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Best Computer For Solidworks (Requirements, Budget)

As a 3D modeler or graphic designer, or architecture, you need to work with Solidworks. It is a sophisticated tool that helps you to bring your creative ideas to life. But to make this possible, firstly, you need to purchase a computer desktop system that can fulfill the requirements for Solidworks.

General hardware requirements for Solidworks include competitive peripherals like processors, graphic cards, memory modules, hard drives, and operating systems. Combining all these counterparts would make a super competitive ecosystem to run your programs in Solidworks.

For example, the minimum memory requirement for Solidworks is 16 GB. Likewise, a Solid State Drive (SSD) with Windows 10 is the minimal requirement for Solidworks. While proceeding in the article, you will learn what other options you can opt for.  

However, it is worth mentioning that SolidWorks is a complex 3D modeling tool that needs a significant amount of system resources to operate smoothly. To achieve this performance stability, a desktop system with appropriate peripherals is highly recommended.

Firstly, it ensures the integrity of data accuracy. Secondly, good hardware specifications make sure that software runs precisely with minimum lag or no crashes. Finally, upgrading a computer for SolidWorks not only grants you higher work efficiency but also provides you a seamless workflow where a limited time frame is one of the essences. 

But there are a wide variety of computer models and specifications in the market. So, it can be overwhelming for the novice as well as expert professional to choose the best computer for Solidworks. That’s why we did the homework for you and brought forward the best computers that are a perfect match for Solidworks. 

Our recommended list of the Best Computer For Solidworks

  1. Dell Precision 3650 Tower Workstation Desktop
  2. HP Z2 G9 Workstation
  3. Lenovo ThinkStation P350 30E30079US Workstation
  4. Corsair ONE PRO a200 Compact Workstation
  5. Lenovo Legion Tower 7 – 2022 – Gaming Desktop
  6. Skytech Azure Gaming PC Desktop

1- Overall Best Computer For Solidworks: Dell Precision 3650 Tower Workstation

Starting with our first desktop that is built to deliver powerful and stable performance. It especially highly influences working experience in Solidworks due to its ultimate best counterparts. But before digging deep into the attributes, let’s give you a general idea about our Dell Precision 3650 Tower. This desktop is from the 3000 series desktop of Dell, which is specifically manufactured for professionals. So not only for office or graphic designing, but you can also grab this workstation for gaming purposes. 

Powered by Intel’s 11th Gen i7-11700 core, it delivers ultimate potential with peak efficiency. Likewise, in terms of memory, it is stocked with 64GB capacity of RAM. The minimal memory requirement for Solidworks is 16 GB. It means Dell Precision 3650 Tower is providing you with 2x memory bandwidth and rigidity. Plus, like its other siblings, this tower also comes with high-performance graphic cards. To provide the user with stable power delivery, it is armed with 460W, which provides up to 90% efficiency. 

It is 80 plus Gold certified PSU which also reduces the voltage fluctuations risk. Paired with 16GB Intel smart chase and DDR4 3200MHz memory bandwidth, it lets you conquer complicated tasks. Such as rendering graphics, video manipulation, image processing, and 3D model design. It also means you can use this computer tower as a multi-purpose device. After investing in this computer, you don’t need to spend extra dollars on discrete processors or graphic cards. 

Configuration of SSDs and SATA HDDs storage is enough to encourage any professional to get his hands on this magical box. Desiging-wise Dell 3650 tower comes with standard space-saving architecture with 2x scalability. Moreover, to cope with complex projects fastly, it provides lots of connectivity options. Mainly featuring 2nd Gen Ethernet port, Wifi 6E module, and networking card. 


  • 64MB RAM
  • Intel core i7-11700K
  • 16MB Intel smart cache
  • Lots of connectivity options
  • Powerful performance


  • No HDMI port 

2- HP Z2 G9 Workstation

HP Z2 G9 is from the 9th Gen of the HP Z2 Workstation line. HP particularly released this desktop for professionals to perform outstandingly in the fields like engineering, architecture, and media production. Along with crucial peripherals like CPU and RAM, it also comes with some HP smart features. For example, Hp’s proprietary security feature. This feature helps to protect the system from malware attacks. Likewise, to fulfill the criteria of demanding workloads, it is equipped with a 32MB standard memory size.

