We’re Growing and Acquiring New Sites!

Here at PCBuildComparison, we are thrilled to announce that we have recently acquired several new websites that will now be merged into our main site, https://pcbuildcomparison.com/. These acquisitions significantly expand our reach, capabilities and the services we can provide to our valued customers.

The new sites we have acquired include:

  • WebDesignExpert.com – Focused on web design, development and digital marketing services. By bringing this site into our fold, we can now offer expanded web design and online marketing services to all of our clients.
  • CloudComputingPro.net – Dedicated to cloud computing news, tips, strategies and provider reviews. This acquisition bolsters our capabilities in the important and growing field of cloud services. We can now provide even more insightful cloud computing content and advice.
  • AppReviewsToday.com – Featuring in-depth reviews and rankings of business, productivity and utility mobile apps. The app expertise this site contains will allow us to better serve readers interested in business, personal development and productivity apps.
  • SmallBizResources.co – Offers a wealth of resources, tips and strategies for small business owners and entrepreneurs. We will now be able provide expanded small business, leadership and entrepreneurship content.
  • iZamir.com – Provides detailed and comprehensive information related to latest mobile trends, mobile package etc,.

We could not be more pleased to add these sites into the PCBuildComparison family. Each one brings unique expertise and capabilities that will allow us to better serve you, our valued readers and clients.

Our Mission

What does this mean for you? You will begin to see the content and resources from these new sites fully integrated into PCBuildComparison. We will combine the best content from all sites into our broad coverage of technology, business, productivity, apps, cloud services, web design, programming and more.

The entire staff at PCBuildComparison is dedicated to ensuring this acquisition and integration process takes place as smoothly as possible. But please excuse any temporary hiccups as we complete the mergers and fine tune our expanded offerings.

We always strive to be your one-stop resource providing the very best information, strategies, reviews and recommendations. That mission will now be aided by the specialized knowledge we have gained from these strategic acquisitions.

On behalf of the entire PCBuildComparison team, we thank you for your continued readership and support. We look forward to providing an even more robust and helpful site experience now that we have added more great brands to our family! Let us know if you have any questions.


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