosted, the 3.60 GHz base clock of the 11700KF offers good performance with the most recent graphics-intensive games. 

Without a top-tier cooler, you can still operate at these base frequencies easily. Based on 14 nm process and new micro architecture makes it efficient and gives better performance per watt. With the support of LGA 1200 socket you can unleash performance for 11th Gen processors. Having 14+2 DrMOS power stages,  Digi+VRM ProCool sockets and military-grade TUF components, it is a durable CPU. 


While looking at i7-11700KF and i-11700K side by side, we analyzed that both processors are similar. Intel claims that these 2 are their fastest CPUs and gives 50% stronger performance against their predecessors. However, the noticeable difference between both CPUs is that i7-11700K is bundled with an integrated graphics 750. 


  • High turbo frequency 
  • Suitable for gaming 
  • Handle multiple tasks 


  • Lack of cooler 
  • Graphics card is not included 

4- AMD Ryzen 5 5600X 6-core, Unlocked Desktop Processor

AMD Ryzen 5 5600X 6-core, Unlocked Desktop Processor

The Finest 6 core processor from AMD for mainstream desktops has 12 processing threads. Delivers elite frame rates of 100 or more in the most played games internationally. Among AM’s mid-range processors is the Ryzen 5 5600x and gives better usage experience. Zen 3 architecture and 7 nm production process are there for improved performance. 

Combo of best feature set underpins the Zen 3 architecture of the 5600X work as the support structures. Ryzen 5 5600 can run at an action speed of 4.4 GHz and has a base clock speed of 3.5 GHz. Packaged in a typical-sized cardboard box and has black coating on it. The corporate logo and the information that it is a Ryzen 5000 series processor are visible on the front.

With an AM4 socket suitable chipset for AMD’s Ryzen 5 5600X processor which is based on Zen 3. Ryzen 5 5600 only has a 65 Watt TDP, and the manufacturer additionally includes a cooler. This processor only achieved a maximum temperature of 79 degrees Celsius which is fantastic news. To put it another way, using the included cooler is a safe bet, saving you the extra cash you could have spent on specialized cooling methods.

Therefore, it may very well be a best alternative for the users who have a tighter budget. Because the manufacturer makes it less expensive as compared to the other versions. On the X570 and B550 based motherboards it supports PCI express 4.0 Gen. With the 35 MB cache and DDR-3200 memory support you can enhance the computing process. 


Ryzen 5600 and 5600X are 2 very important releases of AMD because they launched them against i5-12400 like CPUs. Both CPUs of AMD are very identical and contain 6 cores and 12 threads. However, while having the similar specs 5600x delivers slightly higher boost frequency than 5600. 


  • Relatively new 
  • Great for gaming 
  • Consumes less power, only 65 watts
  • Better base clock speed


  • Average multitasking performance as compared to the competitors 
  • Lack of graphics card

5- AMD Ryzen 7 5800X Unlocked Desktop Processor

AMD Ryzen 7 5800X Unlocked Desktop Processor

One can enter the exciting world of next-generation PC gaming as a result of the B550 TOMAHAWK motherboard and 5800X processor. Select the ideal graphics card, A770 so you can meet your demands. Plus with an incredibly fast SSD you create the gaming computer of your dreams. Ryzen 7 5800X, a great all-around desktop processor delivers consistent performance for both gaming and content creation. 

The MSI TOMAHAWK motherboard, which supports the AMD B550 chipset. With this perfect combo you can build a robust and well-balanced gaming PC. In addition to this you can reach new heights with PCI-Express 4.0 support. This board uses the top of the line AMD B550 chipset, which supports all the incredible specs. 

For instance DDR4 RAM type and up to 128 GB, PCIe Gen 3.0 for GPU and 4 x M.2 PCIe 4.0 for SSDs. To offer seamless multitasking, the Ryzen 5800X desktop processor has 8 native and 16 logical cores. This next-generation Ryzen CPU offers great performance in games, demanding multitasking, video editing, and 3D modeling. More owing better performance to its Turbo Core mode and high native frequency.

The motherboard is quite well designed, and the processor is of the highest caliber. Additionally, the 32 MB L3 cache enables incredibly quick processing of numerous instructions with minimal latency. It is compatible with the 400/500-series, you can trust for these chipsets. Because of the IPC increase and boost frequencies that are linked with Power effectiveness. 


Ryzen 5800x and i7-11700 are 2 competitors, let’s have a look at the differences between them. They are very identical and have similar specs but due to performance, power consumption and cost 5800x is a clear winner. 