Moreover, to accelerate the performance and increase the user experience while working, it is armed with Intel 12th Gen i9-12900 cores. The i9 core is manufactured with Hybrid technology which provides high performance and optimizes thread placement for more efficient results. Plus, to provide quick access to information to increase the data transportation rate, HP Z2 G9 comes with a 

DDR5 memory module with a 2.4 GHz processor speed. As a result, it manipulates not only complex data fastly but also improves overall performance. In addition, to provide permanent and reliable storage space, it is equipped with a 1 TB SSD hard drive. Thus it provides extra benefits over traditional spinning disk hard drives.

That’s why it is recommended to consider a computer tower for Solidworks with SSD hard drive type. On top of that, it supports the Window 11 pro operating system. Ultimately providing you with a redesigned user interface with an intuitive version of the previous Windows. The minimum OS requirement for Solidworks is Windows 10, hence HP Z2 G9 is again one step of the user’s need. 

Moreover, for faster and more reliable connection, it is engineered with a wired ethernet connectivity option. Because it is most suited while performing works like 3D modeling, design, gaming, and using any powerful tool like Solidworks. Not only has a fast data transmission rate but also provides better security than wireless connections.


  • Window 11 pro-OS
  • DDR5 32MB RAM
  • Nvidia Quadro Graphic card
  • Ethernet connectivity
  • Intel 12th Gen i9-12900 core


  • It might be expensive for novice users. 

3- Lenovo ThinkStation P350 30E30079US Workstation

If you are hunting for a desktop system for office work and high-end computing tasks, this lets me introduce you to an incredible workstation by Lenovo. Lenovo P350 Workstation is from the P350 series and ThinkStaion product line of Lenovo. Unlike its predecessor ThinkCentre series, this product line is particularly built to serve engineers, architects, and professional 3D modelers. So if you are thinking of buying a workstation for multipurpose like playing games, rendering graphics, processing images, and Solidworks simulation. Then rush for Lenovo P350 ThinkStation as much as you can.

Because genuinely, this product has been on the hot sale list in the tech industry. Because this big desktop wizard is sufficient to handle all your workstation chores. Starting with counterparts like processors, chipsets, memory hard drives, and storage. Lenovo leaves no stone unturned to make this workstation feasible and outstanding in terms of performance and quality. For example, it is equipped with an Intel octa-core processor from the 11th gen named i9-11900. If you have an idea of the tech industry, then you should know that it is one of the latest and most powerful processors by intel so far. 

With an Intel W580 chipset and eight cores, you can process any kind of data and instruction without any ditch. Furthermore, to make the Lenovo P350 more versatile, it is stitched with DDR4-32 standard memory bandwidth. On top of that, to support high rendering tasks, it executes 3.20GHz memory clock speed. The total memory slots are 4x, while the memory module remains constant. Moreover, for storage support, it is armed with a 1TB solid state drive capacity with DVD-Writer optical drive type. Lenovo P350 supports Windows 10 pro with 64-bit OS architecture. 

Coming towards the display and graphics department, it is adorned with Nvidia graphic cards. This is a dedicated graphics card with a Quadro RTX A5000 model and 24GB memory capacity. No, make your image manipulation and video streaming easy-peasy with just a single click. For network and communication, it supports ethernet technology for reliability and security purposes.

Finally, let’s not forget its lots of interfaces and port options. For instance, it provides you with 6x USB 3.2 Gen 1 ports, 1x Displayport, and 2x USB 3.2 Gen 2 ports.


  • Windows 10 pro support
  • 32GB RAM size
  • Ethernet connectivity
  • Powerful performance
  • 1TB solid-state drive capacity 


  • No support for multiprocessors

4- Corsair ONE PRO a200 Compact Workstation

Another incredible pre-built workstation is from Corsair. If you are a tech enthusiast, then Corsais is not a new brand for you. Because this brand has been among the top best brands of PCs, graphic cards, RAM, and many other peripherals. In short, the basic urge to add a Workstation PC from Corsair is its reliability, durability, and of course, performance. But the prime purpose is to please the gaming community. So apart from running your work in Solidworks, this PC station can be used solely for gaming. So if you are a regular novice user and want to consider some pre-built PCs, then head below to unveil its attributes. 

