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Apple iPad Pro 11-inch

Your iPad Pro is so much more than a big phone. It has everything you need for homework or play. It is now smaller yet just as powerful, with the power to do twice the work of other tablets in half the time. The features come with help for educational purposes and multitasking through its enhanced productivity.

All while supporting augmented reality experiences with tasks that are made even easier with Face ID technology features. The A12X Bionic chip provides up to 2x faster performance. Thanks to its 4 cores and neural engine while also detecting your face 50% more accurately.

The first-generation iPad is an excellent tablet with many features. The sturdy screen has a handy size making it perfect for storing movies or TV shows. You can store any other files like pictures that do not need much room on your phone but still deserve easy access.

Read those long articles without having trouble scrolling through them since this device offers Safari Books Online. This built-in PDF reader right out of the box gives readers instant access, so they never miss anything by not having one specific program loaded onto their programming tablet.

Apple iPad Pro 11-inch

This first generation of the iPad was released in 2010, and ever since, it has gotten better with updates. There is now an option with wifi capabilities as well! Here we’ll talk about some features you might want when shopping around or just need clarification on how they work so your purchase is worth it.

The tablet computer had come such a long way since its inception back in 2007. Thanks to Apple engineers, users can now enjoy loud tunes while remaining protected from outside noise by closing both sides whenever necessary.

The new iPad Pro is a tablet computer with an Apple Pencil. If you need to take notes or need precision in your editing, it is a plus point. It has up to 10 hours of battery life. This tablet is ready to be used anywhere from your desk at work or home for entertainment purposes.

Any user that has been an apple user before knows his way around an Ipad as well. But anyone who wants to switch their tablet from android to IOS must look into the upgraded features Ipad Pro has to offer. Being from the 1st generation of its family, this tablet has some sweet spots to offer.


The screen of this tablet is quite handy at 11 inches. It does not make it too heavy or too light for the user to carry it around. Built with liquid retina display technology, you also get to entertain yourself with Promotion features. Not only this, but the addition of a true tone will make your images glow vibrantly.

There is much to notice on this sleek design tablet which is as slim as a needle. However, it still does not compromise the quality of the image that it supports. You are bound to look in awe at the colorful display as the images look like popping out of the screen. It also supports certain pressure levels for the apple pencil to work with this panel perfectly.


We all know how powerful A12X bionic chips are among android tablets. It can power your system to do multiple tasks without lagging. But the twist comes when this chip is combined with a Neural engine. Then, running on a 64 bit architecture, your system is ready to bring down its competitors.

This processor is 3 times faster than the A8, whereas the graphics it supports are 8 times faster. Thanks to the M12 coprocessor that will not let you lose easily.


Apple never fails to surprise us with the addition of its pencil. With this precision tool, you can take notes, edit images, create projects, or draw your favorite anime. The feeling of this feature is so tactile that it feels like you are writing on paper. On the other hand, the support for the 60 % gaming keyboard can instantly turn your Ipad into a proper workstation.


You get to see a USB type C port on the chassis of your system. This connector allows other devices like phones, gaming laptops, speakers, or even headphones to connect with this beauty. It may also charge the iPad itself or the peripherals that are connected with it.


Giving you an amazing battery life can extend up to 10 hours. This means no need to worry about charging the system for most of the day. Stretch your activities from watching movies, working on your project to web surfing without even looking at the battery percentage.


The camera is yet another wonder by Apple as its 12MP can support 4K video recording. At 30 or 60FPS, this Ipad will allow users to capture breathtaking images through smart HDR. Colors will automatically be enhanced through this technology, so this will save your time on minor editing.

Its 7MP true depth front camera allows you to enjoy seamless video calls and group chats etc. Moreover, portrait mode allows capturing amazing selfies in perfect lighting in smart HDR.


The portable and slim body is not only lightweight but sturdy enough to bear everyday wear and tear. Keep this tablet inside your bag or in your hand without any hassle. Its size and design also make it an ideal travel companion.


Once you are all in for this device, also know that the storage for this tablet is 64GB support. This feature enables keeping large files like movies, photos, videos, or PDFs to software and apps without the risk of running out of space.


Your iPad is secure through the Face ID feature that recognizes way better than any other version. You can actively log into your accounts, device and make online payments through touch ID without worrying about theft.

Ipad Pro has everything you may need to keep up with the technology that is currently running the world. It is not only portable but tough enough to run complex software. The panel itself is amazing, considering the touch sensors and support for the Apple pencil. Take your ideas on the go as it comes with long battery life as well.


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