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Best CPU Cooler For Ryzen 9 7950X (Liquid, AIO, 240MM, 360MM)

We know you have been flaunting your new on house device for better processing power but it needs the best CPU cooler for Ryzen 9 7950x. We have a list of products that will chill you out because of the features they come with. Before starting off with their plus points one needs to understand why this was important for 7950x to have a backup plan.

This is a Zen 4 based processor that is a hard shell to crack because it gives top notch performance. But with that performance, it is also most likely to be heated since overclocking is now becoming 7950x’s jam. So these CPU coolers will be able to handle whatever you are planning to breach in its way.

Starting from the number of fans, our category has both dual and triple fans in 120mm sizes with liquid cooling technology. A 360mm radiator is able to keep the system running while you can manage its pace through PWM while it lasts. To keep things spicy, RGB support with software has much more to offer.

Like the CORSAIR’s iCUE software, we can manage to get the RGB lights vivid and bright, fan rotation, speed and monitor them. On top of that, the look of your CPU will be enhanced from a CPU case when those sweet lights lit up a dark room. If noise is your issue, we have 0.3 sones up to 37 decibels in devices such as Arctic Freezer II 280 and AORUS waterforce X 360 respectively.

For the speed boosters, our selected coolers can start from 1700 RPM up to 4200 RPM and these are just the top speeds we have. Some of these beasts support both Intel and AMD sockets including LGA1200, 1700, 1151, 1150, 1156, 1155, 2066, 1366, TR4, sTR4X, AM4, AM3, AM3+, AM2, AM2+, FM1, FM2, FM2+, FM3 etc. Now you do not have to worry about your system tiring itself out during intense workloads or overclocking.

Our Recommended list of the Best CPU Cooler For Ryzen 9 7950X

  1. MSI MAG Series CORELIQUID 360R CPU Liquid Cooler
  2. ARCTIC Liquid Freezer II 280 AIO Water Cooler
  3. AORUS WATERFORCE X 360 AIO Liquid CPU Cooler
  4. ASUS ROG Strix LC II 240 ARGB AIO Liquid CPU Cooler
  5. NZXT Kraken X53 240mm AIO RGB CPU Liquid Cooler
  6. Corsair iCUE H150i Elite Capellix Liquid CPU Cooler

Ryzen 9 7950X CPU Cooler Requirements:

  • Minimum 2 fans, maximum 3 fans
  • Minimum noise level: 0.3 sones, max: 37 decibels
  • Liquid AIO cooler is preferable instead of air cooler
  • Both Intel and AMD socket support is better
  • Software control makes easier to monitor and manage the temperature rise
  • Almost 5 year of cooler’s manufacturer warranty is a sign of smart shopping
  • Self changing radiator is more enhanced evidence of technology

Ryzen 9 7950x vs i9 12900k:

  1. In the face off of Ryzen 9 7950x vs i9 12900K, the former processor is launched after a year of the latter so i9 is relatively new.
  2. Performance and efficient cores  are present to enhance the overall usage in Intel core i9.
  3. Base (4.5GHz) and boost frequency (5.7GHz) is higher in Ryzen 9 as compared to i9 12900K that has its boost clock reaching up to 5.2 GHz.
  4. A massive 64Mb L3 cache is present in Ryzen 9 7950X that is bigger than the 30MB cache of core i9.
  5. There is an 18% increase in performance from Ryzen 7950X during several gaming tests. Modern games like Red dead redemption, CyberPunk 2077 and 3D Mark Spy etc were tested with this processor.
  6. AMD can consume more thermal power than Intel which measures up to 230 watts in Ryzen 9 7950x.
  7. Some users have set new overclocking records with the 7950X processor.
  8. AMD scores 40,498 points after hitting all cores on a total of 5.4GHz in Cinebench R23.

1- MSI MAG Series CORELIQUID 360R CPU Liquid Cooler

MSI MAG Series CORELIQUID 360R CPU Liquid Cooler

If you have got a CPU that completes all your demands but it does not include a cooler, it is time to get one for the safe side. Thankfully we have the perfect companion for AMD ryzen 9 7950x because MSI’s MAG series core liquid 360R supports both Intel and AMD. It has long lasting reliability due to a 3 phase motor present at the core which is responsible for the least vibrational movement.

