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How to Use PS4 Camera on PC (Compete Easy Guide)

Let’s learn how you can use PS4 camera on your PC in some easy steps.

Having a PS4 camera is no less of a flex than the PS4 itself. As it was launched on November 15 2013, it has been the replacement for Playstation eye of PS3. Being not only a motion sensor, it is also a camera in the latest version of PS4 and PS5.

We all know that the camera on a phone is always good enough for pictures and videos, but what if you want to take your video game character’s photo in hi-fidelity? You need something more detailed.

The PlayStation 4 Camera can do just this! It is perfect not only as an accessory with games like “Rez Infinite,” but also has been used by graphic designers who create 3D images from scratch.

This is a question that many gamers are asking themselves. Why do I need a PS4 Camera for my PC? Well, it is simple if you have an answer at the ready and want to test out your theory before we go any further in this article! 

If not then let us explain how to set up and benefit from the PlayStation 4 camera on your PC. You can help stream live gameplay from anywhere in the house with ease because of its built-in WiFi feature.

It means no more cords getting tangled up during those marathon gaming sessions or when friends come over unexpectedly without warning. It also allows users peace of mind knowing they will never miss anything important while streaming.


Playstation 4 is a gaming console that can play games from Playstation 1 and 2. It was released by Sony in 2013 after they bought out their competitor, Microsoft’s Xbox division.

The Playstation 4, or PS4 for short is a game console that has been released recently. It can be used as both an online platform to play games with other people around the world through social media channels like Twitch and Facebook.

But also locally via TV screens without the need of internet connection. This means you don’t have to keep going back into your house every time someone wants to join in on some coop fun!

The best part about owning one? There really is not anything else out there quite like them. If something does happen instead of being able to fix it yourself simply because everything works seamlessly together.

This console also contains a separate camera with both the pixels recording in 1280p x 800p or 720p for the best review. With an aperture of f/2.0, there is a 30cm distance in the center. You get an 85 degree wide view field for covering all the angles when you are streaming for twitch.

According to your demands, these cameras work in various modes. There are 4 channel amplifiers that will lessen the base clamor. This feature will allow you to get voice commands especially in future upgrades. 

You get to record YUV and raw video formats when you connect it with a console or PC through a port. 

Uses of PS4 camera on PC:

You need to use your PS4 camera on PC because it will give you an edge when gaming. You can use this for many things like recording video or taking pictures of gameplay and sharing them with friends!

The benefits are endless; from improving competitive play, demonstrating tricks without the fear that they are cheating by using edited footage. After hours spent practicing our skills in games such as Fortnite: Battle Royale, you can showcase your gaming skills to the world.

For multiple purposes, you can get this camera working for your PC as well. As you have built hours on building your favorite rig, but there are still some parts left, worry not. A PS4 camera can be worked with your system to compensate for the void of a webcam. There are following benefits you can get from it:

  • Broadcasting: going live or recording your content to your favorite websites will require you to set up a camera. You can manage to work this gadget while sharing your progress or using your work to share with the rest of the group on the project.
  • Webcam: Let there be an online platform where you can work, talk and connect with the world like omegle etc. your PS4 camera can act like a webcam to study in groups, attend meetings and what not.
  • Streaming: Connecting it to various gaming or social media websites like twitch, youtube, bigo, gamers inc etc, you can stream live from there. Showcase your skills to the world or connect with your online squads through the camera of your PS4.

It works on the console by pushing the X button when it appears that very second. By hitting the square button on the controller, you can manage the camera settings as well.

  • Face recognition: This has become the most common feature to log into your PC if it does not have a camera of its own. It is like the fingerprint scanner for your smartphone. Such a feature will recognize your face immediately to let you enter your PC even before you lay a finger on it.
  • Video chat: Video chats have become the easiest way to talk to the people that are miles apart from you. Capturing a great video quality in 720p and more, your selected PS4 camera is bound to give you a high quality video.
  • Voice commands: It can also pick up voice commands while mounted on the PC or on console. It consists of special components that can recognize when you have said “playstation” and will do as you say.

This feature is also used in live streams, and video chats as well. You have to inform your inmates and squad about your location and enemy tents. What better way could be to turn on voice chat and let them know about the danger zone. Plus no one has got time to write the chat box filled with such information.

Accessories needed for setting up:

You might need some essentials in order to enhance your overall experience. This is not mandatory but for users who are particular about their needs while they are using a PS4 camera on their PC setup.

The following things are required to complete the wholesome experience:

  • A PS4 VR charge
  • Display stand
  • A privacy shield for PS4 camera version 2.0.
  • 4Gamers officially licensed clip camera mount playstation 4
  • VR move controller
  • Camera bundle

Steps to use PlayStation 4 camera for PC:

  1. First you need to connect the PS4 camera with your PC which can be done by USB 3.0 port. It will make sure that the device is connected by giving a notification sound to you. You need to make sure that the camera is placed on a flat surface where your face is visible clearly.
  2. The user needs to ensure there is a USB 3.0 port on their PC because a PS4 camera is not compatible with USB 2.0 port. In case you do not have that port, some USB adapters will help you have one.
  3. Secondly, press the start menu and locate device managers and click on it once you do. If you cannot find it through the search panel, try locating it directly from the control panel.
  4. Another way is to press Win + R keys to prompt up and run the command  for device manager. Then type “devmgmt.msc” so that the device manager is launched.
  5. Once it is launched, find the USB boot under the other device portion. Make sure it is present there otherwise you might be facing some issues. You can get help from the web as well to find the USB boot option.
  6. Create a new folder and rename it relating to the PS4 camera like PS4 driver camera etc. you can also save it on your desktop with the same name.
  7. After these steps, one needs to download a few files like libusbK or OrbisEyeCam if you want your own package. Make sure these files run after downloading and if there is a popup message that says access denied, windows will ask for permission. Click on “allow” for the files to run interrupted.
  8. You can also download OrbisEyeCam driver or libusbK driver if you do not want your own package. You can go to the folder and extract the exact files that you have downloaded.
  9. The installation process is pretty simple once you click on finish.
  10. Run the firmware where the exe files have been downloaded in the folder.
  11. Now check the camera option in the device manager. Here you will see the USB camera for PS4 under the cameras option.

PS4 camera for windows 10:

If you are a Windows 10 owner, you can still benefit from a PS4 camera on it. Press the start button. When the window is turned to the home screen, there will be a lot of apps on your computer. Search for a camera and click on it.

Follow the trail of settings> privacy> camera and choose “let app use my camera”. This feature will allow your preferable apps in which you want to use your camera like Youtube, facebook, instagram etc.

Streaming with PC webcam and mic:

You need Xsplit broadcaster and PS4 remote play so that this camera can work with PC webcam and professional mic. In order for remote play to work, you need to sign in and enable it. When you have these 2 softwares, you can see your PS4 screen on your computer as well.

Once you have created an account, a black screen might appear but do not worry. You just have to set a broadcasting platform so that the remote screen can be added. This way, the PS4 screen can be presented on the software screen.

In order for the webcam combination, you need to choose “add camera now”. For going live, you are bound to select the broadcast platform again.


After the installation is complete, run a test if the camera is working properly before switching it up to any application. You can run it with your Windows 10 camera app or any other app to see if you have followed all the steps correctly.


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