  • Delivers better single core performance 
  • Suitable for gaming 
  • Major IPC improvement 


  • No integrated graphics
  • No bundled cooler

6- Intel Core i5-12600KF Desktop Processor

Intel Core i5-12600KF Desktop Processor

The leading model of a subseries of 12th generation Core i5 processors is the Core i5-12600 “Alder Lake.” The Core i5-12600 has 6 “Golden Cove” performance cores and threads clusters on the silicon, making it a multi-core CPU. Based on Intel’s new 7 Process the firm’s 12th Generation desktop CPUs use a new i5-12600KF motherboard socket LGA 1700. Manufactured using 10 nm lithography to take your experience to the next level. 

Intel finally ended its half-decade love/hate relationship with the 14nm process and all of its variations that came after. The 12600KF has 16 threads which means it can process better as compared to the AMD chip’s 6 cores and 12 threads. Clock rates are fairly similar to those of the 12700K despite the presence of less E-cores. Because the P-cores have an operating frequency of 4.9 GHz while the E-cores have a highest frequency of 3.6 GHz.

The maximum Turbo Boost speed for the i5-12600KF is 4.90 GHz, with a base frequency 3.0 GHz. It has the same 65 W CPU base power and 117 Watts peak turbo power restrictions as the i5-12400. The UHD Graphics 770 GPU runs 32 EUs with a graphics speed of up to 1.45 GHz and is based just on Xe LP graphics architecture. The Core i5-12600K performs far beyond its capacity in games and content creation. 

Moreover, its specs are a positive thing for PC gamers and creative people with tight budgets. Its hyper threading architecture makes it ready to deal with demanding applications. Via using LGA 1700 CPU socket you can easily placed it on PCB. Core i5-12600KF is born for the improved performance per watt and works efficiently. 


Core i5-12600K and i5-12600KF are 2 variants by Inet and are very identical processors. With almost the same specs set they offer twin CPU performance. The only basic difference is that the i5-12600K has an Intel Ultra HD Graphics 770. However, i5-12600KF lacks an integrated GPU that is why it is less expensive than i5-12600K. 


  • High overclocking ceiling 
  • Reasonable price 
  • Great performance 


Best CPU For Intel Arc A770 Buying Guide 

You can not attain exactly what you want from your graphics card until you pair up with a compatible processor. The selection of CPU will not be so easy, you must research carefully. Above, we have given you an honest review of the best processors, from them you can get any. The best overall product is Intel Core i9-10900KF Desktop Processor. 

However, we recommend AMD Ryzen 5 5600X for those who have a tight budget. No matter which processor you want to purchase, your main responsibility is to get a compatible one. Make your purchase on a pointer, you must check out some factors that are necessary for the best CPU for A770. Below are those pointers, let’s take a look!

Cores And Threads:

For the best processor to pair it up with your chosen graphics card, you have to look at the number of cores and threads. Intel A770 is a mid range graphics card that is why it only needs a low to medium processor. You can choose Intel Core i9-10900KF, it has 10 cores and 10 processing threads that are enough for improved performance. 

Clock Speed:

Clock speeds are a factor to consider while getting a processor for Intel A770. Your processor must have an appropriate base and boosted clock speeds, especially when you want an unlocked CPU. Intel Core i9-10900KF comes with up to 5.3 GHz boosted clock speed that is more than enough for gaming and creation. Plus, its unlocked design gives you the opportunity to overclock it so you can get its full potential. 

Cache Memory:

While getting a CPU you can not ignore the cache space because it gives more power to you. Cache space gives benefits to make your processor more efficient. You can buy an AMD Ryzen 7 3700X, it comes with a 36 MB cache so you can get better computing speed overall. This will also be necessary because with the high hit rate your data will fastly store or proceed. 


When you are looking for a desktop processor for a certain purpose you must check its TDP. The thermal power design is the amount of power in watts that a CPU generates while working. This is not only crucial for the lifespan of a CPU but to reduce the electricity bill. You can buy Intel Core i9-10900KF, it has TDP 125 watts that is fine for a computer system. 

CPU Cooler:

Last but not the least, another factor that needs your consideration is whether a CPU cooler is included or not with your future processor. As we all know that the CPU has to work very hard that is why it can over heat. If you do not want to speed extra for a CPU cooler then you can buy AMD Ryzen 7 3700X or Ryzen 5600X both have Wraith Prism LED Cooler.

Best CPU For Intel Arc A770 FAQs

Let’s have a look at some most common questions about the best CPU for A770!

How Much Is The Intel A770?

The Intel arc series starts from 290 dollars but the price of A770 is between 329 to 350 dollars

From Intel And Nvidia Which One Is Higher Quality?

Between these 2 famous brands, when it comes to having great performance and reduction of power consumption. Then Intel wins this war also because their graphics cards are cheaper than Nvidia’s GPUs. 

Does A770 Support Ray Tracing?

Yes, A770 supports ray tracing and gives realistic visuals. 


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