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Best Battery Backup for Wifi Router (UPS, Modem, Power Bank)

There may be unforeseen circumstances where there is a power outage in your neighborhood, and you lose internet access. These power outages can occasionally linger for a very long time, and you might be seriously impacted. Or, if you play video games, losing your internet connection can have a truly negative impact on your experience. If such conditions exist, you may search Best Battery Backup for wifi Router

We can no longer ignore the significance of wifi in our lives because it has evolved into much more than just a way for us to access the internet. People have been working and studying from home more frequently lately, especially after the coronavirus pandemic. Therefore you must always have a high-speed internet connection.

Even if there is a power outage in your area, a UPS router will keep your router running. If you did this, you could continue your career and education without any problems. However, how can you choose the wifi router UPS that is ideal for you? In this post, we’ll talk about some of the top UPS for wifi routers so you can buy one for your work-from-home needs. Let’s examine the top UPS for wifi routers now.

The dependence on wifi and wired internet connectivity is greater than ever because so much of the world is now online, whether participating in an online video conference or going about your everyday business. But everything comes to a halt when the wifi router goes down due to a power loss. This problem can be resolved by a UPS for a modem or wifi router, allowing you to continue working uninterrupted.

The APC Back-UPS can help you save a tonne of money if you only need a few hours of internet connectivity (BE600M1). After the power goes out, you must plug in your modem and router to continue using the internet for at least a few hours. But you’ll need a bigger battery if you want to run anything other than your router and possibly a phone charger. The next-best choice, the CyberPower LCD Series, enables you to run even a full-sized desktop gaming PC for hours.

However, the TalentCell Mini UPS Uninterrupted Power Supply 27000mAh 98Wh Lithium Ion Backup Battery is an excellent option if you really must have the best of the best. Furthermore, when users need access to power for an extended period, this UPS is employed in mission-critical scenarios. Therefore, this UPS will be a good investment if you live where daylong power outages are common.

So the topic at hand was the best Router UPS. Choose Vertiv if your home doesn’t experience frequent power outages, and you only need a basic backup plan that can last for an hour or so. On the other hand, if you reside in an area that experiences frequent power outages, you might consider switching to TalentCell Mini. Both the UPS are excellent options and will not disappoint you.

Our Recommended list of the Best Battery Backup for Wifi Router

  1. APC UPS Battery Backup and Surge Protector
  2. CyberPower CP1500PFCLCD PFC Sinewave UPS System
  3. Shanqiu Mini UPS Battery Backup
  4. Vertiv Liebert PST5 350VA 200W
  5. Tripp Lite 1500VA Smart UPS Battery Back Up
  6. TalentCell Mini UPS Uninterrupted Power Supply

1- APC UPS Battery Backup and Surge Protector

APC UPS Battery Backup and Surge Protector

If you want a battery for your wifi router, the APC UPS Battery Backup is an amazing choice device with a USB port that can supply 1.5A and seven outlets that can supply 120V AC power. The five 120V outlets supported by batteries will still work in a power outage.

Additionally, because it was intended to be placed on the ground, it is a durable option that can withstand being accidentally kicked or bumped without damage. Finally, it can offer a battery life of 2 to 6 hours, with a cable modem that enables wireless networking being able to do so for 5 hours and a high-end modem and router combo being able to do so for four. 

The UPS’s beginning price is a fantastic value considering all of its capabilities. Give yourself enough time to save your work before gracefully shutting down your computer to avoid the unpleasant effects of a sudden power outage on your equipment. When your power goes out, you can still stay connected online. The wifi signal may still be active if your router is connected to a UPS.

You can continue to access the internet even if your power goes out. Use a Back-UPS for your cable box, DVR, and television. When there are power outages, don’t lose your DVR recordings. A linked cable or satellite box will keep recording even after the lights are turned off in the house.