Being an RGB device is how you can cool your system with style so we can add more customization like speed and lighting. This is possible through a software that will control the PWM fan and their rotating speed. With the help of a rotatable cap, one can maintain the logo straight and upright up to 270 degrees.

The brand ensures you can get maximum productivity from it so it has made this cooler LGA 1700 and AM5 ready. There is a bracket in the package for connecting with these sockets and being ready for action. Other compatible sockets include LGA 1150, 1151, 1155, 1366, 2066, AM4, FM2+, FM2, FM1, AM3+, AM3, AM2+, AM2, TR4, sTR4, SP4 etc.

Using a total of 12volts or 4.08 watts, this water cooling method is low in noise level while only having 16 dB. Made from durable aluminum, you are most likely to get 4200 RPM for your system’s quick cooling. Its dimensions mention 17.64 inches in length, 8.07 inches of width and 5.39 inches height.


From the main differences in 360R and 360R V2 is the addition of LGA 1700 kit for an effective cooling procedure. They both support Intel and AMD while based on 3 fans style and aluminum radiator. 


  • Triple 120mm fans
  • Mountable radiator pump design
  • CPU cover is rotatable
  • Dual RGB lighting
  • Supporting CPU socket


2- ARCTIC Liquid Freezer II 280 AIO Water Cooler

ARCTIC Liquid Freezer II 280 AIO Water Cooler

From the top brands that are present in the market, Arctic is well known for its name and the quality of its products. One of the famous products that has been in the market for so long is the Liquid Freezer II 280. It is compatible with most of Intel’s new Alder Lake processors. Speaking of support, LGA 1700 socket will have no problem attaching with this one.

When it comes to the physical factors, this cooler has a cool plate, pump and radiator with the operational AIO water cooling. Since the quality control has improved and given more assurance to the user, the overall performance has taken a leap of success. The inclusion of a 40mm VRM fan is based on the voltage transformer. As you see conventional pumps work, this one will consume 80% less power.

Even at full load in idle mode as well, the pump or fans will no longer produce a disturbing sound such as 0.3 sones. With a maximum speed of 1700 RPM, you can maintain the highest speed that will cool your CPU in a matter of seconds. Thanks to the integrated cable system that contains sleeved tubing so that only one cable is visible reducing clutter.


For people with even a tighter budget, because they spent most on the high end processor, can still have a similar option. That is the Arctic cooler liquid freezer II 240 as it has almost the same size. But for CPUs like core i7 and the heat it produces, 280 has a better shot at it for quicker cooler. There is also a noticeable price difference in both 240mm and 280mm and the latter will be able to handle the high temperatures better.


  • Lower noise level
  • Value for price
  • Auxiliary design in fan and pump
  • Overall great cooling
  • Water loop does not require maintenance


  • Only 1 PWM splitter for the whole cooler
  • Not RGB supported



Aorus has made its impact through the addition of waterforce x 360 as the AIO liquid CPU cooler. You can experience all the high performance through all in one system that is responsible for efficient heat dissipation. Based on the LCD display for all the readings, it is a 60 x 60mm circular panel for text portrayal. You can even customize the video play or texts through a software.

The screen is also adjustable with the rotation up to 330 degrees for a better view of what is going on with the cooler during peak hours. Thanks to the Graphene Nano Lubricant ARGB fans that are famous for higher performance and lesser noise. So it only breaks away 37.6 decibels during peak hours that might be a little loud for some people. 

Moreover, RGB fusion 2.0 has the support to let you synchronize with other AORUS devices for fan pump and RPM control. If we talk about the sockets we can attach this beast with both Intel and AMD boards. These sockets include 2066, 2011, 1366, 115x, 1200, 1700, AM4, TR4, sTRX4 etc.


Seeing another tough competition in the market like MSI MAG series Core liquid 360R with this bad boy we are hyped to see what comes next. They both work with a 360mm radiator and have 120mm triple fans. While MSI has an RGB setup on the fans, AORUS waterforce x 360 has ARGB fans. This one lets you connect you with other AORUS devices for the whole ecosystem as well whereas MSI has lower noise levels.