In order to compensate for basic gaming and Solidworks program memory requirements, it comes with 64GB memory capacity. This behemoth memory size is more than enough to cater to all memory-related tasks. Another interesting point of this PC station is that it comes with an AMD Ryzen processor. Unlike all the above-included workstations that feature Intel core. So if you are an AMD user and desperately want to opt for the AMD processor product line, then this product is for you. The AMD Ryzen 9 5950X is coupled with 16 cores and a multi-threading process. 

It means this process can cope with multiple tasks simultaneously without lagging in speed and accuracy. Furthermore, to accelerate your productivity and performance, it features an Nvidia GeForce RTX 3080 graphic card. What can you ask more for a spectacular gaming performance?

Isn’t this processor and graphic card the best combo to crush all AAA titles, games, and Complicated tasks in Solidworks? From software manipulation to rendering graphics and content creation tasks, it suits all criteria with its dual DDR4 memory lane perfectly. To add icing to the cake, it also comes with an integrated, efficient cooling system.

This whole qualitative ecosystem of counterpart’s features and benefits makes it an ideal deal to handle everyday tasks. It not only effectively regulates the overall temperature of the system but also performs the quiet operation.

It means the operation sound is merely audible and delivers the best performance at minimum sound wavelengths.


  •  64GB Vengeance LPX DDR4 RAM
  • 2TB hard drive capacity
  • Nvidia GeForce RTX 3080 graphic card
  • AMD Ryzen 9 5950X processor
  • Window 10 pro operating system


  • Expensive pricing for an entry-level gamer

5- Lenovo Legion Tower 7 – 2022 – Gaming Desktop

For users looking for a PC system with incredible function and aesthetic looks, Lenovo Legion Tower 7 is for you. Apart from chassis design and architecture, it also shines bright in features like a cooling system, Graphic card, and processor.

Moreover, to enhance your gaming experience and 2x your heavy workloads, Lenovo Legion Tower 7 comes with Intek 12th Gen i9-12900 core. So, if you are a novice buyer who wants to be featured packed, powerful pre-built desktop, this is for you. All the equipped counterparts of this PC will not disappoint you. In terms of both performance and quality, it stands alone in the crowd. 

Plus, It features, but you can upgrade it up to 128GB. And if you have a concern about the memory, then it comes with a 48000MHZ stick. And as we know that 4800MHz is the fastest memory motherboard support, so you can buy it without buying DDR5 RAM.

For voltage purposes, this desktop provides 220V input to all power supply options. Moving on, in terms of pricing, it doesn’t seem to compromise on graphic and display quality. Because this model is integrated with the Nvidia GeForce RTX 3070 graphic card. The 30 series of Nvidia graphic cards is precisely built to deliver exceptional performance in all kinds of graphics and images. 

So you can process graphic modeling, image rendering, and video editing without worrying about any unexpected errors. For network and connectivity, it supports Ethernet paired with a Wifi 6E module. Sumping up, this is a powerful build that features all important features.

For example, succinct core counts, effect cooling systems, multiple connectivity interfaces, and many more. However, the feature that really pushed us to buy this PC station is the ARGB lightning. So plug and display the charismatic combo of RGB sync with your system and other counterparts. 


  • ARGB lightning
  • Nvidia GeForce RTX 3070
  • 48000MHZ memory stick
  •  64GB RAM
  • 220V input 


  • No Thunderbolt port

6- Skytech Azure Gaming PC Desktop

With the combination of AMD Ryzen 7 5800X processor and Nvidia RTX 4070 Ti graphic card, Skytech Azure PC is here to beat its competitors. Not only to compete but to help you to beat your opponents in games. Skytech Azure is a gaming desktop specially designed to deliver high performance with an appealing design.

