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How to Drag Click on Any Mouse (Can You?)

A mouse is a device used for moving around the pointing stick on your computer, often called “clicking” in order to drag objects. You can also use it as an input method if you have trouble using a keyboard and hands at once!

To drag and drop an item, click on it with one finger while holding down the other mouse button. For example if you wanted to move this box here into position A (the first choice), then all that would take is you dragging your thumb from left-to right over where you want that piece of furniture initially placed before releasing both buttons simultaneously when ready!

If you want to move your mouse around while clicking, then try holding down the left-click button. This way of dragging will allow for greater precision and it is much faster than slower movements!

For getting an edge or leverage in certain games like Minecraft, clicker heroes and Roblox etc, drag clicking becomes a life saver. So forcefully dragging your fingers across the mouse is where the term comes from.

Some people call it other names but they are mostly the same and the main difference comes with technique and practice.

Types of clicking:

You must have heard about other types of clicking such as

  • Fazer tapping: this act is about clicking either the right or left button of your mouse with any finger suddenly and fastly. 
  • Tap clicking: tapping the mouse buttons with intervals makes your definition of tap clicking. It is known by the speed and requirement of clicking.
  • Butterfly click: using your middle or index finger on the mouse is known as the butterfly click to gain more click counts. You can also alternate between these 2 fingers and with practice, you can increase the clicks.
  • Jitter click: It might be difficult for some users as this type of clicking requires constant vibration of your hand. Your hand must not be soft or lofty but hard enough to click the mouse. Your wrist is slightly lifted off the mouse when you want to click the left button from your mouse.

These types are basically the same with minor differences about the techniques. Usually, they are required in games like Minecraft. It is so easy to click with one button. The draggability of your design should be perfect and ensure users know what they are clicking on at all times.

Working Mechanism of Drag Clicking:

Clicking is a very common action that involves pressing down on an object and releasing it, as if one were dragging their finger across the surface of said device. It is often done for scrolling or zooming purposes.

However there are other less obvious uses such as when you want to select text before opening another app like Microsoft Word to get things from your computer into proper order. Such work requires pinpoint accuracy when moving through folders with items in different languages or even accented characters.

Dragging can also come up during gameplay by using mouse buttons instead manipulating game objects. When it comes to drag clicking, it is more than just sliding or pinching your fingers on the mouse

You need to have a lot of practice and certain specialized mice also. It is also important to check the server on which you are playing and notice that it allows you to tap click or does not prohibit this practice.

Click per second count (CPS):

An average CPS is recorded 6.51 in a second but the highest is recorded 14.1 by google. However, this world is full of surprises and we can even find 65CPS as a high clicking count in a second. This might sound unreal but it is true and we have evidence all over Youtube and twitch.

Usually 3-7 clicks in one second are considered a normal rate for clicking but when you want to exaggerate it, switch to drag clicking. This tapping allows you to have higher clicks for various purposes.

Special Mice:

Some mice are designed to have better response for drag clicking because of their manufacturing. They consist of metal springs and better thumb and hand grip than ordinary mice.

You get to see a matte grippy surface on some models and the companies that design them understand this whole mechanism. There are mouse switches to facilitate the stress one puts on the buttons. You can drag click on any mouse but it requires a lot of practice and the response might not be as great as special mice designed for this purpose.

Different Methods for Drag Clicking:

  • Drag tape: To have the best grip possible, you might have heard about grip tape or drag tap. This adhesive tool is also used in skateboard decks. It offers a stronger and balanced footing.

Being a sandpaper type of surface, you can get a better hold of the surface of the mouse. There are users who prefer this method when it gets too competitive for their game and they want to beat the opponent so bad.

  • Practice: as we have all heard, practice makes a man perfect. The techniques are usually mastered after a lot of hours spent expertising in drag clicking. It is not a complex method to follow but once you get to understand how this all works, practice is basically the only thing you need.
  • Breaks: when you are spending this many hours dragging your fingers and vibrating your hands, you might want to see a chiropractor if you do not take breaks. This is an important step of the procedure because doing this for longer hours can damage your bone structure and hurt your joints.

Not only your fingers, but also your posture and mood can be affected by spending too much time on it.

Steps to follow:

  1. Ensure that your hands are dry and clean before jumping onto the mouse.
  2. Clean the surface of your mouse as well because dust or grease can hinder your performance. You might lose a clear competitive advantage because of the absence of hygiene.
  3. Try flicking your wrist at a slight angle and gently press the button of the mouse. The direction should be downward but do not press too hard on it.
  4. Simply allow your finger to glide through the button as the structure of the mouse is already downside where the buttons are.
  5. If you hear a grinding noise, know that you are doing right and there is no need to panic.
  6. A mild vibration can also be felt when you are proceeding to slide down the button with your finger.

Downside of drag clicking:

 As tempting as this may sound, there are some downsides of this method as well. Firstly, it will put a lot of strain on the mouse springs and can reduce the service life of the tool. Considering it as a trick or an unfair advantage, some users or players can also get banned from the games.

Checking the server beforehand using this strategy will help you avoid getting banned from the games. On top of that, there can be health issues as well on your wrist, palm and posture. To avoid any of these issues to happen, you must look at all the safety measures and precautions.


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