  • Triple 120mm fans
  • Easy installation
  • Compatible with a lot of sockets
  • Great for high end processor
  • LED customization
  • Decent LCD display


  • Not a great price cut
  • Can be loud at maximum speed

4- ASUS ROG Strix LC II 240 ARGB AIO Liquid CPU Cooler

ASUS ROG Strix LC II 240 ARGB AIO Liquid CPU Cooler

One of the top brands in the tech world is ASUS ROG Strix and its model LC II 240 has made its position in the competitive market. Its 7th Asetek pump is made to serve your low noise while operating at 840 rpm in the start. Based on ROG design ARGB radiator fans are superior in case of high flow of pressure. They are able to handle static pressure without affecting overall performance.

Consisting of individual addressable RGB and NCVM coating with the pump helps in keeping the modernity of the device. These aesthetics are not just for the show because it is able to give you the reinforced build and style. It will match the durability that you have been looking for with sleeved tubing on the wires. Other sockets include LGA 1700, 1200, 115x, 1366, 2011, 2066, AM4 etc.


ASUS ROG Strix LC II 280 version has some serious edge over 240mm because it comes with its own unique style. Their axial tech design is the basic reason you get to see a major difference in the fans operation. The 240 version has ARGB radiator fans that start from 840 rpm. 


  • Individual RGBs
  • Vast compatibility
  • Aesthetically pleasing
  • Dual 120mm fans


  • Speed can be increased

5- NZXT Kraken X53 240mm AIO RGB CPU Liquid Cooler

NZXT Kraken X53 240mm AIO RGB CPU Liquid Cooler

While we all believe that bigger is better, NZXT Kraken X53 is ready to prove it with its 10% bigger mirror cap. It even has a vivid RGB while the cap itself is rotatable for keeping the logo right. What is best about it is the improvement it has brought with the pump design. There is even a larger LED ring light on the infinity mirror for a better view of the situation of the cooler.

So for the full cam precision take over, you will have better control over the whole operation the fans will be going to take. During high end tasks, let Kraken’s performance be in your control through CAM integration. On top of that, Aer P radiator fans have the backup of fluid dynamic bearings. These bearings not only help in bringing silent cooling but also adds durability into your cooler’s structure.

You can even get rid of cable clutter with sleeved tubing while enabling rubber tubes to strengthen your grip on AMD ryzen 9 7950x processor during high stakes. It’s simple installation makes things all the more easier as we get to know more about this product. This is a durable and reliable machine in case of mishandling so we have a safe space while using or installing it. Speaking of install, there are certain sockets that you must know of such as LGA 1151, 1150, 1155, 1156, 1366, 2066, AM4, TR4 etc.


For all the people who do not care about aesthetics that much can definitely go with the Kraken X53 240mm cooler. But anyone who has an edge for RGB’s can look into ASUS ROG Strix LC II 240mm ARGB liquid cooler. These both CPU coolers are power houses and have almost the same set of compatible sockets, number of fans and radiator size. On the other hand, the speed in RPMs can be a little low for ASUS.


  • Bigger rotating cap
  • Nylon mesh sleeves
  • 240mm radiator
  • CAM software support
  • Silent operation
  • 21 dB noise level


  • Cannot control the fan directly
  • Can be expensive

6- Corsair iCUE H150i Elite Capellix Liquid CPU Cooler

Corsair iCUE H150i Elite Capellix Liquid CPU Cooler

To much of your surprise, Corsair has its boat sailing in the market with the very hefty yet performer CPU cooler H150i Elite. This Capellix liquid cooler has got much more on its plate than we thought so let us check it out before we regret it not to. Giving you a good speed of 2400 RPM with the maximum rotation of the fans, the noise level reaches 36 dB. Based on the water cooling method, it uses 12 volts of power on the total and is compatible with radiator devices.

How can we forget about the COrsair’s famous iCUE software which is known for its control that it gives to the user. As soon as you tap in, you can even stop the fans entirely but doing so in lower temperatures is the safest way to go about it. This action will also eliminate the noise while also allowing you to check out Zero RPM fan profiles. Its 120mm RGB magnetic fans are even levitating PWM fans for extreme airflow.