2- CyberPower CP1500PFCLCD PFC Sinewave UPS System

CyberPower CP1500PFCLCD PFC Sinewave UPS System

The CyberPower PFC Sinewave CP1500PFCLCD has many features needed to serve as a dependable uninterruptible power supply (UPS) for modern PCs and Macs, including gaming systems and those used by creative professionals. In addition, this 1000-watt power supply can keep a moderately powerful computer system when fully loaded. 

With external discs and a monitor running for the few minutes required. With dimensions of 14 x 3.9 x 11 inches and a weight of under 24.9 pounds, it is a remarkably little unit that is stylish without being overly ornate for a UPS’s everyday use. There is a Display button to cycle through more information on its front-panel LCD, which by default contains a good quantity of data for safe shutdown. 

A relatively modest installation that consumes only 300 watts may function for almost 10 minutes, allowing you to bridge a brief but prolonged outage. However, during short power outages, data loss or device damage can occur. The UPS system provides enough runtime to appropriately shut down equipment during prolonged outages and battery backup power to keep your devices functioning during brief power outages.

The 6 surge-protected outlets, 6 outlets with battery backup; INPUT: a right-angled, 45-degree offset NEMA 5-15P plug with a five-foot power wire; Mobile phones and tablets can be charged quickly using 2 USB ports (one Type-A and one Type-C). Additionally, its remarkable Displays fast, in-depth details on power and battery situations.

A color display informs users of potential problems before they impact important equipment and result in downtime; it tilts the screen up to 22 degrees. As a result, you stay online during a power outage and contact emergency services, keep up with news and weather updates, or kill time on your favorite websites since it delivers enough power to keep a residential internet modem and wifi router working for four hours. 

3- Shanqiu Mini UPS Battery Backup

Shanqiu Mini UPS Battery Backup

One of the biggest selling factors of the little power supply provided by Mini UPS is its small size. You shouldn’t have any issues putting these two devices side by side because they have dimensions comparable to those of a wifi router. It hIn addition; it has a battery inside that has a 20000 mAh capacity, which is enough to run it for a few hours. 

It only has one input, but it has five total outputs, including a USB connector that can handle 5V and three DC outputs. The main benefit of this tiny UPS is that it is lightweight and easy to attach to objects using adhesive or any light mount. . It offers several safety features, such as an over-temperature safety shutdown. 

Therefore, this device is designed with Aluminum housing and is compact and portable. USB output (5V) is available for usage as a normal power bank, allowing digital devices such as Bluetooth speakers, smartphones, and tablets to be charged. Additionally, the DC output (5V/9V/212V) is used for devices for home and office use, such as the router, modem, security camera, fingerprint, fax machine, and LED strip lights.

Capable of using the network even during a power outage and compatible with a modem, router, webcam, smartphone, video camera, fax machine, fingerprinting recorder, camera system, LED strip lights, etc. Please make sure the devices’ operational voltage and current are within safe limits before connecting them to the tiny UPS. So this Mini UPS is impressive in every feature, and its compact size is amazing. 

4- Vertiv Liebert PST5 350VA 200W

Vertiv Liebert PST5 350VA 200W

Maintaining access to the internet is just as crucial as keeping a computer alive and functional for those who work on laptops. The Vertiv Liebert PST5 is made to keep the networking hardware running smoothly. In addition to the four surge-protected connectors, there are four plugs with battery backup. 

The outlets’ ample spacing allows you to plug in devices with larger connections, such as those that come with routers and modems. With the free software installation, UPS offers protection against harmful surges, spikes, or power outages and USB communications for notifications and controlled shutdowns. It features 4 surge-only outlets and 4 battery and surge outlets.

2 of them are sufficiently spaced apart to allow for transformer-block plugs without blocking other outlets. Your office’s electronic equipment can be cost-effectively protected with the Vertiv Liebert PST5 standby UPS. The UPS system gives enough time to securely shut down equipment during blackouts, brownouts, and other power problems that could harm equipment, ensuring that nothing is lost. 