Unlike its predecessor Skytech Blaze, this PC desktop is built with pretty improvised features. Either its CPU or RAM, Azure Pc desktop delivers 2x more performance than its elder Skyrech sibling. Its processor has a higher base clock, which provides a new dynamic to games. Not only games but also grant succinct energy and speed to run Solidworks.

It is twice its predecessor PC desktop in terms of graphic memory type and capacity. For permanent storage, it comes with a 500GB NVMe SSD. NVMe SSDs are faster than traditional SSDs. Thus Azure gaming PC desktop can deliver fast boot times and load times for games and heavy applications like Solidworks. 

Coming towards the design, the Azure PC desktop has a white and blue color tone which is colored with a tempered glass side panel. In the case of the Operating system, it represents Windows 11. Therefore, the minimal OS requirement of OS for Solidworks is Windows 10 pro. It means this PC desktop is enough to handle all your content creation, data simulation, and gaming tasks.

Furthermore, for stable power delivery, it provides 850 Watt 80 Plus Gold Power Supply. In this way, the whole system receives enough power required for its function, thus promoting reliability. 


  • AMD Ryzen 7 5800X processor
  • Nvidia RTX 4070 Ti 
  • 850 Watt 80 Plus Gold Power Supply
  • Z690 DDR5 chipset
  • Window 11


  • No optical drive

Best Computer For Solidworks Buying Guide


The processor is an important peripheral of a computer whether you are buying for Solidworks or gaming. Because the CPU is responsible for clock speed and the number of cores. A 64-bit processor is the recommended CPU for Solidworks. You can choose AMD Ryzen or Intel core according to your preference. For example, you can buy Dell Precision 3650 Tower Workstation Desktop for premium features. 


Our second most important ingredient that makes up a powerful system is memory. It includes memory size, type, channel, and clock speed. The required RAM to use heavy software like Solidworks is 16GB. This amount is the bare minimum for rendering graphics and computing technical tasks. For more robust performance, you can go up to 32GB or even 64GB. Corsair One Pro Compact Workstaion-Class is equipped with 64GB Vengeance LPX DDR4 Memory.  

Graphic Card 

A graphic card, also termed a GPU, is another strand that makes up a powerful PC station. Your computer is almost incomplete without a dedicated graphics card. Because a powerful graphics card can accelerate the overall performance of a system. As it can run or handle multiple applications smoothly. Plus, one feature in solid work like RealView graphics needs a compatible graphic card for its processing. 

Hard Drive 

Solidworks is a complex 3D modeling tool that needs a specific hard drive to function effectively. Tasks like fat data transfer, file organization, and smooth performance of the software. Choosing a fast and reliable hard drive such as SSD and regularly maintaining it can significantly improve the performance of Solidworks. 1TB hard drive capacity is sufficient for Solidworks. However, you can go for 2TB according to your circumstances. 


What kind of computer can run SOLIDWORKS?

SolidWorks can run on a variety of computers, but for best performance, you’ll want a computer with a powerful processor, plenty of RAM, a dedicated graphics card, and accessories like, Mouse, and Monitor. A desktop computer is generally the best option for SolidWorks, but there are also some high-end laptops that can handle the software.

What laptop is needed for SOLIDWORKS?

If you need a laptop for SolidWorks, you’ll want to look for one with a powerful processor, at least 16GB of RAM, and a dedicated graphics card. Some good options for SolidWorks laptops include the Dell Precision 5520, the Lenovo ThinkPad P15, and the HP ZBook Studio G9.

Which processor is best for SOLIDWORKS?

The best processor for SolidWorks is one that has a high clock speed and multiple cores. Some good options for SolidWorks processors include the Intel Core i7-12700K, the AMD Ryzen 9 5900X, and the Apple M1 Max.

What graphics card is recommended for SOLIDWORKS?

A dedicated graphics card is recommended for SolidWorks, especially if you’ll be doing any 3D rendering or simulations. Some good options for SolidWorks graphics cards include the NVIDIA RTX 3070, the AMD Radeon Pro W6800, and the Intel Arc A770M.


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