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Remnant 2 All Controls List (PC / Controller)

Whether you’re playing Remnant 2 on a Keyboard & Mouse or a Controller, we’ve got you covered with this quick guide. Here’s a rundown of all the controls and key binds you’ll need for your thrilling adventures.

The default controls are pretty good, but guess what? You can actually customize each function and assign keys as you like. So, before you dive into the game headfirst, take some time to get a good feel for the key binds you’ll be using.

Get ready for an epic journey in Remnant 2 with full control over your gaming experience. Master those controls and make them your own to ensure a seamless and immersive adventure.

Remnant 2 Keyboard & Mouse Controls

Remnant 2 Keyboard & Mouse Controls are the default inputs for playing the game on PC. They allow you to control your character’s movement, combat, interaction, and menu navigation. Here are some details on how to use them effectively:

MovementForwardWMove your character forward
MovementBackwardSMove your character backward
MovementLeftAMove your character left
MovementRightDMove your character right
MovementTurn LeftLeft Mouse SwipeTurn your character left by swiping the mouse horizontally
MovementTurn RightRight Mouse SwipeTurn your character right by swiping the mouse horizontally
MovementDodge/VaultSpace BarDodge or vault over obstacles, consumes stamina
MovementCrouchLeft AltCrouch to reduce your visibility and noise
MovementSprintLeft ShiftSprint to move faster, consumes stamina
CombatAbility 1QActivate your ability 1, a special power that you can unlock and equip from the archetype menu, has a cooldown
CombatAbility 2CActivate your ability 2, a special power that you can unlock and equip from the archetype menu, has a cooldown
CombatMelee Attack/ShootLeft Mouse ButtonPerform a melee attack or shoot your weapon, depending on whether you are aiming or not
CombatAimRight Mouse ButtonAim your weapon, zooms in your view and improves your accuracy

Remnant 2 Controller Controls

The controller controls for Remnant 2 are based on the standard inputs for PlayStation and Xbox consoles. You can customize them according to your preferences in the options menu. Here are the default controller controls for Remnant 2:

MovementMove/Shift CameraLeft Stick
MovementSprintLeft Stick Click
MovementMove Camera/ScopeRight Stick
MovementDodge/VaultA (Xbox) / X (PlayStation)
MovementCrouchB (Xbox) / Circle (PlayStation)
CombatAbility 1Left Bumper
CombatAbility 2Right Bumper
CombatMelee Attack/ShootRight Trigger
CombatAimLeft Trigger
CombatSwitch Weapon/Item 2Y (Xbox) / Triangle (PlayStation)
CombatWeapon Mod/Alt Fire ModeRight Bumper
CombatReloadX (Xbox) / Square (PlayStation)
InteractionInteract/Item 1X (Xbox) / Square (PlayStation)


Remnant 2 is a thrilling and immersive game that offers a lot of variety and challenge for players who enjoy action-adventure, souls-like, and RPG genres. The game has different controls for the PC and the controller, which can be customized to suit your preferences and playstyle. Knowing the controls well can help you master the game and overcome the enemies and obstacles that await you in the mysterious and dangerous worlds of Remnant 2. 


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