Simple controls safeguard desktop computers, gaming consoles, workstations, wireless networks and routers, security systems, and other apparatus. The single-phase UPS has 4 of its 8 outlets, so you can tailor protection to your needs. Simple controls are included in Vertiv Liebert PST5 UPS systems for easy operation. The systems are simple to set up and perfect for commercial devices. 

Such as gaming PCs, televisions, modems/routers, surveillance, entertainment, and other electronics. For instance, they safeguard desktop computers, audio-visual systems, and routers. And cable modems from power surges and unexpected power outages. In addition, they give enough time to properly shut down machinery, ensuring that nothing is lost during a power outage.

5- Tripp Lite 1500VA Smart UPS Battery Back Up

Tripp Lite 1500VA Smart UPS Battery Back Up

The Tripp Lite SMART1500LCD, one of the top UPS for wifi routers, can be a fantastic alternative if you want to experience unbroken internet access. This appliance can power not just wifi routers but also various other appliances like cordless phones, CCTV cameras, modems, and more. Thanks to UPS, you can have a continuous power source for up to 4 hours.

And is compatible with all wifi routers that use a 120V power supply system. In addition, Triple Lite has included certain security features, such as monitoring battery temperature, which not only keeps the device safe but also lengthens the lifespan of the UPS. Another benefit of the UPS router’s small size is the attractive appearance that the high-quality materials provide.

External drives, hubs, scanners, inkjet printers, displays, desktop PCs, and workstations should all be secured. In addition, all electronic devices, including HDTVs, DVRs, gaming consoles, sound systems, streaming media players, and chargers, need to be secured. Including wireless routers, mini-servers, network-attached storage, switches and routers, and broadband modems, protect servers and network equipment. Supports the placement of a 2U rack in a vertical tower or horizontal desktop position.

Under Half-Load Runtime with This UPS system can last up to 11.8 minutes at 50% load (450 W). AVR and noise/surge protection capabilities Frequent switching to battery in areas with persistent voltage issues depletes reserve power and reduces battery life. 

Automatic voltage regulation (AVR), a function of this UPS system, resolves the issue. Without utilizing the battery, the UPS can correct detected input voltage deviations. To safeguard your equipment from damaging transient voltages and electromagnetic (EMI/RFI) line noise, all Tripp Lite UPS systems also have integrated surge protection and noise filtering.

6- TalentCell Mini UPS Uninterrupted Power Supply

TalentCell Mini UPS Uninterrupted Power Supply

The TalentCell Mini UPS Uninterrupted Backup is the best option for you if you reside in a region where power outages occur frequently or regularly linger for hours at a time. The fact that this Mini up is powered by multiple batteries with a cumulative average overall power output of 27000 mAh makes it one of the country’s most effective UPSs for wifi routers.

The UPS can exceptionally power your wifi router for roughly 3 to 4 hours straight thanks to this strong battery output. Even though there is only one output connector, you can only power one device simultaneously. The power output can range from 12V to 9V, which can be quite helpful sometimes.

The 12 18650 cells that make up this lithium-ion battery have a combined capacity of 27000 mAh. Input: 12.6V/2A; Output: 4DC 12V (voltage range: 9–12.6V), 1DC 9V, and 2 USB 5V The DC output/input port measures 5.5 mm x 2.1 mm in size. It has several ports, including two USB outputs with a 5V/2A rating each.

Additionally, its 27000mAh battery has adequate strength to operate your router for two to three hours. Like its predecessor, it maintains the same small form factor. Additionally, you may easily plug in your connections because the input and output ports are adequately apart from one another.

Although it is a successful power backup solution, it is not as long-lasting, which is particularly frustrating given how much it costs. Furthermore, there is no temperature protection, which raises another possible issue. However, it is safeguarded against overpricing. 

Best Battery Backup for Wifi Router Buying Guide

We all require a consistently functioning internet connection because our jobs largely depend on it, whether we are at home or the workplace. Unfortunately, in some situations, long-lasting power outages make it impossible to access a reliable connection. Therefore, you should have a separate battery backup for your wifi router. Here are the qualities to look for when purchasing a power supply unit for a router to have the greatest performance.

