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Best Counter-Strike 2 graphics settings Maximum FPS, resolution, graphics

Listen up Counter-Strike fans, let’s talk about getting the best graphics performance out of CS2 with an Nvidia GTX 1660 Ti GPU. Sure, it’s not the latest and greatest card anymore, but this trusty old workhorse can still deliver smooth framerates if you tweak the settings right.

CS2 is more demanding than the last version, so you’ll have to turn some dials down from max. But don’t worry, with the right combo of settings you can make CS2 look gorgeous and play super smooth on a 1660 Ti at 1080p resolution.

Here’s what I recommend – crank everything up to high, not ultra, then turn on FidelityFX Super Resolution and set it to ultra quality mode. This uses some smart upscaling magic to give you way better image quality with minimal performance hit. You’ll want anti-aliasing at 4x too – any higher will tank your frames.

With these settings, CS2 will look leaps and bounds better than the old CS:GO, and you’ll easily hit 60+ fps for optimal performance. The game may not look absolutely perfect, but trust me, having those high framerates matters more for staying competitive.

A few other tips – make sure to enable Nvidia Reflex for lower latency, and turn off vertical sync for reduced input lag. Oh and set your display mode to fullscreen – you’ll squeeze out a few extra fps over windowed mode.

That’s it! With these dialed-in settings, your 1660 Ti will power through CS2 like a beast. You’ll get to enjoy all the graphics upgrades and new levels, with the speed and response you need to dominate. Now quit reading and go frag some noobs!


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