There are 8 RGB LEDs per fan to give the whole aesthetic feeling for the people who live for the pleasant look of their PC from the case. With the help of PWM, you can precisely control the speed of your fans anywhere from 400 to 2400 RPM. Moreover, those lights are not even the regular ones but they are the ultra bright CAPELLIX RGBs for a fully lit view.


If we put H150i with the bigger and better H170i elite, we will get to know that the radiator has got bigger with an overall better boost rate. The latter cooler attracts most of the top notch product buyers that may have extra savings for the cooler while both of these coolers have almost the same features for the rest of the case.


  • iCUE software is brilliant to manage everything
  • Great cooling aid
  • Commander core inclusion
  • Comes as a single solution in a box
  • Interchangeable Logo plate


  • Can be a little loud at peak performance
  • 4 pin RGB compatibility is not present

Compatible Best CPU Cooler For Ryzen 9 7950X Buying Guide

There might be enough bragging about your new processor that you just got but it is time to show off what will maintain its decorum. Yes that’s right, a CPU cooler that is, as per our suggestion is 360R core liquid from MSI MAG series. The reason for this pick is that it checks most of the boxes for what a good cooler can be. Especially if you are dealing with a top tier processor, we cannot take the chance to blow it out with its own overclocking capabilities.

So let us look at the plausible features that will help you choose the one appropriate for you:

Cooler Type:

Usually there are 2 types of coolers when it comes to CPUs as air and liquid or water cooling. Because of the processors that are coming in the latest market like the Ryzen 9 7950x or core i9 12900K, we have to keep our bend towards water cooling. It is because liquid coolers are better with handling more heat and dissipating heat efficiently without being a total flop. 

Choosing a water cooling system will involve almost a 360mm radiator whose cap should be rotatable to keep the logo straight. Further, it should not require maintenance by the user rather it should be more self maintained.


In case you are wondering the number of fans there can be either 2 or 3 fans on your selected model. In size anything above 120mm will work great for your processor. It is a top notch one. Their speed will also be different and can vary from brand to brand and can last up to 4200 RPM as our suggested model contains.


For someone who has a soft spot for aesthetics, RGB are just made for them and they can be super amusing in a dark room. Some of the coolers have amazing software support like CORSAIR’s iCUE for more precision and management. It will let you control the LEDs, change their pace, fan speeds and monitor the overall performance of your cooler.


There is a list of sockets that are usually present on the motherboards where all the components of our system get on board. Quite Literally as well! So it goes something like LGA 1150, 1151, 1155, 1156, 1366, 2066, 1200, 1700 and AMD’s AM4, AM3, AM2+, AM2, FM3+, FM3, FM2, FM2+, FM1 sTR4X, TR4 etc. Although it is better option to choose a cooler that supports both versions so you do not have a problem with the initial connection.

Noise Levels:

You should get as low as possible for this feature such as 0.3 sones as we see it in Arctic Liquid Freezer II. But it can even get higher up to 37.6 decibels like AORUS Waterforce x 360 has that might be a little annoying for some users. You definitely do not want to lose your focus due to some fan noises being too loud when you are in the middle of something important.


We know you must be worried about the clutter that a CPU cooler must be bringing with it. But there is a solution for it now such as sleeved tubing that will reduce the clutter, make way for the extra heat to move out without any obstruction and give you a neat system background. We get to see this feature in NZXT Kraken X53 with its mesh rubber tubes attached with the cooling system.


How Much Noise Is Bearable From A CPU Cooler?

We suggest that if your hearing senses are heightened or you are sensitive to whirring noises, you better go for a cooler that is under 37 decibels. Although some users are not that bothered from the fan noise so whatever is below normal human hearing will do fine with them.

Do I Need A Cooler With Ryzen 9 7000 Series?

Precisely, yes. But not just with a 7000 series, any high end CPU that is not bundled with a cooler should have a separate purchase of cooler for the safe sides. It also depends on the kind of work you are going to take from it but either way you do not want to tire your processor out!

Do I Need An Air Cooler Or Liquid Cooler For The Ryzen 7000 series?

Our suggestion goes strongly with liquid coolers because it’s about time that we switch to a more professional and better way for cooling our system. Also because air coolers are outdated and liquid coolers do not need much maintenance now in the latest models.


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