Your Budget

The amount you can afford should be your first consideration. Next, how much are you willing to spend on this item? Make a budget before you go shopping to make sure you don’t spend more than you have the money for. What You Need to Have: Consider the characteristics you’ll require in the following stage. What are you hoping this product will accomplish? Do you need it to be sturdy? Lightweight? Waterproof? Before you go shopping, make sure to write down the requirements so you can limit your options.


The power supply compatibility of a UPS is the most crucial thing to consider when purchasing one. Check what your gadgets need and make sure there is a match before connecting anything. TalentCell Mini UPS Uninterrupted Power Supply 27000mAh 98Wh Lithium-ion Backup Battery is amazing in this post. 


Others are designed for travel and the outdoors, while some UPS devices are developed for usage at home or in the workplace. You should choose a gadget with a more portable design that can easily fit in a handbag if you need to bring it with you. A solar charging outlet can even be something you desire if you want to be less reliant on power.

On-Battery Runtime

A UPS should be able to start a backup power supply or appropriately shut down the protected equipment, but it shouldn’t need to survive very long. Some only last a short while, while others give off power all night. Check to see if the on-battery runtime is enough for your needs. TalentCell Mini UPS Uninterrupted Power Supply 27000mAh 98Wh Lithium-ion Backup Battery, in which product battery feature is impressive. 

Device Support And UPS Protect To Surges

What number of devices must be connected to your UPS? Some can support up to 12 devices, while others can only support a maximum of two. Some, but not all, offer USB ports. Connecting devices to a power strip with surge protection built in are one surge protection method. The other option is a UPS that includes surge protection, in which case a separate surge protector strip is unnecessary. 

You may find a UPS next to your entertainment center with enough outlets to power your router, TV, and other smart gadgets. Many UPSs also have USB ports, allowing you to charge your devices during a power outage while protecting them from surges and charging your smartphones and tablets.

 Size And Weight Of The Product

The product’s dimensions and weight should also be taken into account. Make sure the object isn’t too hefty or weighty if you’re lugging it about. On the other hand, you should make sure the object is tiny enough if you intend to keep it in a small space. With its small size, the TalentCell Mini UPS Uninterrupted Power Supply 27000mAh 98Wh Lithium Ion Backup Battery can fit in almost any tight space.


The manufacturer’s warranty is an additional factor to take into consideration. Certain products have warranties that cover replacements or repairs if there are any problems. On the other hand, some products come with no guarantee at all. If you want to use the goods regularly, it is worthwhile to get a warranty. Otherwise, you can get the best value for your money by purchasing an item without a guarantee.

The Return Policy

Finally, reviewing the return policy is critical before completing your order. In this way, you can easily return the item and receive a refund if you’re dissatisfied with it.


What kind of UPS do you require?

This answer is mostly based on the devices and duration for which your UPS will be used. You can usually get away with a 750 VA battery backup if you’re connecting a few desktop PCs or a home entertainment system because it will give you enough time to save your work and shut down your gadgets safely. You’ll need something much bigger for business systems like server farms. Even the most power-hungry technology can be adequately insured with a backup closer to 2200 VA.

How long will the Battery on your UPS last, and Can it be Replaced?

Replaceable or “hot-swappable” batteries are not available on all UPS. The lifespan of a standard battery can range from 3 to 5 years, so you shouldn’t need to replace your battery very often. However, having “hot-swappable” batteries isn’t necessarily necessary unless you must have your UPS run on battery power for a prolonged time. However, not all UPSes adhere to this policy.

Who or what will profit Most from a UPS?

Almost every device can gain by being tied to a UPS, but sensitive electronics, in particular, should always be so. These could be desktop computers, TVs, or receivers for home entertainment systems. While a UPS may successfully serve as a power strip for any appliance, getting the most use out of your UPS requires prioritizing anything that an unexpected power outage could harm. Other applications for a UPS include devices like fish tanks, home security systems, and cordless phones connected to a landline that shouldn’t ever lose power.


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